In the ninth week of pregnancy, the symptoms of the fetus and expectant mothers, the baby will continue to move to change the posture

From this week, the embryo in the belly can be called "fetal". All the organs, muscles, and nerves of the baby have begun to work. The limbs have obviously seen that they can be seen.The front of the body is cross.The muscles begin to develop, and they can do mild exercise, and they will continue to move and change their postures.

Now there are about 2.2 to 2.5 cm long. The membrane covers eyes and closed tightly. The movement of the eyelids needs to be involved in the eye muscles and nerves. It will not open your eyes until 27 weeks.

Before 9 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s chest cavity and abdominal cavity were connected. When the diaphragm was formed, the baby’s abdominal cavity and the chest cavity were separated from each other, becoming an independent chest and abdominal cavity.

How big is the fetus for two months of pregnancy

The expectant mothers now feel that the entire body has changed, because the uterus has been doubled. Although the weight has not increased much, it can feel that the breasts are much bigger and compressed the bladder to cause frequent urination.

The vaginal secretions increase, it is easy to stool and diarrhea, the breasts are more swollen, and the areola and nipples are darker.Mom’s body shape still does not change much. At this time, it is still the differential period of the baby organs of the baby.

The nipples and areola are deepened, and the breasts are swollen

The nipples and areola are deepened, and the nipples become very sensitive and soft. Remember to clean the nipples and keep the breast cleaning every day. From pregnancy to giving birth to a baby, the breasts will have a series of changes.Baby prepares milk.

Easy to grow acne

In the early stages of pregnancy, about 2 %-5 %of expectant mothers are prone to acne, but if you use products containing salicylic acid, vitamin A, or steroids, there may be side effects and will hurt children. Therefore, please consult your doctor which skin care productsIt is safe for pregnant women.

Pregnant mother’s psychology

The psychological state of pregnant women during pregnancy has a great impact on the physical and mental development of the fetus, and pregnant women are plagued by adverse psychological state during pregnancy.

Studies have found that if pregnant women have excessive nervousness and anxiety during pregnancy, the fetus often shows multiple movements after birth, it is easy to excite, crying, and when they grow up, they will show emotional instability, anxiety, and anger.


The mother and the fetus have psychological and physiological communication. From the perspective of prenatal education, the imagination of pregnant women is to constitute an important factor in prenatal education through the mother’s mind, transform, and penetrate the fetus’s physical and mental feelings.

At the same time, the mother’s conception of the fetal image will make the emotions reaching the best state, and promote the increase of hormones with beauty effects in the body, so that the structure combination of the facial organs of the fetus and the development of the skin are well developed, so as to create their ideal fetal fetusEssence

Prevent stretch marks

In order to prevent stretch marks, expectant mothers can also start using pregnancy cream or related care products to maintain the skin.And keeping the hair is not missing. You can try to change the use of shampoos and haircuts of different brands to make you look refreshing and healthy. It is also one of the methods to maintain a good mood. It has a stable effect on prenatal education.Intersection

Water supplement

Drinking plenty of water can promote gastrointestinal motility, facilitate defecation, and prevent hemorrhoids.Do not drink water after thirst. When you feel thirsty, it means that the water in the body is out of balance, and the dehydration of brain cells has reached a certain degree.

Replace underwear in time

After the breasts are swollen, remember to change the bra. The bras of the pregnant woman will be different from ordinary women!In addition to changes in breasts, the waist circumference will also increase, and you may often feel that your legs are tight and painful, and the waist is sore. You may wish to try it. When you sleep, you can improve your feet slightly, which will have a improvement effect.

The following method can prevent or reduce the enlargement

* Wearing a strong pantyhose.

* Raise your legs while sitting.

* Don’t stand for a long time.

* Avoid excessive weight gain, exercise for 30 minutes per day.

Preventing gum inflammation

In the early stages of pregnancy, tooth beds, swelling, bleeding, pain, and bad breath often occur. This is the symptoms of gingivitis during pregnancy.To prevent the occurrence of gingivitis, expectant mothers should pay attention to oral hygiene, brush their teeth sooner or later, and rinse their mouth after meals.

Never get influenza vaccine during pregnancy

Colds are very common infectious diseases, especially in spring and autumn.Women who are pregnant must not be vaccinated.The vaccine is made of a living virus and may bring danger to the fetus.

Do not eat too much fruits

The content of carbohydrates in fruits is not only higher than vegetables, but also contains monosaccharides that can be directly absorbed into the digestive tract, which increases sugar absorption in the body.

However, the amount of pregnancy during pregnancy is reduced. Too much fruits can make too much sugar savings in the body, obese, and excess sugar can also be stored in the fetus through the placenta, making the fetus fat.

Supplement DHA and calcium

DHA and calcium can help mothers add nutrition, which is good for the development of fetal brain, bones, and nervous system.And take at least 30 mg of iron in daily diet, additional 300 calories nutritional food and sufficient water.

And reduce the amount of salt, to prevent waterproof, swelling and increased blood pressure, and even cause heart failure.

Normal diet

Specific mothers don’t have to make up too much. In fact, normal and nutritious diet is more important!The most common problem for pregnant women is the first three months of anemia, which can supplement iron from pork liver and beef!

Many people think that they should eat Siwu Decoction and Shiquan Big Decoction during pregnancy. This is a big mistake, because these are all helping promoting blood circulation, which will seriously lead to bleeding!

Mothers who have pregnancy vomiting and beware of nutritional loss can drink liquid foods containing calories to supplement nutrition, so orange juice and sugar cane juice will be easily absorbed than starch and protein, making blood sugar rise rapidly;

In addition, avocado contains oil, and can also supplement more nutrition.If you are worried that the fetus is inadequate, the mother can add more protein outside the basic balanced diet.There is a pregnancy vomiting phenomenon that can contain ginger slices or rinse tea with ginger.

Many prospective parents are worried that sexual life will hurt the baby during pregnancy, so she stops sexual life.In fact, healthy and moderate pregnancy sexual life will not only cause harm to the fetus, but also greatly enhance the intimate feelings of husband and wife.

It should be noted that in the early stages of pregnancy, because the embryo is in the development stage, the connection between the placenta and the mother’s uterine wall is not tight. If sexual life is performed, it is likely that the uterus is shocked due to improper movement or excessive excitement of the spirit.Delivery the placenta and cause miscarriage.If you have a quasi -mothers who have a habitual abortion, you must completely prohibit sexual life in the early stages of pregnancy.

The work of prospective dad must be very busy, right?In this very very period, the prospective dad needs to take as much housework as much as possible, especially when the wife has a pregnancy reaction, especially the pregnancy vomiting is the response of most expectant mothers in the early pregnancy. ThereforeSelf -discipline should have a full sleep and rest.

When riding, taking the subway, and shopping in the supermarket, you must protect your mothers and avoid being directly collided and squeezed by the abdomen.

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