Is breast swelling nipple pain a manifestation of pregnancy?This can be said to be inaccurate, not the standard basis

Many women in life will have breast tenderness, some recover quickly, some will last for several days, and some may be reduced or disappeared with the advent of menstruation.Many people say that breast bloating nipple pain is a manifestation of pregnancy. Is this basis for this?

Is breast swelling nipple pain pregnant?

1. If nipple pain occurs, but menstruation does not come, it may be breast pain caused by irregular menstruation.

2. If the estrogen in the body suddenly rises, it can also cause the breast edema.Therefore, the breasts will have swelling and pain, but the pain will be relieved after menstruation comes.

3. If the husband and wife do not take any contraceptive measures during ovulation, it is normal for menstruation.Nipple pain occurs, but if there is no phenomenon of menstruation, it may be pregnant, but this is not an absolute phenomenon.

All in all, breast swelling nipple pain is not necessarily pregnant. Usually adjust your diet and pay attention to rest.If the pain is still not relieved, go to the hospital for examination to determine the reason.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

1. Delling

After pregnancy, the energy of the body will decrease, because the development of fertilized eggs in the body needs to absorb the energy of the mother. If it cannot be supplemented with sufficient energy, the body’s energy supply is insufficient, and it is easy to cause fatigue and sleepy.

2. Breast change

The breasts will have a certain degree of swelling, pain, and the color of the nipples slowly deeper.This is because the body’s hormone changes, so the external symptoms will change to a certain extent.

3. Men stop menstruation

If the usual menstrual period is relatively regular, there is no menstruation for more than half a month, and there is no corresponding contraceptive measures at all times, and there will be a probability of pregnancy.

4. Nausea and vomiting

After pregnancy, the elevated gonad hormone in the body causes a decrease in gastric acid secretion, and the food in the body is not easy to digest, so it is easy to cause loss of appetite and fullness.At this time, if you eat some greasy things, you will cause a stimulus to the stomach and intestines, which is prone to nausea and vomiting.

5, frequent urine

After pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body has increased relatively, and the uterus has increased to a certain extent, resulting in a compression effect on the bladder, which will cause frequent urine excretion.

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