In summer, pregnant mothers must keep in mind these 7 points, and all diet travel includes

The weather is hot in summer, and many people do not like summer. Not only are the weather hot, strong ultraviolet rays, but also a lot of mosquitoes.In summer, people do not like to eat. If pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy catch up with pregnancy, it will be very painful.So what are the precautions for summer pregnancy?Let’s take a look together.

1. Balanced diet mix

We all know that in daily life, the human body needs to consume nutrients in order to promote health, keep people full of mental state, and conduct a series of production labor.

Pregnant mothers have changed a lot during pregnancy, and they need to consume sufficient nutrition, because only sufficient nutrition can ensure the nutritional supply of the fetus in the pregnant mother’s belly.The diet of pregnant mothers should pay special attention, not only related to the healthy development of the baby, but also the physical and mental health of Baoma.Summer is coming, and seasonal changes have a greater impact on pregnant mothers.In hot summer, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the reasonable matching of diet.Pregnant mothers should eat more high -protein fish.Excess dietary fiber rich fruits and vegetables.Do not eat cold food, it is easy to stimulate the baby in the body.The temperature rises, the hot and cold alternate, and the pregnant mothers are also prone to illness.Mom will toss again.So pregnant mothers must pay more attention to their diet!

2. Supplement water

The weather is hot, and the more vigorous metabolism of pregnant moms has increased again.Sweating and large physiological load. Once you fail to replenish water in time, pregnant moms are prone to heat stroke and dehydration.At least 1500ml of water should be ensured daily.Cool, light saline, mung bean soup, lemonade, etc. are all suitable for pregnant mummy water supplement drinks.However, cold drinks or ice drinks should be consumed as little as possible, so as not to stimulate uterine contraction or cause diarrhea.

3. Do not greedy fruit

Summer fruits are rich in selection, but many high sugar -high fruits should not be eaten in large quantities.Litchi, peach, watermelon, etc. should not be eaten unlimited, because a large amount of sugar intake can easily induce gestational diabetes.Some vitamin -rich fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. can also be used as a substitute for fruits to "add meals" for health.

4. Loose wearing

Pregnant moms should try to choose comfortable, wide and cool clothes in summer.The material that is not easy to stick to the body such as cotton is the best, soft, breathable, and sweat.Wearing light and cotton clothing is the most comfortable in summer.

In addition, the clothes of pregnant moms must be washed and replaced frequently. Incorrect sweating can easily cause pregnant moms to occur, rash, skin infection, etc.The bra and belt should not be tightened to avoid triggering breast hyperplasia and affecting breast development, which directly affects breastfeeding.The abdomen is bound to affect the development of the fetus.It is best to choose real silk or cotton in personal clothes.

5. Sleep sufficient sleep

In summer, pregnant moms are consumed greater, and it is more likely to cause fatigue. At this time, you need sufficient sleep.Daily routine, ensuring at least 8 hours of sleep time, is very effective for restoring physical strength and driving away fatigue.If the weather is hot, if it is difficult to sleep, you can take a bath, soak your feet, drink warm water, etc. to relax before going to bed. The room temperature is controlled by the air conditioner at about 26 ° C. Do not lie on the wind when you fall asleep.Essence

6. Should not take more than 3 times a day, and the bath time is 10-20 minutes.

Because sitting baths can easily cause suffocation and not good for the fetus, do not take a bath during pregnancy, avoid hot water to immerse the abdomen.The doctor recommends that you should take a standing shower. If you feel tired or uncomfortable, you can sit and rest a little.

7. Strictly prevent heat stroke when going out

The most important thing for preventing heatstroke in the room is to ventilate indoor ventilation, and do not often close the windows.In the morning or evening, it is best to open the window and open the door to ventilate. When the noon is hot at noon, you can turn on the air conditioner or fan to reduce the room temperature to 26 ° C to 28 ° C to avoid heat stroke.Note that when using a fan and air conditioner, you can use the wind direction to the roof, so that you can avoid the wind, and at the same time, you can reduce the indoor temperature. Do not blow the pregnant woman directly.

I am a candy bean mother, a senior parenting person.I will share my parenting knowledge and experience every day, pay attention to me, and accompany the baby to grow up healthy!

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