Is "hair dye carcinogenic" the truth or scam?The doctor bluntly said: Do these 5 points, you can rest assured to dye

Zhang Yun (pseudonym), 43 years old, is a kindergarten teacher in Changchun. Because she was about to attend the nephew’s wedding, she decided to dye her hair. However, she never expected that she lost her life.

According to her husband, his wife had allergies after dyeing her hair, but she was afraid of her husband’s criticism, so she lied that she had a cold, and her husband didn’t care too much.Two days later, Zhao Yun’s discomfort did not relieve at all, but became more serious -the face was red and swollen, the skin was rough, and his eyes were swollen into a seam.

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When her husband saw his wife, he was extremely worried, so he immediately took her to seek medical treatment, and had been having a allergic hanging bottle for 4 consecutive days.Unfortunately, her symptoms still did not improve, and her respiratory failure was developed, and her breathing became more and more strenuous. During her husband transferred her to hospital, Ms. Zhang stopped breathing.

Her husband told reporters that Zhang Yun had dyed 5 times in total and would be allergic every time, but did not expect that it would be so serious after 7 days.

Zhang Yun’s husband believes that his wife’s death must be related to hair dyeing and wants to hold the barber shop.

Medical experts said that if it is simply caused by skin allergies caused by hair dyeing, it is impossible to directly lead to sudden death of patients.Therefore, experts suspect that Zhang Yun may suffer from certain diseases and not treat them in time. In short, hair -dyeing allergies may only be the fuse of death.

What I have to remind everyone is that in many hairdressers, hairdressers will hardly take the initiative to tell customers that hair dyeing is likely to cause allergies, nor will it be reminded that people who are allergic to customers should not dye their hair.On the market, most hair dyes are marked "use cautious people with skin allergies", but there is no method for testing allergies before hair dyeing.

When a allergic reaction occurs after hair dyeing, you should pay attention to it, and do not treat allergies as one thing like Zhang Yun, but also dye your hair many times.

Those who have experienced hair dyeing experience, the most often said that "hair dye induces cancer", will hair dye really induce cancer?

That’s right, it is really possible.The United States had tested the 169 hair dye on the market, and found that at least 150 hair dye had a carcinogenic effect.According to a research report published in the "U.S. Popular disease" magazine, women with hair dyeing for more than 24 years have a relatively high chance of suffering from Hejetkin’s lymphoma.

At present, most hair dyes on the market contain phenyline, toh amino phenols, and aromatic compounds such as methylphenylene amine. Some hair dyes contain heavy metal ions, such as copper, lead, iron, etc.If these hair dyes are used for a long time, harmful substances will accumulate in the body and cause poisoning, and may even cause leukemia and skin cancer.

It is clear that occasionally or twice, hair dye does not cause people to suffer from cancer. Only long -term frequent hair dyeing will increase the risk of cancer.There are people who love beauty. Occasionally hair dyeing hair is something that most women in the new era will do. So how to do it to be safe to dye hair?Safe hair dyeing, you need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Control the number of hair dyeing, it is best not to dye hair.If you really want to dye your hair, you have to control the number of hair dyeing. Do not be too frequent to dye your hair. It is best not to exceed 2 times a year.Of course, it will be better to insist on hair dye.

2. Before dyeing your hair, check the actual situation of your scalp.If scars, dermatitis, etc., it is best not to dye your hair anymore, otherwise it is easy to cause scalp infection to worsen.

3. Test it with other parts before dyeing to avoid allergic reactions. For example, apply hair dye to the skin of the arms or ears. If there is no abnormalities, you can dye your hair.

4. Choose some safer hair dyes.For example, choose a high -level hair dye and hair dyeing place as much as possible, which is guaranteed to be safe.

5. After hair dyeing, wash the scalp and hair with water multiple times, so that the hair dye residues can be reduced as much as possible.

Although hair dye can change people’s external image and make people look new, it may not be suitable for everyone.

Director Hou Yufan, a affiliated to Dalian University, said that it is best to consider his actual situation carefully before dyeing hair, such as people with unhealthy scalp itself (scars, sores, dermatitis) should not be dyed.In addition, people with heart disease and hypertension, pregnant women, and lactating women are not suitable for hair dyeing.Especially pregnant women need to pay attention, pregnancy dyeing hair is a taboo.

All in all, hair dyeing is not a good thing, after all, it may endanger health.As the saying goes, life is valuable, cherish life, and stay away from hair dyeing as much as possible!Don’t put your health into danger because of a moment of beauty, your health needs to be guarded by yourself!

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