Is it a cervical criminal in the middle of the night?

Recently, Aunt Li, who was diligent, added a problem. He often woke up in his hands in the middle of the night. Sometimes he woke up in the morning and swelled his hands in the morning, his arms were still painful, and the activity was ten minutes.What’s more serious, hand painful pain will occur during the day, especially the left thumb.This is urgent to break Aunt Li, can’t do anything, isn’t this disabled?This is painful again, is it a cervical spondylosis?

Hand numbness and pain may not be sleeping

Aunt Li hurried to the hospital for examination.Doctors said that although they are older, they will be a bit of disc herniation, but they will not cause numbness.Helpless Aunt Li accompanied the family clinic of neuromuscular diseases accompanied by her family.As soon as the doctor heard Aunt Li’s symptoms, he asked, "Are you able to do a special service at home?" Aunt Li’s daughter hurriedly said, "My mother can never be idle, laundry and cook, and everything at home is cleaned.I helped me take care of my children again these half a year ago, but I worked hard! "

This time Aunt Li’s illness was finally diagnosed -what he got was "wrist tunnel syndrome", which was one of the most common diseases in peripheral neuropathy.In the middle of the wrist, there is a structure called "wrist tunnel". Its bottom and sides are bone, covering the horizontal ligament of the wrist, forming a tubular structure with 9 tendons and a middle nerve.

The nerves in these structures are the most delicate, and compressive ischemia can cause damage.The wrist is only the least pressure in the wrist tube when straightening.Repeated wrists for a long time, causing the horizontal ligament of the wrist, the lumen becomes smaller, the pressure increases, and the nerve is not recovered for a long time.

"Diligence and troubles" are the most easy to recruit these people

Due to the repeated activity of the wrist for a long time, chefs, sanitation workers, handicrafts, housewives, etc. are more likely to be stared at by wrist tunnel syndrome.In addition, patients with diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis and other internal medicine diseases are also prone to disease.Pregnant women in the late pregnancy, obese edema, and high incidence.

At the same time, daily activities such as noodles, cut vegetables, laundry, and wipe are all factors that aggravate the damage of the wrist tunnel.Aunt Li has worked more for a long time, showing her daughter to the children, washing and shampooing every day, and increasing the disease.

But the question is, how can you be numb in the middle of the night?In fact, it is a typical manifestation of hemps at night or to swell in the morning. It may be a typical manifestation of wrist tunnel syndrome. It may be because I will bend my wrist when I fall asleep. For a long time, the pressure of the narrow lumen has increased.EssenceIn severe cases, it will also be numb during the day, mainly with thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger, and half of the finger on the side of the thumb. The situation will also have weak finger weakness, especially the thumb is weak, and the palm muscles on the thumb side of the thumb atrophy.

How to treat wrist tunnel syndrome?

Flat tunnel syndrome is divided into non -surgical treatment and surgical therapy. It is necessary to perform examinations first, evaluate the severity of the lesion, and then make decisions, such as nerve ultrasound and muscle diagram.Generally speaking, you must first limit the wrist bending activities. You can wear a bracket with a bracket on the side of the palm, especially those who often wake up at night and early morning hand. Wearing the wrist care before going to bed can improve the symptoms of hand tingling.

In addition, it is necessary to promote nerve repair and improve microvascular circulation treatment.If the examination shows the serious condition, especially the damage to the motor nerves, surgical decompression treatment is generally needed.Patients with obvious pain can also internal injection of local injection of drugs to relieve symptoms.

Like Aunt Li without damage to the exercise function, wearing wrist care and drug treatment can soon alleviate numbness.

The doctor reminds everyone, especially the hard -working aunts, if you get numb in the middle of the night or morning, don’t simply think that it is sleeping, or it is used as a cervical spondylosis.Do not miss the best treatment time for hospital examination.

Text/Lu Yan (Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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