Is cows’ pregnancy test paper accurate?Is the pregnancy test strip of the cow? Is the urine test?How to give you a pregnancy test

Recently, a breeding friend asked, can people use the pregnancy test strip? Can the cows get pregnant?How can I give the cows for pregnancy?Let me discuss these issues with you.

1. Can cows use pregnancy test strips?

People used for pregnancy test strips cannot be used to test whether the cows are pregnant, because human use test strips are used to detect the HCG index in the human body. This substance is generated by the placenta. Only when a woman is pregnantOnly then will appear in urine, so the test strip is detected.

However, the sex hormones and cycle changes of cows are not the same as humans. Therefore, the pregnancy test strip used by employment is not to check whether the cows are pregnant. If you want to give you pregnancy test, you must also use a special pregnancy test paper for cattle.

2. Is the pregnancy testing the urine test?

We test the pregnancy of the cow is not to detect the urine condition, but to detect the blood condition.

After the cow is pregnant, there will be pregnancy -related glycoprotein in the serum, which is usually called Pags. We use cow test strips. The test is whether there is PAGS in the blood of the cow.

If the cow is pregnant, the farmers must do a good job of breeding management, and they must be safe and hygienic in their diet.Help the cows better to settle the fetus.

3. Method of testing cows pregnancy

We checked the bull test paper detection card used by cows, which are usually accompanied by blood collection tools, blood collection needles, vascular mining, dropper, etc. There is no need to buy them separately.

We first take a few drops of blood at the tail of the cow, and then put it still, and wait for the serum to be separated.After two hours, use the dropper to absorb serum, and then drop 3-4 drops of serum on the additional hole of the test paper card. After 15 minutes, there will be results. One bar is not pregnant, and two bars are pregnant.

The introduction of this article is over here. Thank you for watching it. I hope that today’s sharing can help everyone.Pay attention to me, and will bring you about breeding every day.

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