Is it a good thing for a child to be fat?How many misunderstandings are hidden in children’s obesity

Among the 18 children’s patients, there are 15 individuals who are thinner and have only 3 fat children. This is the condition of Xia Lulu, the attending physician of the clinical nutrition department affiliated to the Beijing Children’s Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University.However, if the proportion is reversed, the proportion will be reversed, and children are more hospitalized in the ward because of the complications caused by obesity.

Xia Lulu said: "This is a phenomenon worthy of attention. In clinical practice, children’s obesity than weight loss can cause more diseases and harm, but parents pay more attention to their children’s height."

The 8 -year -old Huihui is 1.29 meters tall, but has reached 40 kg, which is a category of obesity.Because the physical quality index (BMI) does not meet the standards, it affects sports performance, and the school requires "calling parents".Huihui was taken care of from her grandmother since she was a child. Grandma brought Huihui to the hospital and asked: "Huihui’s fat body shape and cheerful and optimistic personality are loved everywhere.Is it possible to lose weight when children start to lose weight at such a young age? "

Is it a good thing for a child to be fat?

"Children’s obesity will occur in fatty liver, insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperuricemia, obstructive sleep apnea, precocious puberty, etc., which will also cause non -alcoholic fatty hepatitis, type II diabetesWait. Studies have shown that obese children’s bone age is more risky, and advanced bone age may cause children not to grow. "When it comes to the harm of children’s obesity, Xia Lulu said worriedly:" Fat children may be discriminated against, and inferiority will cause inferiority to inferiority.Wait for psychological disorders. "

According to the "Report on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases of Chinese Residents" released by the National Health and Health Commission in 2020, the overweight and obesity rates of all ages in urban and rural areas in urban and rural areas have continued to rise.Children and adolescents are close to 20%, and children under 6 years old have reached 10%.This report predicts that if it is not contained, by 2030, the prevalence of an adult overweight and obesity in China will reach 65.3%. Among them, the proportion of school -age children and adolescents will reach 31.8%, and preschool children will reach 15.6%.

In 2020, the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission, the General Office of the Ministry of Education, the General Office of the General Administration of Market Supervision, the General Office of the General Administration of Sports, the General Office of the Communist Youth League, and the National Women’s Federation Office issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for Children, Adolescents Prevention and Control" It is mentioned that ultra -weight obesity has become an important public health problem that affects the physical and mental health of children and adolescents in my country.In order to improve the health and literacy of children and adolescents, the government, society, and individuals should take multiple measures and cooperate closely. The annual increase in the annual increase of the excess rate and obesity rate of children aged 0-18 from 2020-2030 should decrease by 70%on the basis of the baseline.Lay the foundation for the final realization of zero -growth growth of children and adolescents.

Children’s obesity is more harmful than "middle -aged blessing".Children’s obesity is one of the risk factors that cause adult obesity and various complications, and the risk probability of children suffering from chronic diseases in adulthood increases, especially cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases.

In recent years, as many provinces include the BMI index into sports results, parents have begun to pay attention to their children’s height and weight, but there are also many misunderstandings to clarify.

Fat kids are not eaten too well, it is too bad to eat

He was also brought by his mother because BMI did not meet the standard.After being diagnosed with obesity, the mother -in -law said that the child was eating too well and the nutrition was excessive.

When Xia Lulu heard it, he immediately corrected: "From the perspective of a broad sense, children’s ultra -weighty, too thin, and trace nutrient deficiency belong to malnutrition. Children’s ultra -weight obesity is indeed eatenNot good, uneven. "

Obesity is mainly divided into simplicity obesity (pathological obesity) without diseases without disease factors.Secondary obesity is caused by various reasons such as pituitary dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, or drugs; while simple obesity is caused by genetic factors and environmental factors interaction. Environmental factors include dietary balance disorders, too little exercise, sleeping, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleepLess, ignore emotions, etc.

According to Xia Lulu, 95%of the obese children encountered in outpatient clinics are simple obesity.Excessive energy intake and unreasonable diet structure are important reasons for children to be overweight.

In simple terms, most children’s fat is eaten, not too well, but to eat too much and uneven nutrition.

Xia Lulu’s feelings in the clinic have been supported by the data of scientific research papers.According to the results and evaluation of the "Main Food Consumption and Evaluation of Children 6-17 in 2016-2017", most of the 6-17-year-old children 6-17 years old are sufficient in grain and livestock and poultry., Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fish and shrimp, milk and their products, nuts and soybeans.In other words, most of the school -age children’s staple food and meat are eaten too much.

Children’s nutritional unevenness is mostly because the family’s diet structure is unreasonable.Most of these families have the following problems in their diet: do not eat breakfast, do not fixed three meals, and often eat high -energy density foods such as meat, sugar -containing beverages, fried foods, and insufficient food diversity in the diet.

