In order to obtain traffic, there are actually many false "news"!

Source: Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security

In order to effectively purify the network environment and crack down on cyber rumors in accordance with the law, the online security bureau of the Ministry of Public Security has deployed a 100 -day online rumor to combat special operations.

The appalling title

The content of the flowers and woods

It is called a "nose and eye"

It’s hard to distinguish

All of the above are actually some people

Tools that get traffic and obtain eyeballs

On June 5, the police of the Public Security Police of Yinchuan City in Ningxia found at the work that a netizen in Yongning County released multiple short videos in the Kuaishou app. The title was more scary than one. After reading the title, I wanted to click in and see.

"The man saved the girl was sued by the other party to ask for compensation."

"Women are still beaten by her mother -in -law, and this husband is terrible."

"A 22 -year -old female college student was wronged into prison."

"Express brother Huo Hai rescued the girl but lost her job."

Various editors of the video attract a large number of netizens’ attention with exaggerated title and copywriting, and mislead the netizens through dubbing that the video content is the recent incident of Ningxia. Cumulative views of 2017,000 times, 18,000 likes, and 1512 comments, causing badness to be bad.The influence seriously disrupts social order.

Netizens have left messages to advise:

"Don’t make messages!"


"You can edit it, take the traffic!"

The public security organs have verified multiple parties and confirmed that the videos posted by Su Moumou were all non -truthful information. They were made for editing and stitching, and they had strong confusion, and it was easy to mislead the majority of netizens.

The Yongning County Public Security Bureau summoned the video publisher Su Moumou for investigation.

After investigation, Su Moumou admitted that in order to gain eyeballs, increase the number of fans, and earn traffic, he deliberately made the videos posted by others through editing, stitching, and modification to Ningxia local incidents, and fabricated the document to make a dubbingThe account is published.

Su Moumou confessed to his illegal acts on the Internet and the illegal behavior of dispersing unrealistic remarks.According to the provisions of Article 25 (1) of the Public Security Management Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China, Yongning County Public Security Organs shall, in accordance with the law, punish Su Mou somewhere in accordance with the law, or order it to immediately delete relevant video works.

Internet police reminder

We will deliberately make false news and create bad public opinion. In order to disrupt the public order in order to disrupt the public order, the public security organs will punish it according to law and never tolerate it.

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