Is it really good to do a hard stomach every day?What kind of belly is a healthy state …

Is it really good to do the abdomen and abdomen every day?

Teach you to practice yoga.Why do everyone say that there is always a small belly, there are some flesh in this place.I want to make rolls every day. At the same time, the muscle lines are with the abdomen, but will the fascia of your abdominal wall become more and more nervous?Is the fascia on the shoulder tight?Not good, is the fascia of the neck tight?Is the fascia tight?

Why read?Do you think the fascia of the abdomen is tight?Just because it looks good, it has no room for bred baby and cradle. How can it be good?So everyone is sincere, do you have to have your abdominal muscles in this position?Yes, but if you are doing abdominal breathing, do your inner wall and outer wall need to be expanded?Of course, of course.Abdominal breathing is a muscle that does not affect your abdominal muscles at all. It is muscles. Fascia is fascia.

Don’t be solid when you are usually soft. It looks very drooping. You see that I don’t have any lines now. I look soft, but the muscles are line with the strength of this time. This is the belly I want.I want it to relax to bulge up, and I can hold it out with fascia.If you want to make your muscles and tighten it, you can make your muscles. This is the abdomen you want.It is a very simple example. You said that the abdomen tightened and the core support was stable. Is this definitely no doubt right?

What about your back curve?Classmate, do you want to ask if you do n’t need to stretch it after you come?Don’t stretch, how do you do back bending?If this place becomes hard and tight, it is not just the intestinal organs inside. It has nowhere to go. It is squeezed every day, which will also cause your back to be restricted.If there is no tension of the abdominal wall in the back curve, then you can’t pull this place, the only waist is squeezed, because there is no room before and after, so there are many times, if you want a strong and soft belly, the abdominal wall is loose,You usually have abdominal breathing very great.

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