Children’s weight loss is also inseparable from their parents’ urging."Children are a piece of white paper. The key depends on how you teach. Through contact with the daily outpatient clinic, patients can find that parents teach well and children lose weight very quickly; if parents do not teach well, children cannot lose weight at all."

Occasionally a chance 3 years ago, Yan Qiushi took the child to the hospital to see a doctor. The doctor was informed that the child was overweight, and the overweight was likely to affect the child’s future results.The parent who has always advocated "releasing" the child didn’t care about it, and even ridiculed himself as a mountain on the road to weight loss.Earlier this year, because of the work, Yan Qiushi came into contact with a child nutrition expert, which learned that children’s obesity was so harmful.Yan Qiu, who was determined to take the child to the hospital’s nutritional department to customize the exclusive weight loss plan, the child lost nearly 10 pounds within a month.

The height ratio of the waist, the body quality index, and the body fat rate comprehensive judgment whether it is obesity

When it comes to the parents of the child who came to the nourishment department, Xia Lulu believes that a common problem is: "They can never correctly judge the child’s current physical condition and nutritional health, either too anxious or overwhelming." Xia Lulu said, "One said," OneWhen it comes to obesity, many people think of weight, thinking that weight is the main basis for judging obesity. In fact, it is not possible to judge whether children are obesity based on the naked eye. "

Correctly judging whether the child is super weighty is the first step to help children reach a scientific nutritional diet and maintain healthy weight.

The judgment of children’s obesity should refer to the scientific basis, and at least three factors must be considered when judging: the ratio of waist circumference and height, physical quality index, and body fat rate.

Most of the international body quality index (BMI) is used to determine that people are thin, normal, or obese. The calculation formula of BMI is: weight (KG) ÷ height (m) square square.If the BMI is larger than the 95th percentage of children of the same age and the same sex, it is obesity.In other words, if the BMI index of 100 children of the same age and the same sex is arranged from high to low, the top 5 are obese.

In addition, you can refer to the height ratio of the waist and body fat rate to determine whether the child is obesity. For children over 6 years old, the ideal waist circumference (CM) ÷ height (CM) should be less than 0.46.Boys and girls under the age of 12 should be less than 20%. Girls over 12 years of age should be less than 25%, which is obese beyond the above range.

For children with overweight obese, losing weight should "hold their mouths" and "open their legs" like adults.

When Hao Yu and his parents came to the nutrition department, the three of them were similar, and they were wearing two "swimming rings" on their stomachs.Xia Lulu told the China Youth News · China reporter, "This is very common. What do parents eat, children will follow them. In the long run, the child grows up with his parents."

After Hao Yu was diagnosed with obesity, Xia Lulu recommended to Hao Yu’s parents that the hospital’s upcoming weight loss training camp in July was rejected by Hao Yu’s father.Afterwards, Hao Yu’s father said, "This weight loss summer camp is thrown into the child and hungry, and I can’t bear it. Besides, we are also hungry. We are hungry at home and we will lose weight."

Xia Lulu said that this is another common misunderstanding of parents in obese children. "Children’s weight loss ‘holding their mouths’ cannot be just hungry. It is very unscientific to rely on dieting to reduce weight. Destinating will be a child who is in growth and development.Caused a bad impact. "

The training of health concepts needs to be grabbed from the doll

Xia Lulu introduced that children with weight loss need to change their eating habits first and slow down the speed of eating.In daily diet, the staple food should pay attention to thickness, coarse grains can account for 1/3 of the staple food intake; the meat and vegetables are matched, and the meat should choose high -quality high protein as much as possible, and eat more vegetables per meal.The raw vegetables, fruits, etc. are snacks for children, but it should be noted that the number of snacks is not more than 3 times a day, and the amount should not be too much; try not to eat high oil, high sugar, high -calorie food.At the same time, scientific weight loss is definitely not a one -way, and the diet structure should be improved in accordance with the decreasing law.

Long -distance running, swimming, skipping rope, kicking and other medium -strength aerobic exercises are very good for controlling children’s obesity.Studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle at the age of 4 will reduce the risk of overweight, obesity and abdominal obesity at the age of 7. Through lifestyle intervention, it can improve the cardiovascular ending of children and adolescent obese.

Realize the work goals of healthy China 2030, prevent and control chronic diseases related to obesity such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension, and reduce premature death caused by chronic diseases. It is necessary to start with controlling children and adolescent obesity.

Every time I get a child with a malnutrition of malnutrition over 7 years old, in addition to solving the doubts of the parents of the child, Xia Lulu will not tirelessly explain the harm of malnutrition to the child alone with the sentence that the child can understand, and how to do it.Correct and scientific.

"Children are very understanding, and they are the most acceptable to new concepts. Healthy life is actually the consequences of conceptual consciousness affecting behavior. The irritation of the awareness of health concept needs to be grabbed from the doll." Xia Lulu said.

(In order to protect the privacy of minors, Huihui, 啾, and Haoyu are all pseudonyms in the Wenzhong.

Source: China Youth Daily

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