In the age of 16, Yunnan was pregnant and gave birth to a child. Whose face did it hurt?

Recently, in Zhaotong, Yunnan, only a 16 -year -old flower season girl was still raped in junior high school. It was even pregnant. When she gave birth at school, it was unheard of and extremely angry!

Those who do evil have been detained and they will definitely get the punishment they deserve.

But the problems reflected through this incident are indeed worthy of our thoughts!

The girl who also lived in school in school, her every move, joy and sorrow, of course, was responsible for the teacher. Is the teacher’s responsibility just grasping the children’s academic performance?

This girl was raped several times before and after. In such a long time, the behavior of this child is definitely very different from ordinary classmates. As the teacher’s class teacher, the teacher and the life teacher, there is no the slightest.Do you perceive?

Especially from pregnancy to childbirth, this is not a matter of two days and two. Didn’t you really find any difference in school teachers?

Teacher, responsibility, this is an indisputable fact!

Children’s parents have greater responsibilities.

I am speechless at all!

Parents are not just about to give birth to their children. The key is to take care and care and cultivate long -term love and careful care. Is it possible to see any abnormalities in the child’s every move?

It’s speechless!

Those who do evil are the most hateful!

Strict punishment, give your child an explanation!

The child is only 16 years old. On the future of life, how to eliminate this shadow, the local women’s federation should be very small, and the school is also very small. Since things happen, these responsible units and individuals should reach out and give the children to the children to give their children to the childrenWith the comfort and the comfort of the soul, let the child come out of the shadow as soon as possible.

Children, not just to learn cultural knowledge and how to be a person, this is the most critical issue, but the current education, everything to look at the scores is really helpless.

In school, children will definitely have education, or even courses, and these education and courses are not valued. As long as the curriculum and education of the exams are not attracted, they cannot attract the attention of teachers and students and parents. This is really education of education.A major disadvantage.

During this period, how much pressure and ideas have undergone ideas, can you imagine that you can’t imagine it?

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