Is it really a "puzzle" in the water flow of the fallopian tube?

In recent years, fallopian tubes have been favored by many infertile women because some women have become pregnant after water through water.This kind of news has a significant impact. Some women have regarded the water through the water as a "pirate pitch" for infertility. Therefore, the number of infertile women requires the increase in the number of people in water.

What is fallopian tube water?

The fallopian tube water is a way to check the saline of the syringe (internal and authentic saline and antibiotics), and the cervical catheter, and evaluate whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed or unobstructed based on its water pressure.

Why can some women get pregnant after using this method?

Director Jiang of Gynecology of Beijing Guangren Hospital explained: Due to the effect of water pressure, the twisted fallopian tubes straightened, or the fallopulocycal adhesion (or infarction) caused by inflammation was dredged.Those who are pregnant in this way are lucky ones, because they only occupy a small number of women in water.In fact, the doctor did not know if the patient had a tubal distortion, or the tubular lumen adhesion and infarction before the water was tubing, so it was greatly blind and accidental.In clinical work, I also saw infertile women who have diagnosed with bilateral fallopian tubes. After the application of water through the water, only a few of them were successful.

Water is not suitable for all infertility patients

Infertile women, if they have acute and chronic vaginitis, severe cervical erosion or endometritis, water flow is not suitable for the time being. It should be implemented after effective treatment.Otherwise, during the operation of water, it is likely to bring pathogen (such as mold, trichomoniasis, degraded trivial mycoplasma or chlamydia, etc.) into the uterine cavity and fallopian tube until the abdominal cavity causes adverse consequences.Recently, there have been reports that the infection rate of chlamydia and chlamydia in the infertile women’s genitalia is high, and mycoplasma can cause chronic inflammation of the endometrium.pregnant.

Water tubal water test is not universal. If you are not pregnant after 3-6 months, it is recommended to perform fallopian tubal film to clarify the smooth situation of bilateral fallopian tubes and take surgical treatment in time.For Li Ni’s husband’s azoa, surgical treatment should also be taken in time.

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