In autumn and winter, pregnant mothers pay attention to 7 questions!

There are more problems to pay attention to feet in women in winter, especially when soaking feet during pregnancy, you need to pay more attention to multiple problems. Pay attention to the adjustment of water temperature during pregnancy. You should choose your feet carefully during pregnancy. Do not use medicinal materials to soak your feet.Soaking your feet to control the time, and control the temperature of the water. During pregnancy, you cannot press the soles of your feet casually.

1. Pay attention to water temperature in pregnant mothers soaking feet

In autumn and winter, everyone likes to use particularly hot water, and want to soak a few more times.I don’t know if this is easy to burn your feet!And pregnant mothers should pay attention to the water temperature of soaking their feet. If the water temperature of the feet is too high and the time is too long, the blood circulation of the prospective mother will accelerate, and the burden on the heart and the brain will increase.As a result, pregnant mothers have symptoms of dizziness, sweating, and collapse.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay more attention to water temperature when soaking their feet.The best water temperature for soaking your feet is slightly higher than the temperature.

2. Pregnant mothers should choose her medicinal materials carefully

Many people love to add salt, astragalus, atractylodes, etc. to the water when soaking their feet.However, pregnant mothers should choose her medicinal materials carefully, and many medicinal materials are not suitable for pregnant mothers.Experts say that pregnant mothers can put some ginger and pepper in autumn and winter.Because in cold autumn and winter, pregnant mothers are prone to cold muscle soreness and cold hands and feet.And adding ginger and pepper to the water will have a good effect of removing wind and cold.It can help pregnant mothers alleviate the symptoms of cold hands and feet and muscle soreness.

3. Pregnant mothers need to control the time

Pregnant mothers must not only control the water temperature, but also control the time!Experts said that the time for pregnant mothers should not be more than 20 minutes.Many people like to use particularly hot water to soak their feet, and then bubble into the water.This approach is very wrong!If it is soaked in the water, the cold will be close to the feet and enter the body!This is equivalent to doing nothing.Therefore, when pregnant mothers soak their feet, they must control the time!

4. Pregnant mothers can not press the soles of the feet casually

When doing sufficient treatment, press the soles of the feet.But when taking a foot bath, don’t press the soles of the feet casually!Because many points on the soles of the feet can cause abortion.Therefore, pregnant mothers don’t mess up the acupuncture points of the feet, and if you care about it, you will be in danger to get the safety of the baby.For those pregnant mothers with athletes, it is best not to soak their feet with hot water to avoid blisters and wound infections.

5. Pregnant mothers should avoid soaking their feet after the empty stomach and after meals

Many people like to watch TV while soaking their feet.As everyone knows, this move is very unhealthy. Under a state of full and hungry, soaking your feet will speed up the blood circulation of the whole body.It can cause dizziness and vomiting symptoms of dizziness and vomiting.It can be seen that pregnant mothers should avoid empty stomachs or feet after meals.

6. Pregnant mothers are best soaked at home

Today, more and more bath centers can be used.But for pregnant mothers, it is better to choose to soak your feet at home!In public places, a foot barrel does not know how many people have been soaked. Some people’s feet are carried by bacteria.For personal health, pregnant mothers are best to use a barrel to soak their feet at home.

7. Choose a large barrel with a large bottom area

Pregnant mothers should choose large wooden barrels at the bottom, so as to make their feet be placed comfortably flat.It is best to flood the water to the calf so that the pregnant mother can relieve stress.The wooden barrel soaked in your feet is not only big, but also deeper!This can make pregnant mothers more comfortable.

In autumn and winter, pregnant mothers pay attention to 7 questions!Pay attention to multiple problems during pregnancy. It is best to soak your feet at home during pregnancy. You should choose a large wooden barrel to soak your feet. Soaking your feet can warm your body and improve sleep quality.Do not use medicinal materials to soak your feet blindly during pregnancy.

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