In the summer of confinement in summer, I did this for the first time.

The old man always said that Fu Tian’s confinement woman was not blessed, and their pregnant babies came to debt.The reason why it is so affectionate and vicious, in fact, because of the low level of living in the past, Futian’s confinement will cause women to suffer a lot of sins.

Fortunately, we are much better to live in the moment, and the quality of life has improved significantly. Fu Tian is no longer so sad to confine, but there are also women who have experienced conservative confinement.

When the army laughed and gave birth to a baby, it was just early August. It seemed to be hot. Because of the child, the body was empty, and the army laughed with sweating. She couldn’t stand it.She turned on the air conditioner, but as a result, she was rejected by various reasons. I was afraid that she would be suffered from the wind.

As a result, the Junxiao boiled hard for a month. In this confinement, Jun Xiao not only felt he was covered, but even more scary is that he fainted several times. Now it is terrible to think about it.

Actually, everyone has misunderstood that the confinement taboos in the old man’s mouth are imprinted by the times. In the past with relatively difficult conditions, we really need to be careful to prevent the confinement from being able to leave the root cause.But now it is really different, as long as we pay attention to the following points, even the confinement is spent scientifically.

The first point: pay attention to diet

Do not want constipation, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits after giving birth to avoid replenishment, avoid cold and causing food that causes fire.

Second point: Note on care

Confinement care is sloppy. Mothers who have no wounds can take a bath on the third day after giving birth to a baby.If the perineal side is cut or tears, you can use a bath to replace the bath.

The Bao Ma who has a caesarean section can take a bath at any time as long as the wound is recovered.No matter what the circumstances, you must pay attention when you take a bath, avoid pots, you can only shower.In addition, pay attention to the temperature of the indoor and outdoor, don’t get the wind, don’t be cold.

Third point: open window ventilation

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the rooms where women are living after giving birth need to open windows and ventilation to ensure the flow of fresh air in the room, prevent the breeding of bacteria mold, and ensure that women’s health in the confinement.

Fourth point: Scientific use of cooling heatstroke prevention tools

In Futianli, we can use fan. Air conditioning and other tools to help us cool down in the summer. Some elderly people may have different opinions and feel that these are banned in confinement, but in fact, if this is reasonable, if it is reasonable, no will not be used.It will make women in the confinement get a child disease because of cold.At the same time, we can also help us avoid "covering confinement" disease.

In the use of air conditioners, we must first ensure that the temperature is between 26 ° C and 28 ° C, not too low.In addition, avoid direct blowing is what we need to pay attention to.Finally, there is a trick, absolutely environmentally friendly, that is, the heart is quiet and cold.It sounds a joke, but in fact, it really makes some reason.

In summer, if pregnant women have no emotional fluctuations, they can listen to some music that seems to be flowing water. It is estimated that we will not feel hot everywhere.Shelf, such confinement, will definitely be very painful, anxious, is not conducive to rest.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

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