In order to give birth to a boy, many pregnant women take "Tire Pills" to give birth to deformities. Why is tragedy staged?

Although with the development of the times and the progress of society today, the phenomenon of "heavy men and women" in the traditional concepts in the past is rare, but in real life, there are still some people who are bound by feudal thoughts.The boy "did not choose", which led to the occurrence of tragedy.

In March 2012, a mother in Zhumadian, Henan, was looking forward to her in October, but after the fetus landed, she couldn’t be happy, because the child was abnormal because of its abnormal development, and at the same time, it had the gender characteristics of boys and girls. In simple termsThat’s how the mother even gave birth to a "bisexual".

There are many similar situations. Soon after birth, some children were discovered as "bisexuals", and many children found abnormalities after the family."of.

For example, in 2017, a 4 -year -old "boy" in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, because the family found something wrong during the growth process, he took it to the hospital for examination, but did not expect the "male baby" in the expectation."Bingee".


Later, the wife euphemistically told the doctor that her husband was a bit "abnormal" because he would come to "menstruation" on time like women every month. You know, this is very outrageous. After all, we all know, after all, we all know, after all, we all know, after all, we all know.Men have no uterus, and they cannot come to "menstruation". So what’s going on with this man?

In the end, after investigation, the reason why the man would have female characteristics was because he was the product of the "Tire Pill" when he was pregnant.The "bisexual" situation is actually related to them secretly taking "Tire Pills" during pregnancy.

"Tire Pill" is a "magic medicine" that is known as the gender of the fetus after taking it. Of course, if the boy is pregnant, these pregnant women will not take "Tire Pills".After pregnancy, because of the uncertainty of the fetus, I am worried that I will give birth to a girl, or after learning the gender of the fetus, I am very disappointed because it is a girl.Will take "Tire Pills".

So, is there a scientific basis for "Ton Pills"?In fact, the gender of the fetus has been determined as early as the moment of conception, and in the past, the folk believes that "giving birth to boys and women" is related to women.The gender is determined by chromosomes, and it is not artificial to change it.

So, since the "Tire Pill" has no scientific basis, why does it really change the gender of the fetus?This is actually related to the main ingredients of "Tire Pills", which is related to high -content androgen.

Many pregnant women are actually 5-6 months of pregnancy when taking "Tire Pills". At this time, the development of the fetus has been "molded". After taking "Tire Pills"The possibility is very small, but because of taking a large amount ofrogens, the impact on the fetus is very large.

Because the fetus is a girl’s strangeness, the intake of excessiverogens will cause the female fetus to grow male characteristics, but this characteristic change is not the real "tire" change gender, but instead, but instead, but insteadIt will turn a normally developed fetus into a situation of "no male or female".

After all, we mentioned above that the gender of the fetus is determined by chromosomes. To put it bluntly, it is genetic to determine gender. Although the male hormone can change the gender characteristics, it can not change the chromosomal gene. Naturally, in the end, in the endIt will also cause a tragedy -healthy fetus becomes "bisexual".

Many pregnant women do not take the initiative to eat "Tire Pills". For the fact that the woman in Zhumadian, Henan mentioned above, gave birth to a "bisexual".When I was 5 months pregnant, I found that the girl was pregnant, so my mother -in -law did not know where to get the "Tire Pill", which made her eat it, but I did not expect to eventually become a tragedy and destroy the child’s.lifetime.

As a prohibited drug, in fact, "Tire Pills" are not sold in regular channels. However, on the Internet, there is such a situation of illegal drugs.The family members are risky, and they have to try it. After all, in their eyes, "male fetus" is more important than anything.

And despite many years ago, the "Tire Pill" has been exposed, but many people are still convinced. Speaking of which, this is also the concept of "heavy men and women".

For example, in 2016, there was once a very thoughtful documentary- "The World" was released. In this documentary, an elderly mother still had 2 children, but stillThe reasons for adventure are very simple, because the two children in front are girls. In the hearts of her and her family, giving birth to a girl is the performance of "incompetence". No matter how good the girl is, it is not as good as a boy.

In the end, after a series of terrible dangers such as production of major bleeding and needing to remove a series of life -threatening, the mother finally got her wish and gave birth to a boy. In front of the camera, she did not hide her expectations for boys at allHeroes, indicating that the birth of this boy, let the whole family finally "get their wishes."

I have to say that if you fight for your life, you have to give birth to a boy. It really gives people a feeling of "there is a throne in the family to inherit". This is also the key to the endlessness of the tragedy of the "switch pill".Realizing "equality between men and women", no longer allows such a tragedy.

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