Is it detained for 20 days?Big Mei Huai twins?Amei only cheated money?Li Jiaqi gives gifts?

Zhao Mengzheng apologize

In September, Zhao Mengxuan was ridiculed by netizens for suspected of selling fake goods. At that time, all netizens who mentioned the matter were deleted by her.

But today, Zhao Mengxuan suddenly apologized, saying that he did not know the specific situation in South Korea for selling fake goods, and he knew it was wrong, so he was willing to bear the corresponding compensation costs for his own negligence.

But netizens do n’t buy it. If you really know that it is wrong, can you set it for seven days to comment?You know wrong, why did you apologize after 3 months?And ridicule her refund and follow -up can be as efficient as La Black Delete.

Tu Tu was detained for 20 days

After being charged with the domestic violence by so many people, Yu Biao’s ex -boyfriend was punished. It turned out to be detained for 20 days?Is this funny?

Yulu can apply for a personal safety protection order.This kind of scumbag should be sentenced to ten years and eight years to solve the anger ~

Hey, although Sister Red is not convinced of this penalty, but it is useless to not accept it. I hope everyone can polish her eyes.

Big Mei Huai twins

Damei has recently updated dynamics. It has been pregnant for 12 weeks and is still twins. It is really gratifying.

Although Damei and Gaudi had had a storm before, and even noisy to get married, just like Han Anran and Piggy, no matter how fiercely, the two were reconciled. Is it like this?

No matter what, now there are children, I still hope to be good ~

Yamei only cheat money

Do you remember the only Asia and the beauty who eats enoki mushrooms with Liu Zichen?Now reported by netizens that she was scaming on WeChat and cheated nearly 70 people.

Still the old routine, the money has never been shipped, and find all kinds of excuses to pretend to be sick.Now the fans have built a WeChat group to pull her in the group and let her pay it back, but Asia and the United States only did not have the willingness to pay back, and also called "to play a game with me."

Go to your mother, why do you play with you, do you not get money and let us play.And Sister Red is the most curious that this snake face still has fans …

Li Jiaqi giving gifts

All girls, Li Jiaqi gave gifts again!A fan sent the edited video to station B. As a result, Li Jiaqi talked privately after seeing it, let her edit the video not delay work and life, and also bring her gifts!IntersectionIntersectionWhat is the immortal Internet celebrity?

In short, Li Jiaqi is a pink fans!Li Jiaqi looked at me, I boasted you every day, can I have a small gift?Hahahahaha

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