Is it a disadvantage to eat fish during pregnancy?I heard that there are heavy metals and contraceptives, did you believe it?

It is clearly stated on the Internet that it is said that it is clear that the number of fish eating after pregnancy can be reduced after pregnancy, or you can do not eat fish.It is said that heavy metals in fish will affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.It is also said that in order to make fish become fat in the short term, the fish will be pills, and fish can not be eaten during pregnancy.

These claims scared a lot of mothers who are pregnant and pregnant, can fish eat?Which fish is not recommended to eat?

In July of this year, Jorge Chavarro, associate professor of nutrition and epidemiology, published a research report, which clearly pointed out that pregnant women and couples during pregnancy should eat more fish and other seafood during pregnancy.

In one year, the researchers tracked 500 couples from Michigan and Texas, and calculated the number of times their daily fish eating and the number of husbands’ lives. They found that they ate 120g of fish families per week.Husband and wife live 22%more than families who eat fish, and these families have a surrogacy rate of 92%in this year, while the family surrogacy rate of less fish eating fish is only 79%.

So researchers are conducive to believe that fish seafood is good for improving sperm quality and ovulation.Suitable for preparing for pregnant families.

So should the expectant mothers who are already pregnant eat more fish?

The DHA and EPA in the sea fish are very high, which originated from deep sea fish that is rich in omega-3.Friends who pay attention to childcare slow time may pay attention. In April this year, pregnant women supplement DHA to make the baby smart?The actual benefit is mentioned on the other hand. EPA and DHA will not make the baby smarter, but it can prevent premature birth.

In August of this year, scientists in Denmark once again published a proof of research results. Pregnant women with lower EPA and DHA contents can reduce premature risk of premature birth.

Scientists will compare 376 maternal samples of maternal blood samples 34 weeks ago with the blood samples of the mother’s mother, and found that the content and average value of DHA+EPA in the blood of premature mothers is significantly lower than the full moon maternal.This is complementary to previous American scientists’ arguments.

The official report made by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Food and Drug Administration showed that more than 90%of fish can be eaten safely in heavy metals.In addition to selling fish and oil health products in my country, it will "emphasize" heavy metals, and there is no official statement of marine fish lead and mercury. Pregnant mothers can eat with confidence.

Just emphasize that these four kinds of fish are not suitable for pregnant mothers, and hope to avoid:

1. Catfish: The threat of the threat of raw or unprepared cooked catfish will be higher.

2. Stir -grouped fish: Due to the living environment, its lead mercury content is relatively high. Although it is harmless to the human body, it is recommended to avoid pregnant women.

3. Breeding salmon: bacteria and parasites that breeding salmon are 11 times higher than wild salmon.

4. Shark: Shark is located at the top of the food chain. Lead -containing is the highest. Fascinism is not the best choice for pregnant mothers.

Other fish are recommended to eat 1-2 times a week. Don’t be obsessed with nutritional equilibrium!During pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers, pay special attention not to eat any form of raw fish.

In addition to eating some common fish, if you need to supplement it by fish oil, please consult your obstetrician in advance.In principle, pregnant mothers who are red in early pregnancy do not recommend using fish oil in large quantities, but eating fish is safe.

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