Is it a great impact on pregnancy before preparing for pregnancy?Don’t be afraid, the doctor will help you deal with it

Ms. Ning has been distressed recently. She is 28 years old and has been married to her lover for two years.Recently, the two felt that their economic conditions and psychological state were ready, and they were very suitable for children, so the two started their pregnancy plan.

The elderly on both sides know that the young couple’s pregnancy preparation plan is also very supportive. They have given two people a lot of things needed for pregnancy. It is also recommended that the small couple first go to the hospital to check the body.Baby.

Therefore, the young couple went to the hospital and made a series of examinations according to the doctor’s advice.After getting the report, the young couple found that their inspection report prompted "mycoplasma positive".After seeing this result, the doctor suggested that the young couple temporarily prepared the pregnancy and check it in detail.

After listening to the doctor’s suggestion, Ms. Ning was a little confused, what exactly was "mycoplasma positive", and why would it affect pregnancy?

Mycoplasma is a minimum primary cell microorganism. It does not have a cell wall. It is between bacteria and viruses and can present a variety of forms. Because it can become silk or branches, it is named mycoplasma.

There are a variety of microorganisms in the human body. They maintain a delicate balance, restrict each other, and let the body operate normally.Microbioma is a member of a variety of microorganisms. Fortunately, many branches are not diseased.

At present, the mycoplasma that can cause human diseases mainly includes the following: pneumoniacchurine, human -shaped mycoplasma, resolving chlamydia, and germ mycoplasma.Except for the chlamydia of pneumoniacoplasma, the rest of the primary primary can invade the urogenic tract through damaged mucosa, leading to the occurrence of urogenogenic inflammation.

The urogenic inflammation caused by mycoplasma infection is shorter, about 1 to 3 weeks. Patients usually feel urethral tingling. The urethral opening may have mild redness and pain, and there will be a certain slurry or pus.Sexual secretions, pain in the perineum, backache and other symptoms.When the above symptoms occur, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to avoid the timing of treatment.

Urinary reproductive inflammation can cause infertility when it is severe.These three kinds of mycoplasma that affects pregnancy is mainly transmitted through two ways. One is sexual communication. This is the main way to propagate mycoplasma. The mycoplasma can stimulate the urethra and make the urethra has a strong itching. There will be a lot of large amountsThe more secretions are produced, the more likely it is to make the mycoplasma spread in sexual life.

The other is indirect contact dissemination. For example, when living in a hotel, if the hotel is not disinfected with the bathtub, toilet and other items, the last guest is just araki -chlamydia infection, then the next guest has a certain chance of infection.Although the chance of spreading in this way is small, there are still risks.

Here, we should also pay attention to one thing. Mycoplasma infection is not exactly equivalent to mycoplasma positive.You know, our human body is a very complicated environment, and there are various microorganisms in itself.

If the patient’s examination results are mycoplasma positive, but the patient does not have other clinical symptoms. It can be judged that the patient is only a supporter of the mycoplasma. At this time, mycoplasma is just an ordinary microorganism.Clean.If the patient has some uncomfortable symptoms, or combined with other microorganisms when it is positive, or combined with other microorganisms, at this time, the patient may have a mycoplasma infection and should be treated in time.

Hearing this, Ms. Ning was still a little confused. Although she and her lover found myrapelogeneic positive, there were not too many discomforts. Why did the doctor still suggest that they were temporarily prepared for pregnancy?

The effects of mycoplasma infection on pregnancy are men and women.

For male patients, Zh from the original experience of interfere with sperm.The higher the sperm vitality of men, the easier it is to enter the uterine cavity through the cervix and combine it with mature eggs.After male patients are infected with mycoplasma, the mycoplasma can be parasitic like a parasite, parasitic on the sperm, and the sperm is forced to move with a "load" movement. The natural speed will decrease, causing sperm activity to reduce and affect conception.

At the same time, there are still a large number of studies that the male patients with mycoplasma infection have a significant increase in sperm deformed rates, which is also one of the reasons for male infertility.The mycoplasma can invade the neck of the sperm, disconnect the sperm’s head and tail, and cause sperm malformation.The deformed rate of sperm can reach more than 80 %. Even if you are barely pregnant, you may cause fetal malformations or embryos.

In addition, destructive fine cells are also one of the major influences of mycoplasma infection.When the patient is infected with mycoplasma, the mycoplasma can be free from the urethral and vasia pipes. Through these parts to the testicular fine tubes, the fine cells of various development stages are stored in the fine stages of the sperm.It will cruelly kill these raw cells, causing patients to infection.

