Is it good to eat sauerkraut for a long time?Will people suffer from cancer?4 kinds of food really have to eat less

"Don’t eat sauerkraut, it’s not good for your body, and it is easy to cause cancer!" Jiajia said angrily.

"Cleanly, I have eaten this since I was a child, and I haven’t seen anything!" Jiajia said back.

Jiajia belongs to the southerners, and usually has a particularly few opportunities to eat sauerkraut, so there is no habit of eating sauerkraut.

However, her husband is a northerner. He has loved sauerkraut since he was a child, and he could not leave sauerkraut almost every day.

This makes Jiajia very uncomfortable. Her eating habits are fresh vegetables with green leaves.

Once Jiajia surfed the Internet, it was not intended to see that sauerkraut was carcinogen. If it was often consumed, it was very easy to develop cancer, which was extremely unfavorable to the body.

Therefore, when her husband ate sauerkraut again, she couldn’t hold it at all and had a quarrel with her husband.

Two people talk about mecania for sauerkraut.

Her husband said that she had eaten sauerkraut for decades, and there was no problem.

His parents, grandparents, grandparents, and grandparents have always eaten sauerkraut. No one has problems with the body of sauerkraut.

Looking at her husband’s reaction, Jiajia is also very puzzled. Eating sauerkraut for a long time is good for people’s body?

Will eating sauerkraut really carcinogens?Should she let her husband continue to eat sauerkraut?Is sauerkraut really carcinogen?

The survey shows that the number of domestic cancer patients is increasing, and many people have begun to talk about cancer color changes.

In order to reduce the risk of cancer and increase the awareness of anti -cancer, the World Health Organization divides different carcinogens into four levels, and is specifically divided into the following:

Level first: It is very clear on the human carcinogenic effect.

Class 2: Class 2A carcinogens. During the experiment, such carcinogens were mainly experimented through animals, but they had less impact on the human body.

Perhaps carcinogens belong to 2B carcinogens, and this type of substance is insufficient evidence of carcinogenicity of the human body.

Level 3: Suspicious carcinogens, the carcinogenic effect of this type of carcinogen is not clear, so the damage to the human body is more vague.

Level 4: It may not cause cancer to the human body.

The survey results show that sauerkraut belongs to 2B carcinogens, so the impact on the human body is not clear.

However, the main reason for dividing this type of food into 2B carcinogens is that a large amount of nitrite will be produced during the process of pickling sauerkraut. This type of substance will cause damage to the human body and increase the risk of cancer.

Even many hospitals have a large number of patients with poisoning due to sauerkraut.

So sauerkraut, should we eat it or not?

Although carcinogens have a great impact on the human body, the "2B -level carcinogen" has less damage to the human body.

Mainly due to the experimental objects of 2B carcinogens are some animals, not humans.Therefore, there is no clear evidence of the carcinogenicity of the human body.

Therefore, when you see "2B Cancer Cancer", there is no need to panic.

Moreover, if sauerkraut is relatively sanitary and standardized, in fact, the nitrite content in sauerkraut is still very small.

In the process of pickled sauerkraut, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Time aspect

The experimental results show that in the process of pickled sauerkraut, when the marinating time is less than 12 days, the nitrite content in sauerkraut is higher and shows a trend of upward.

When the time was greater than 15 days, and less than 30 days, the nitrite content in sauerkraut began to decline, and less day than a day.

When the marinating time of sauerkraut is exactly 30 days, the content of nitrite in the sauerkraut is minimized. At this time, the sauerkraut is fully complied with the food standards.

2. temperature aspect

When storage and fermentation, sauerkraut needs to be combined with the storage time of sauerkraut.

The survey shows that when the temperature is getting lower and lower, the nitrite content in sauerkraut will also become lower.

Therefore, when the sauerkraut is stored, when the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, this type of sauerkraut meets the national use standards, and you can use it with confidence.

When the temperature is higher than 20 degrees, the nitrite content in sauerkraut will break through the standard.Therefore, sauerkraut is extremely easy to cause physical injury and is not recommended.

Therefore, when the sauerkraut is stored and marinated, the stored temperature needs to be reduced, it is best to be lower than 20 degrees. This type of storage conditions can greatly reduce the nitrite content in the side dishes.

3. In terms of salt content

Foods with excessive salt content hurt the human body, which can cause a variety of diseases, such as coronary heart disease and hypertension.

The main reason for this kind of phenomenon is that high -salt foods can destroy the human gastric mucosa and cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Therefore, high -salt foods need to eat less and keep keeping physical health.

In the process of pickled sauerkraut, you need to put less salt to avoid the body burden when eating sauerkraut.

Many pickled foods, such as bacon, can be enlarged in the process of marinating, which will increase the number of urine protein in the human body, and it is very easy to cause diseases such as kidney stones to the human body.

Therefore, people need to reduce such high -salt foods in daily diet to avoid harming physical health.

In addition, eating sauerkraut also has many benefits to the human body, which is specifically divided into the following:

1. appetite

Many people have such feelings. Eating some sauerkrauts can promote appetite and achieve good appetite effects.

The main reason for this kind of phenomenon is that sauerkraut contains organic acids. When organic acid enters the human body, it can stimulate the human body to secrete saliva, thereby enhancing people’s appetite.

For many people with loss of appetite, by eating some sauerkrauts appropriately, they can increase appetite, increase food amount, and ensure physical health.

2. Intestines

Sauerkraut contains a large amount of dietary fiber. After eating sauerkraut, people can promote gastrointestinal motility and achieve good intestinal effect.

Therefore, for many people who have been suffering from constipation for a long time, they can also eat sauerkraut appropriately to improve the effect of bowel movements and ensure the smoothness of defecation.

