In Jiangsu in 2011, a woman became a vegetative due to a car accident, but the doctor found that she was pregnant

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A woman became a vegetative because of a car accident. However, it was unexpected that when the doctor checked her body, she found that she was pregnant. The husband felt incredible. The wife was lying on the bed for more than 3 months.How could it be pregnant.


Gao Dejin and Zhang Rongxiang knew through blind dates. They had no culture. The two had been married for many years. They had two daughters. They were already in high school at the age of 17.

Gaodejin is an ordinary construction worker. On the construction site, he helps people to do some ordinary efforts, and the income is not too high. When he goes out to work, everything in the family is his wife Zhang Rongxiang.His little daughter and the academic studies of the eldest daughter, the housework at home is also busy before.

For Gaodejin, the biggest motivation every day is to make his wife and children live a comfortable life. Every time you return home, there will always be a bowl of hot soup waiting for him, which can also forget the fatigue of the day.

The husband and wife have been married for many years, and the family is not rich, but it can also guarantee that they are not worried about not eating, and the couple’s relationship has always been very good and strong.

However, it was such a pair of ordinary and happy family, but he did not escape the misfortune that God brought to them.

As the two children were getting bigger and bigger, Gaodejin resigned from the work site and returned home to buy a tricycle to help others deliver goods to maintain their livelihood.

The Spring Festival is approaching, and every family has to buy New Year’s goods. It happens that the family is here this year. Fortunately, all of them go to the streets to buy New Year’s goods. He happily took his wife and two daughters to go out with a tricycle.

It was lively in the market. The family bought it and went to the town to go home on the way home.

The family is still immersed in a happy atmosphere. When passing the crossroads, because the signal light preparation is countdown, it speeds up, but I did not expect that the signal lights of the front and rear signal are changed, and the brakes were too late.The car, because the green belt hindered the sight, both sides were blind spots in each other’s vision. Without noticing each other, a collision occurred. The Gaodejin family was hit out.Essence

After the driver of the sedan slowed down, he hurriedly got out of the car to check the situation. On the scene, a wolf borrowed, and the car driver was also scared. Fortunately, he recovered his mind in time. He never thought about escape.

Instead, he immediately called the alarm phone and ambulance phone to explain the situation and the injured person at the hospital.


After the ambulance arrived, the people who were about to be injured were brought to the hospital. The two adults were more injured. The two children were desperately protecting the mother because they collided, so there was only a little skin trauma.

Soon, after the full rescue of the hospital, Gaodejin woke up and looked at the strange ceiling after opening his eyes. After thinking about it carefully, he remembered the passage of the matter. The doctor checked his physical function by him.As long as you have peace of mind for a few days, it will be almost the same.

After listening, he quickly asked his wife and children. The strict injury was not serious. The doctor told him that the child was okay, but your wife is still rescued in the seriously ill room. The situation is not very optimistic.

When I heard the doctor said so, Gaodejin was about to get up to visit his wife, but he was stopped by the doctor and nurse and taught him: You are not good at your body now, you can’t get out of bed.Now you must raise your body first.

Gaodejin can’t help it, because the doctor is telling the truth. Even if he goes to his wife, what’s the use of it? In addition to watching it at all, it doesn’t make any sense.You can take care of his wife.

However, the doctor told him that because his wife had a serious impact and was still in a coma, he was likely to sleep all the time, which was often called a vegetative.

This news directly shocked Gaode Gold. He understood what the words of a vegetative meaning meant, and the huge amount of medical expenses could not bear it.

Fortunately, the traffic police at the time judged that both parties had to be responsible, and he was a non -motor vehicle, so he was compensated. Then he sued the driver to the court, hoping to get corresponding compensation.

The driver of this car just experienced the failure of his career and had no money in his hand. However, when the court said that he needed to pay the corresponding medical expenses, he still paid more than 40,000 yuan for compensation.

However, in the face of high treatment costs, this money is not enough to satisfy. After the use of Gaodejin, the driver can only be brought to court again, because he has completely afforded the medical expenses, and he can borrow it.I have borrowed it all.

Fortunately, the driver of the car is not unreasonable. When he saw that Gaodejin’s wife was covered with the infusion tube in the hospital, and the family was so embarrassed, he took out more than 10,000 yuan to the Gao family.

Unexpected pregnancy

Slowly Gaodejin’s body has recovered and can move normally. He immediately came to his wife’s bed for care, wiped his body every day, and took care of it very thoughtfully.

However, it was found that the wife’s belly was getting bigger and bigger. It is reasonable to say that the body that was not instilled by nutrient solution every day would only be thinner, but the wife seemed to have begun to support it.

He couldn’t help but be afraid that he had a tumor in his wife’s belly. If it was true, it was true. He called the doctor for examination.It was finally concluded that Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant for 4 months.

Gaodejin looked at the color Doppler ultrasound in his hand and the doctor accurately answered the conflict. The contradiction felt that the brain was blindfolded. The wife was pregnant before the accident, but now his wife’s state is in a coma. In the face of such a situation, he had to ask the doctor to ask the doctorViews.

