In the 12th year of the ring, Wuhan women were pregnant again!Doctor explained …

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"I have been in the ring for 12 years. How can I get pregnant?" On July 18th, I was lying on the obstetrics of the obstetrics department of Wuhan Hospital in Wuhan.

Ms. Wang was 35 years old. She had a baby in her cesarean section in 2011. She thought that she would not ask for a baby in the future. She underwent the implantation of the in -palace in the same year. There has been no abnormalities for more than ten years.At the end of May this year, Ms. Wang suddenly stopped menstruation. At first she had not taken care of, but two months later, Ms. Wang’s holiday has not yet come. On July 14, Ms. Wang was in doubt.Test that the positive results stunned her.Thinking that it was possible that the test strip was wrong, she hurriedly checked the medical examination. Unexpectedly, the ultrasound result showed that it was "early pregnancy in the palace".Regarding this result, Ms. Wang could not understand, "I didn’t expect that they had been pregnant for more than ten years and became pregnant."

On July 17, Ms. Wang accompanied her family to go to the obstetrics department of the Puren Hospital in Wuhan.After a series of professional examinations, the doctor discovered the reason, "The patient’s internal birthplace position moved down and belongs to a ring of pregnancy." The obstetrics of the Puren Hospital in Wuhan explained to the obstetrics.Bacteria inflammation and phagocytosis, thereby interfere with fertilized eggs in bed.If the position of the birthplace is moved down, the interference effect will weaken, which may cause fertilized eggs to conceive smoothly in bed.

On the morning of July 18th, the obstetric team of Wuhan Puren Hospital performed an artificial abortion for Ms. Wang and took out the birth ring. At present, Ms. Wang recovered well.

The hedging device taken from Ms. Wang’s uterine cavity

Pu Ren Hospital’s obstetric team’s inspection room, closely pay attention to Ms. Wang’s condition

"At that time, doctors reminded regular women’s examinations when I was implanted, but in the past few years, she has not been uncomfortable, and she has not been checked." Ms. Wang regretted this.

Fei Zhiyi, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Center of Wuhan Puren Hospital, reminded that the in -palace is a relatively simple and effective contraceptive device, but it does not guarantee a 100 % contraceptive effect, especially when it displays, fall off, etc.In the case, the contraceptive effect will be greatly discounted, and even a ring of pregnancy or ring pregnancy will occur.Therefore, women who have performed in -the -palace -saving device should not be neglected. It is very important for regular women’s examinations and checked ring checks.

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(Image source: Wuhan Puren Hospital)

(Source: Polar News)

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