For female patients, mycoplasma infections can cause infertility.When female patients are infected with mycoplasma, mycoplasma can go up along the patient’s reproductive tract, and finally reaches pelvic cavity through the vagina, cervical tubes, uterus, and fallopian tubes, causing diseases such as endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and fallopian tubeitis.If it is not treated in time, under the long -term inflammatory stimulation, these important organs appear adhesive and blocked, which will lead to infertility in women.

Secondly, mycoplasma infection may also cause premature birth.There is an enzyme in the mycoplasma that can decompose the fetal membrane, which can cause prostaglandin to reduce the toughness of the patient’s fetal membrane, stimulate the uterine contraction, and cause premature birth. In severe cases, it will cause abortion and dead tires.

However, even if a female patient is given a fetus normally, when the baby is delivered from the birth canal, the mycoplasma may be infected, which will cause the baby to suffer from a series of diseases, such as: newborn eye, respiratory tract infection, otitis media, etc.Due to the poor immunity of newborns, these diseases will seriously affect the health of newborns and cause a heavy blow to the newborn families.

Therefore, when the pregnancy couple finds mycoplasma positive, do not take it lightly. With the help of a doctor, it is necessary to reasonably judge whether it is only a mycoplasma carrier or a mycoplasma infection to determine whether it needs to be treated.Facing the mycoplasma infection, only timely treatment can make pregnant couples have a healthy baby as soon as possible.

In the face of chlamydia infection, the current treatment plan is antibiotic treatment.However, when using antibiotics, we must pay attention to do drug sensitivity to prevent allergies under the guidance of a doctor to prevent allergies.Severe drug allergies can cause shock and even death.

Secondly, in the treatment process, we should obey the doctor’s order to ensure the treatment course.During the treatment, many patients saw that the symptoms were reduced, and they mistakenly thought that they had fully recovered and stopped the medicine without authorization.

At this time, the pathogen may not be eliminated, and the pathogen has a drug resistance to the previous drugs. Even if the patient takes the medicine again, it will not have much effect, and it will increase the difficulty of the doctor’s subsequent treatment.Therefore, we must follow the doctor’s order and take the medicine on time.

Furthermore, we should also pay attention to stop sex during the treatment.Because mycoplasma can be transmitted through sexual life. If it is not stopped during treatment, it is very likely to cause repeated infections between husband and wife and improve treatment difficulty.

Finally, after the treatment, we should review it in time.Whether mycoplasma infection is completely cured, it cannot be judged by the patient’s own perception. Instead, it can be determined that the patient’s recovery and pregnancy can be judged by obtaining a clear diagnostic result through the relevant examination of the hospital.

In short, during the treatment, patients with patients must obey the doctor’s order so that they can have their dream babies as soon as possible.At the same time, for friends who have no infection of mycoplasma, they should also learn how to prevent mycoplasma infection in Nissan’s life.

In order to prevent everyone from being troubled by mycoplasma infection, here is a few small suggestions to help everyone stay away from mycoplasma infection.

Because the main way to spread mycoplasma is to be mixed through sexual life and personal products, it is recommended that everyone develop good hygiene habits and pay attention to the hygiene of sexual life.

Change the underwear pants frequently, pay attention to keeping the clean and hygiene of the privacy.For private products such as towels and bath towels, they should be disinfected regularly. It is recommended not to share with family members to avoid the spread of mycoplasma.Improve self -moral standards, do not maintain a relationship with multiple personality partners.At the same time, avoid non -protective sexual behavior, and use condoms reasonably.

Secondly, it is recommended to exercise, exercise more, and long -term exercise can improve the immune function of cells, improve the body’s immunity, and resist the invasion of mycoplasma through their own immunity.Due to the pressure of all aspects, many people are in a state of sub -health. The disease is attractive to see the opportunity, and find the target to "start", so that the sub -healthy population will directly become an unhealthy group.

Therefore, we need to adjust our own resistance through diet and exercise to adjust our own lifestyle and avoid the infection of mycoplasma.

It is recommended to learn how to prevent mycoplasma infection in daily life.When you find that you are infected with chlamydia, don’t panic, you should seek medical treatment in time and obey the doctor’s order.With the help of a doctor, we will be able to defeat mycoplasma and usher in our healthy and happy babies!


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