Insomnia during pregnancy?Pregnant mothers are careful about these three things, don’t ignore it

Recently, I received a feedback from many pregnant mothers. They said that they were always difficult to fall asleep during pregnancy. Sometimes they even had to wait until dawn to sleep, and I had to get up until noon every day, but I still felt physically and mentally exhausted and tired.

The frequency of insomnia during pregnancy is very high, mainly because there are many things that happened during pregnancy. Everything will cause pregnant mothers to have various fantasies. For example, the appearance of fetal movements in the middle of pregnancy.What does it mean and what the situation causes the brain to be too messy and cause insomnia.

In fact, insomnia during pregnancy is usually caused by the following three aspects. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to adjustment:

1. Habitual thinking in the brain

During pregnancy, women have to consider a lot, and some expectant mothers with high emotional quotient usually insomnia.During pregnancy, when you are idle, you will think about the scene of childbirth. How should you choose?Will the baby have a negative impact after birth?What does the baby look like?If it is like his dad, it would be ugly!

When sleeping at night, the brain is the most leisure and the highest activity. It is recommended to listen to a few music you like to help yourself enter the dreamland for better sleep.

Second, sleep too long during the day

After pregnancy, there are more and more taboos that pregnant mothers need to follow. Except for daily activities, there are almost no other things to do.In addition, there is still a lazy factors, so sleeping too long during the day may also be a factor that makes it difficult to fall asleep at night.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to control their sleep time. Do not be too long or too short. The combination of labor and rest can ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.

Third, insufficient adaptation ability

From the beginning of pregnancy to the second trimester, many pregnant mothers will insomnia.This is because my adaptability cannot keep up. The sleeping position is very changeable in the early stages of pregnancy. When the stomach in the second trimester is significantly protruding, the lying posture also needs to be adjusted continuously to avoid oppressing the stomach.Causes insomnia.

In short, pregnant mothers need to pay special attention to adjusting their sleeping habits and schedules during pregnancy to ensure sufficient sleep quality and moderate exercise to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.

Zitong Beibei here wishes pregnant mothers to eat and sleep well, there is a happy pregnancy period ~

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