The survey shows that the probability of constipation is greatly reduced by people who often use sauerkrauts.

4. Bybinilide

Medical experiments show that correctly consumption of sauerkraut can achieve a good sterilization effect on the human body.

The main reason for this kind of phenomenon is that by eating sauerkraut, the intake of organic acid can be increased.

At the same time, promote the decomposition of the beneficial bacteria of the body and other bacteria, and completely remove the harmful bacteria in the body’s intestine.

Therefore, people can properly eat sauerkraut in daily life, remove harmful bacteria on the intestine and improve people’s health.

Although there are many benefits to eating sauerkraut, the following groups are recommended to eat less:

1. Pregnant woman

Sauerkraut contains nitrite, so during use, it will adversely affect the fetus in pregnant women.

In addition, the penetration of nitrite is high. Pregnant women enter the fetus’s body by eating sauerkraut, which will cause the risk of fetal deformity.

For pregnant women, the amount of sauerkraut needs to be reduced, it is best not to eat it at all.

This is guaranteed to pregnant women and fetuses, which can improve the physical health index of pregnant women and fetuses.

2. Patients with chronic diseases

The sodium content in sauerkraut is high, so long -term use of such foods can cause burden on the body of this type of patient.

This type of patient needs to reduce the amount of sauerkraut, avoid long -term use, increase the base 3. Patients with liver disease

The main role of the liver is to detoxify and metabolize. Therefore, patients with liver disease cannot detoxify and body metabolism like normal people during their diet.

Due to the weakness of liver metabolism when using sauerkraut patients, some nitrite will stay in the body and increase the degree of damage to the liver.

Patients with liver disease need to reduce the amount of sauerkraut, and even patients with severe liver disease must resolutely prohibit the intake of sauerkraut.

In addition to sauerkrauts in life, there are some carcinogens, and we must eat less.

1. Machining meat

Machining meat foods, such as ham, pickled beef, etc., will add nitrite during processing.

This type of additive can extend the food time of food and improve the shelf life of food.

But nitrite is easy to react with protein in such foods, which causes carcinogens.

Therefore, frequent use of such substances increase the risk of cancer in large amounts of cancer, such as bowel cancer, gastric cancer, etc.

In the daily diet, people need to reduce the amount of food in such foods and ensure their own health.

2. Salted fish

The survey shows that the proportion of people who often use salted fish to develop the risk of cancer. The main reason for this kind of phenomenon: High -salt marinated salted fish will produce a lot of nitrite.

When such salted fish foods enter the human body, they will produce ammonium nitrite, and nitrite is a first -class carcinogen, so it will greatly increase the risk of cancer.

In the daily diet, people need to reduce the amount of salted fish and reduce the burden on the body.

4. Betel nut

Betel nut itself contains carcinogens.

Betel nuts may also use lime during the processing process. Therefore, chewing betel nut can cause damage to the oral mucosa, and cause oral cancer for a long time.

Investigations of relevant departments show that people who eat betel nuts often increase the risk of cancer nearly 100 times.

Therefore, betel nuts have been divided into first -level carcinogens by the World Health Organization.

In order to ensure physical health, you need to resolutely stop betel nut foods and reduce the burden on cancer in the body.


Alcohol is a direct or indirect cause of a variety of cancers.

Many patients are alcohol due to excessive drinking, which causes body cancer. Therefore, alcohol has been listed as carcinogens by the Cancer Institute.

In order to ensure people’s health, they need to resolutely stop alcohol and alcohol foods to reduce the burden on the body.

More and more experts are saying that this kind of food cannot be eaten. This kind of water cannot be drunk. So how should we live?

Although sauerkraut belongs to 2B carcinogens, it does not mean that it will cause cancer after consumption.

When eating sauerkraut, you need to choose a standardized sauerkraut and eat it in moderation, which will not have a large negative impact on the body.

In daily life, people really need to stay away from first -class carcinogens, such as processing meat, wine, and betel nut.

In addition, in daily life, you can eat more foods, which can effectively prevent cancer and anti -cancer:

1. Hawthorn

Hawthorn can effectively eliminate blood stasis, appetizers, and improve the content of vitamin C in the human body.

Chinese medicine believes that cancer is a substantial mass. By using hawthorn, it can promote blood circulation, eliminate blood stasis, and inhibit the development of cancer cells.

Therefore, hawthorn can be suitable for various cancer patients, with good anti -cancer and anti -cancer effects.

2. Garlic

Garlic contains a large amount of anticancer substances. This type of anticancer substances can improve the inhibitory sources of many organs in the human body and increase the effect of human anticancer for cancer cells.

Garlic can also enhance the human body’s immune function.

Studies have shown that sulfides in garlic can effectively improve the anticancer activity of lymphocytes in the human body.

People can appropriately increase the intake of garlic in daily life to ensure the health coefficient of the body.

3. Celery

The survey shows that celery contains a variety of substances and has excellent effects on the human body, such as anti -inflammatory and anti -tumor.

The fiber content in celery is very high. This type of cellulose can enhance the peristalsis of the human intestine and promote the rapid discharge of cancer substances.

People can increase the intake of celery in daily life, especially for some patients with high blood pressure, the lowering blood pressure effect of celery is very obvious.

4. Corn

Corn can not only prevent high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, but also have good anti -cancer function.

American scholars’ studies have shown that the amino acid content in corn is high and has a good inhibitory effect.

The glutathione in corn can be converted into an enzyme, which can reduce the activity of carcinogenic substances.

Sauerkrauts may cause cancer, but we also have a way to prevent. Don’t hear anything, and believe in science.

In their usual life, try to eat less pickled foods.

Dear friends, do you think long -term sauerkraut is good or bad for human health?Can eating sauerkraut carcinogenic?What are the specific reasons?Welcome to your answer.

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