Is it better to give birth to the old age or a cesarean section?There are advantages and disadvantages of 2 ways of childbirth.

Two days ago, "National Goddess" Gao Yuanyuan was pregnant again. She and Zhao Youting have been rumored to have been pregnant and have children since they got married.Xuan Xi wrote, first gave the full blessing to the pair of golden boy jade girls.

The rhythm of life is getting more and more busy. Not only is the celebrities become late and late, but even some women around us have become late and late, and more and more older pregnancy.For old -age initial mother who is over 35 years old like Yuanyuan, is it better to give birth or cesarean section during production?

Some people think that the general -age primary maternal maternal, due to the lack of elasticity of the birth canal, is prone to difficulty in giving birth during production, and the chance of suffering from pregnancy -induced diseases, such as merging hypertension, gestational diabetes, etc. Some people have difficulty in pregnancy.It is a high -risk pregnancy.Therefore, the production of caesarean section is better.In fact, this is not necessarily, because even if it is pregnant at the same age, the physique of people is different, and the progress of medical is medical. Maternal mothers over 40 years of age can be successfully produced through active preparations before and during pregnancy.

As for the elderly maternal giving birth or a cesarean section?This problem has also troubled my friends.My friend is a woman who is delayed by her studies and careers. Before the age of 43, she was busy with her academic and career, so at the age of 40, she decided to put her footsteps and give birth to a baby.

At that time, my friends wanted to give birth, and felt that this was good for the baby, and they could recover quickly, but they were worried that they were older and could not keep up with all aspects of physical strength.At 37 weeks of pregnancy, according to the actual situation of her friend, the doctor was through the smoothness of her entire pregnancy, the size of the fetus, the pelvic conditions, and comprehensive identification, and it was recommended that she tried to give birth naturally.Because friends have also made a lot of positive preparations before production, the production process is relatively smooth.Last month, she had just finished confinement. She became a mother, and she was softer. She was full of maternal glory on her body, and her body recovered well.

The benefits of cesarean section: Under the anesthesia of anesthesia, the pain of pregnant mothers when giving birth to a child is lighter than that of the mother. The time can be controlled. Generally, it can be more than an hour. The fetal delivery is fast, which can improve the state of hypoxia in the palace.

Disadvantages of caesarean section: anesthesia risk, some corresponding complications occur during or after surgery, such as: more bleeding, bladder rectal damage, wound infection, intestinal obstruction, intestinal adhesion, etc.After surgical anesthesia, the knife mouth began to pain, and most of them need to inject drugs such as Du Lengding to relieve pain.If postpartum contraceptive measures are not in place, the risk of pregnancy again is high.

The benefits of delivery: Shinping is a natural process of human beings, the natural instinct of human beings, and the most reliable way for childbirth. 95%of pregnant mothers can produce through natural delivery.

For maternal mothers, natural childbirth has a small damage to the body, which is conducive to the recovery of various postpartum systems and reproductive organs, which is conducive to postpartum care for babies and breastfeeding.

For babies, a regular contraction of the uterus can promote the fetal lungs of the fetus quickly. After birth, the alveolar elasticity is sufficient, it is easy to expand, and quickly establish an autonomous breathing.During childbirth, regular contractions, mucus, nose, nose mucus, and respiratory mucus and moisture are squeezed out. After birth, they suffer from "newborn inhaled pneumonia" and "newborn wet lung".In addition, as the fetal head is compressed during childbirth, the blood runs slowly, and the corresponding occurrence is blood filling and excitement of the breathing center, which is conducive to the establishment of normal respiratory rhythm.During YD delivery, immunoglobulin can be passed to the fetus through the mother, so that the newborn has stronger resistance.Natural childbirth reduces the chances of children’s motion disorder and multi -dynamic disease, enhance the newborn’s ability to adapt to the outside world, and enhance the mothers and child feelings.

Natural delivery of natural delivery: Maternal mothers have passed the pain in contractions, which is more painful, and the labor process is one of the most dangerous travels of human beings. There may be hypoxia in the fetus and neonatal suffocation.If the amniotic fluid III pollution, inhalation of pneumonia can also occur.In addition, according to the needs of the output process, you may also experience the perineal side cut.

The four elements of successful natural delivery are indispensable.Power, birth canal, fetus, mental factors.The production force refers to the frequency and intensity of the regular contraction of the uterine after birth, and the force of the fetus to deliver the fetus with abdominal pressure and anal muscles.The birth canal refers to the situation of bone production (pelvic sizes) and soft production (cervix, vagina, and perineum).The fetal factors include the position of the fetus, size, and first exposed position.Psychological factors refer to the confidence and perseverance of the maternal delivery.Which factor is not good, there is a possibility of difficulty in giving birth.

As long as you have good physical strength, as long as you have good physical strength, the fetal head position is between 6 and 7 catties, and the pelvis is normal and can be tried.However, the elderly initial production power, cervical elasticity, and expansion ability are indeed slightly lost to young people, but it is not to say that elderly mothers cannot give birth.

If you want to give birth to naturally, you need to grow appropriately during pregnancy, and keep the fetus weight between 6 and 7 catties.Take a walk every day, and some people also do yoga and gymnastics of pregnant women. At the same time, they must be checked on time to grasp the development of the fetus.Pregnant mothers and families during pregnancy should actively communicate with doctors to understand the situation.If the doctor thinks that there is no merging during pregnancy and the possibility of smooth delivery is high, you can try the delivery. Pregnant mothers should also be actively prepared, whether from the body or psychological;If a caesarean section is needed, the pregnant mother should not just think about giving birth, and actively cooperate with the doctor.

In short, whether choosing to give birth or cesarean section, the elderly first -born mother depends on the physical condition of the mother and the fetal condition. Comprehensive analysis, the mother and child (female) are healthy and safe, which is a good way of production.Troubled in the method of childbirth.

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