In addition to the larger belly after pregnancy, it will change quietly here. Many pregnant mothers have ignored

The process of breeding life is beautiful and sacred, and it is also difficult. In October, the fetus grew in the mother’s body for ten months. During this period, except for the stomach of the pregnant mother, the day and one day, and each part of the body was in the body.Preparing for the arrival of the fetus, changes, especially a place also changed, that is, the child’s granary after birth —- pregnant mothers’ chests.

Pingping Nianfang 20, he hurriedly married himself, and after marriage, he became pregnant, so Ping Ping was at home with peace of mind to raise his fetus, preparing to get the fetus., The more you reach the back, the more you can really feel the existence of the fetus,

This feeling is really amazing, but at the same time, the chest also feels that his chest is also changing. It turned out that the whole body was preparing for the child’s arrival.

What changes will the chest happen after pregnancy?

1. The shape changes

Because the pregnant mother secretes a large amount of estrogen and progesterone after pregnancy, it will promote the secondary development of the breast, and the breast will gradually become larger and tighter.When weight, the chest will slowly sag. After the child is born, the pregnant mother is busy taking care of the child every day and milk. One day, the pregnant mother suddenly finds when her chest is drooping.

2. Color changes

Due to the change of body hormone after pregnancy, the skin of the pregnant mother will change, and the color of the chest will change. The previous pink nipples slowly become deep, and some will turn dark brown.The change of the character is about to change from a carefree girl to a great and selfless mother.

3. There will be secretions

After the third trimester, the pregnant mother’s breasts not only become larger, color, but also secrete some yellow and white things. There are also white granular shapes in the recess of the nipples. At this time, the pregnant mother should not panic.Under the stimulation of progesterone, some excess oil secreted by the breast, which is also prepared for the child’s arrival.

These changes in the breasts are nothing more than to keep up with the rhythm of the child’s growth in the stomach. At that time, how can the pregnant mother take care of the breast changes?

1. Choose the right bra

As the chest grows slowly, the pregnant mother must adjust the bras in time at this time, not only to choose comfortable fabrics, but also choose to wear it easy to wear and have no sense of restraint.Avoid sagging in the later period.

2. Slightly massage

While growing up during pregnancy, with the expansion of the breast duct, there will be obvious pain. At this time, the pregnant mother needs to massage the chest every day, which can not only relieve the pain, but also better unblock the breast ducts.It is conducive to the smooth dredging of milk in the later period, but the massage must be gentle.

3. Pay attention to cleaning

For breast secretions in the late pregnancy, as long as the pregnant mother pays attention to the daily cleaning work, it is not a big deal. Use hot water to apply the breasts every day.Later, the symptoms of breast inflammation caused by the incomplete breast.

The greatness of the mother starts from the moment of her life. Every day, not only to withstand discomfort caused by pregnancy, but also accept physical changes. How will the mothers change their breasts during pregnancy?Welcome everyone to discuss!

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