In my aunt, do you want to drink brown sugar water?

Today this article is not exclusive to female compatriots. Male compatriots also need to learn about relevant knowledge for girlfriends or wives to show their physical stickers or need from time to time.

Brown sugar water, in the traditional Chinese food culture, has been passed on to nourishment. It is mostly used for postpartum, menstrual period, and weakness, and the effect is "blood nourishing".However, the term "blood supplement" sounds important to women’s health, but it seems a bit vague to understand: blood cells?Blood tonic?Iron supplement element?Or does the blood supplement?Which perspective should I understand from?

Calcium, iron and zinc that can be supplemented by brown sugar water is very limited

But the calories are high

To know what brown sugar can make up, we must first understand its nutritional composition.With reference to the "Chinese Food ingredients Table" and the food database of the Ministry of Agriculture in the United States, it contains about 96-97 grams of sugar per 100 grams of brown sugar, including 94-95 grams of sucrose, 1 gram of glucose and 1 gram of fructose.With these three kinds of sugar, brown sugar also contains a small amount of inorganic salt (calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, zinc, copper, selenium) and the content that can almost ignore vitamins.In addition to potassium, calcium, and iron, there are fewer other inorganic salts.

Even so, it does not mean that brown sugar is the rich source of potassium, calcium, and iron.After all, per 100 grams of brown sugar contains only 240 mg of potassium, 157 mg of calcium, and 2.2 mg of iron.If 5-10 grams of brown sugar rinse a cup of brown sugar water, you can only provide a small amount of potassium, calcium, iron, iron … In fact, 20 ml of milk can help us get this amount.Gift "high -quality protein.

Even if you are super tolerated, you are not afraid of being fainted, and you must consider the calories of nearly 400 calories in a cup of 100 grams of brown sugar water.

Brown sugar water does not nourish blood cells and hemoglobin

If you want to "replenish blood", it is better to eat red meat and internal organs

The "iron supplement" of 2.2 mg of iron in 100 grams of brown sugar is not good. Not only because the "quantity" is not enough, it is difficult to "amazing" hemoglobin in "quality".Why do you say that?

First, adult women need 20 mg of iron per day, and brown sugar is far from the weight requirements;

Second, the three -valent plant iron (non -heme iron) contained in brown sugar is far less absorbed in the human body as much as red meat and animal liver.

Third, the iron content of brown sugar is not as good as red lean meat such as pigs, cattle, and sheep, and is not as good as animal blood products and animal liver, and it has not even compared to spinach (2.9 mg/100 grams).

The following simply lists several meats and animal livers with higher iron content than brown sugar:

22.6 mg of iron liver per 100 grams of pork liver

3.0 mg of iron contains per 100 grams of pork

3.3 mg of iron with iron per 100 grams of beef

33.6 mg of iron per 100 grams of tadpoles

30.5 mg of iron per 100 grams of duck blood

However, if only in the small sweet water, brown sugar still has its "iron supplement" advantage.Compared with the iron content of 1.4 mg/100 grams of rock sugar and 0.6 mg/100 grams of white sugar, brown sugar can be regarded as a "iron -containing household" in various flavor sugar.However, there is a famous saying in the nutritional industry that "the effect of leaving doses is a hooligan." After all, the amount of a small piece (5-10 grams) each time can only be a cup of water.

Through the above analysis, I believe that everyone is very clear that drinking brown sugar water does not supplement iron, because the content is small and the absorption rate is low; drinking brown sugar water does not supplement blood cells, because brown sugar does not contain protein;Water does not replenish blood.

Is it okay to have brown sugar water?

Can quickly add physical energy

The main nutritional content of brown sugar is the fast absorption of bicosecol (sucrose) and monosaccharides (glucose, fructose), which can quickly supplement energy to the body.In the form of brown sugar water, it can also provide water for the body.Therefore, when a sudden hypoglycemia, a cup of brown sugar water is definitely a powerful rescue.In addition, for people with large physical consumption and insufficient food acquisition, such as in the ice and snow environment, or the extreme movement, brown sugar water can also be used as a source of heat and water under the premise of insufficient materials to help quickly restore physical strength.

However, it is still necessary to remind everyone, no matter how beautiful the drinking experience is, sugar is sugar after all, and small sweet water is always small sweet water.Drinking too much is not only long meat, but also other hidden health hazards.If you want to drink brown sugar water, do not forget to add a sugar intake limit for the World Health Organization and the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2022 Edition)" -it is best not to exceed 25 grams per day.

Is it useful to drink brown sugar water during the physiological period?

There are several cases to drink brown sugar water more comfortably

Objectively speaking, it is really useless.In the following description, a cup of warm brown sugar water can still drive some discomforts born of the aunt.

1. Due to menstrual abdominal pain, severe headache, other discomfort, cause poor appetite, small amount of eating, and insufficient calorie intake;

2. I encounter cold weather during menstruation. I feel that my hands and feet are cold, and even the back of the chest and back are cold, and there is no food that can be sufficient at the time being;

3. It was easy to hypothermia, when the menstrual period was not good;

4. The menstrual period will only persuade "drinking hot water", but I don’t know if I can help hand over a cup of hot water.

5. The menstrual period is to eat sweets, when you don’t eat it, you will be angry;

The mechanism of action is also very simple. Quickly replenish sugar and calories. The warm water temperature helps to drive the chill. Sugar can make the brain a pleasure.Of course, these three mechanisms and functions are not only unique to brown sugar, but also replaced with rock sugar, sugar, maltose, glucose … Any small sweet water can actually be realized.

Then you may have to ask: Since it is a small sweet water, why is it brown sugar?

Because compared to sugar, brown sugar that has not been processed with refined processing retains acetaldehyde, 2-meal-basedehyde, 3-base-influx, 2,6-base pyrazine, aldehyde, glyphosytal, etc. as many as 60 speciesThe above volatile aroma.During the drinking process, these volatile aroma can smell through the nose, allowing us to feel the sweet and layered sweetness than sugar water.Therefore, the effect of joy and mind is more obvious.

In addition, the saying "Auntie has a high metabolic rate, and you wo n’t be fat when you eat." If you believe it, you will lose!

Summary in one sentence: Cloonal sugar water that is only raised without iron and iron, and auntie is warm up, drinking and injuring the body, please choose rationally according to personal circumstances.

Text/Liu Suiqian (popular science worker, clinical nutritionist, member of the Chinese Nutrition Society)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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