Is it a dew or a menstruation, how to distinguish it?When will menstruation come normal?

"Doctor, when will I come to menstruation?"

"Doctor, my menstruation is here, but it is not normal!"

"Doctor, can I continue to feed my menstruation?"

"Doctor, how can I get pregnant without menstruation?"

This is a postponement of postpartum review, doctors often ask questions.We will solve one time today.

When is the normal menstruation after giving birth?Bleak

During breastfeeding, prolactin can inhibit the release of reproductive hormones and form a temporary amenorrhea. In this way, menstrual recovery and ovulation will be postponed. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers will have a "aunt holiday" during breastfeeding.

Generally speaking, postpartum menstrual recovery will be related to the breastfeeding situation, breastfeeding time, and physical fitness of the mother.

20%of breastfeeding mothers will come to menstruation within 3 months after giving birth, and most mothers will have menstruation within 1-2 months after weaning.Later, without menstruation, it is necessary to be vigilant, no matter which one needs to go to the hospital for consultation.

Lulu generally appears after giving birth, and it will experience a process of bright red -light pink -white.

The bright red lochia will last about 1 week, and then slowly turn into light pink, lasting for 2-3 weeks, and then a little bit faded.The cesarean section is scattered in about 3 weeks, and the time of delivery will grow a little, and it will be completed in about 4-6 weeks.

Menstruation generally recovers after the lochia is exhausted for a while. If it is similar to the previous period and blood volume of their own birth, don’t worry. If there are more blood blocks and stomachache, it lasts for a long time. Pay attention to the uterus of the uterus.Abnormal, go to the hospital for examination.

Misunderstanding 1: How can I get pregnant without menstruation?

Without menstruation, it does not mean that there is no ovulation. The breastfeeding period is not equal to the safe period. Timely contraceptive measures must be taken in time.You must know that once you get pregnant again, the interval is too short (within one year), it will affect the mother’s body and continuing breastfeeding.

Misunderstanding 2: Do you have no nutrition when you have breast milk?

Not only some elderly people, even some young mothers were brainwashed. They thought that when menstruation came, breast milk was not nutritious!Some people even say that it must have a bad effect on the baby and weaned.

This is purely a rumor.Auntie is here, of course, mothers can continue to breastfeed.And the quality of breastfeeding will not affect.However, under the impact of hormones, the amount of milk will be reduced, but this is temporary, and it will return to normal after the monthly passage.Keep in mind that breast milk is the greatest nutritional wealth for the baby, and the nutrition of breast milk must be better than any formula milk powder.

During the menstruation, mothers not only have to breastfeed, but also take good care of their babies, coupled with physical discomfort, sometimes it is inevitable that emotional fluctuations will be greater., Take good care of yourself, pay attention to the following points:

Balanced nutrition, keep warm: During the aunt, mothers try to eat raw cold food as little as possible, the weather is cold, feeding will pay attention to keep warm.In addition, eat more foods rich in protein, vitamins, iron and easy to digest and absorb foods, maintain nutritional balance, which will not only help physical recovery, but also increase the quality and yield of milk.

Walk more and exercise appropriately: Exercise is conducive to uterine recovery, increases blood circulation, and can alleviate postpartum muscle soreness and soothing pressure, reduce depression. Therefore, outdoor walking, training yoga, postpartum recovery exercises, etc. are all recommended, but yourself yourselfWhen the body has not fully recovered, try to do less strenuous exercise.

I feel happy to ensure sleep: After delivery, mothers will easily suffer from postpartum depression due to emotional and emotional changes. This is not good for mothers, children, and families. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers relax and prevent their mood from falling.Let your family help and pay attention to rest at the same time. If your baby rests, you have to rest against time.

Still, a woman should be better to yourself, no matter what stage you are.

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