Is drowsiness normal during pregnancy?What should I do?Sweet Yue Mother and Children tell you!

Pregnant women’s drowsiness is a very common early pregnancy response. Generally, after 6 weeks of menopause, it usually lasts until 3 months of pregnancy.

Because each mother has different physical fitness, living habits and diet habits, there are different drowsiness reactions, and the severity of the deductive reaction is not the same.

Pregnant mothers feel tired and want to sleep all day during pregnancy, and don’t have to be too nervous. This is a normal pregnancy reaction.

1. It is related to changes in hormones in the body after pregnancy

After pregnancy, the expectant mothers will secrete progesterone in their bodies. Can progesterone can protect the possibility of tires and reduce abortion. However, at the same time, it will also have a role in anesthesia in the mother, so that expectant mothers have a sense of sleep and want to sleep.

2. It has accelerated metabolism with the foundation of pregnant women, the heat consumption in the body is accelerated, and the blood sugar is not related

The basic metabolic rate of pregnant women is 25%higher than the average person, so the calorie consumption in the body is also fast, which may cause insufficient blood sugar and be sleepy;

Increasing the weight of expectant mothers will increase the pressure in the uterus, which will lead to increased blood output bleeding; uneasy emotions such as irritability and anxiety will reduce the quality of sleeping for pregnant women, so more sleep is needed.

Regardless of the deductive reaction caused by which reasons, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. Generally, after 3 months of pregnancy, the deductive response will be improved after 3 months of pregnancy.After the second trimester, the sleeping mother’s sleep can gradually return to normal.

However, there are also a lot of other mothers because of their physical fitness. They show tiredness and sleepy symptoms during the whole pregnancy. As long as the nutritional supplement is sufficient, the growth and development of the fetus are not too worried.

Although the drowsiness during pregnancy is normal, it is not good for the spirit every day, so the sweet moon mothers and children give the mothers seven major suggestions to help mothers get rid of their drowsiness earlier!

① Keep your mood happily, you can learn some health knowledge during pregnancy to fully understand the pregnancy response and relieve psychological burden.

② Drink plenty of water, eat more foods rich in cellulose and vitamin B1 or supplement some iron folic acid specially dedicated to pregnant women.

③ To ensure sufficient sleep, try to rest when you want to rest, don’t force yourself.

④ Pay attention to the balance of diet, because if you always want to sleep, you may have a bad appetite. Pay attention to add more nutritious foods, eat less meals, avoid insufficient nutrition in intake, and affect the growth and development of your baby in the belly.

⑤ Husband and family should stick to pregnant mothers. The understanding and support of the family can help pregnant mothers get rid of the trouble of reaction to pregnancy such as drowsiness and reduce psychological burden.

⑥ Develop a regular schedule and improve the quality of sleep. Remember not to stay up late.

⑦ Exercise properly, breathe fresh air, and people will become energetic.

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