The doctor told him seriously that the patient’s physical condition can not support the nutrition of the fetus at all, but if the tires are rash, it will also bring very serious consequences. According to the state of the patient, whether it is born or not, the risks bear the riskit’s the same.

And the doctor also told him that in such a serious car accident, how could children in the stomach be retained, but now it is not only retained, but the state of the fetus is still very good. Moreover, there was a plant man who had children.Successful cases, as for whether or not, you have to consider it yourself.

After returning to the ward, Gaodejin watched his wife who was still lying on the bed, saying that you must want this child, but afraid that your body can’t bear it, should we should?

He was also caught in a painful choice. In the face of this sudden car accident, he has spent all the savings of his family. He can only go out to pay several jobs every day to bear the huge medical expenses.Just take care of her mother and younger sister in the hospital.

On this day, Gaodejin finally made up his mind. Find the doctor and say that we can support children. As for the surgery, I asked the doctor. When I saw Gaodejin’s determination, the doctor was also very happy. After all, this is also a one.Life, tell him to rest assured that the hospital will do his best.

In fact, this decision was that Gaodejin thought that the child came at this time and came to save his wife. In any case, this was also his child, and he had to have it.

The arrival of miracle "heaven"

Half a year later, under his careful care, the fetus in his wife’s belly grew very healthy, and the hospital also appropriately reduced some medical expenses. Moreover, his wife became a vegetative and the news of pregnancy was also reported.He’s perseverance and the sensible children in the family made many people in the society extending to him.

Now the problem of medical expenses is basically solved, but the new difficulties have also come. His house is going to be demolished. This is still a good thing, but it should not appear at this time.

There is no way, the family often lives in the hospital every day, which is also convenient for the patient. Fortunately, the hospital knows that his family is difficult.The brother -in -law’s house was done well and took it to the hospital.

In the face of such a difficult situation, the father and daughter never complained about the country, and they never thought about giving up. Seeing that Zhang Rongxiang’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, they were full of joy.

In a blink of an eye, it was a period of delivery. The family was unexpectedly nervous, and the same nervousness was more than one of them, but even the hospital doctors and nurse were shocked.

Because the vegetative is pregnant successfully and is about to be born now, the doctors in the hospital have no experience. Fortunately, such things have occurred in the country, and the operation is successful.

After the doctor had a meeting at the hospital, he decided to start surgery. This surgery participated in a lot of doctors to work together.It means that his inner tension and anxiety, as if his eldest daughter and the second daughter were born, he was not so nervous.

Fortunately, God was compassionate, and the family who had just been teased by fate finally ushered in new hope. After more than an hour of surgery after doctors, the nurse held the child to congratulate him. His wife gave birth to a son.He hurriedly asked his wife what, and the nurse also answered him excitedly, rest assured, the mother and son were safe.

This made his tight body relaxed, and his eldest daughter cried with his father happily.

He watched his eldest daughter holding the child who was just born. He felt that he was now the happiest person in the world. After the coming of the new life, he and the eldest daughter became busy.There is also a howling little guy who has to take care of. His little daughter has learned to walk at this time, running around in the ward every day, very lively, but this also makes the hard -working father and daughter feel more.Happiness.

He named his son named God, because this was a gift from God at this time, so that the family who was about to lose motivation lived again.


His eldest daughter was really hard this year. She was less than 20 years old. In most homes, girls of this age grew up happily in their parents.

However, the eldest daughter Gao Yun had an early burden on the difficulties at home. Not only can she take care of the sick mother, but also to support her younger brother and sister. I was busy and cooking clothes every day, but every time I saw my brother and sister, I ran.To her, holding her kiss, when he grew up little by little, Gao Yun couldn’t feel any fatigue, and all he could feel was full of happiness and happiness.

After the discharge, the doctor instructed the father and daughter that the call of the loved ones would increase the memory and nerves of the vegetatives and play a role in a certain role, but there is little hope.

No father and daughter were in my heart. After returning, they talked to his wife every day to listen to him. The younger daughter also smiled in her ears every day, and her son also followed every day.

Such a state lasted for two years, and the youngest little guy would already walk. Under Gaodejin’s education, he shouted his mother every day Zhang Rongxiang.

Suddenly one day, when the little guy was calling his mother, his wife suddenly snorted, which made Gaodejin very happy. The family continued to speak by the family, calling her, for a few days in a row, the wife had started to vomit words, and quickly sent it to the hospital for examination.The doctor also told them that the family said that this was a miracle, which was not easy. The next thing was to continue to speak and try to really awaken the patient.

With a few consecutive days of companionship, Zhang Rongxiang opened his eyes and started talking. He only said a few words every time. This is already a miracle.

Slowly Zhang Rongxiang has begun to recover. I believe that in such a loving family, surrounded by happiness, it will definitely become better and better.

The biggest miracle in this world is the love of affection.

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