In addition to the discontinuation of early pregnancy, these 3 signals will send these three signals, pay more attention

Some people say: A woman is a princess for ten months, a lifetime nanny!

Presumably, women with fertility experience all feel the same!

When the baby was born smoothly, his every move affected his heart, and unknowingly adapted to his mother’s identity, and began to prepare for the baby’s development and future. This "nanny" should be willing!

In the process of pregnancy, because the baby has too many unknown development, naturally you need to be careful, for fear that a small error will hurt the child, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs start to be unstable, and you need to carefully carefully carefully carefully.Care.

Many women find that they are pregnant, and they are perceived through the signal of "discontinuation".Menalizing menstruation is indeed the main manifestation of pregnancy, because endometrium is thickened with the rise of estrogen hormones, it is prepared for the bed in the fertilized egg.Naturally, menopause symptoms will occur!

For women with menstruation, when this menstruation has not arrived for more than 10 days, it may be a manifestation of pregnancy.

Even women with unstable menstrual periods have no menstrual periods for more than half a month, and there are still no menstrual performance. This may also be pregnant. Early early pregnancy test strips, blood HCG (fluffy gonad hormone) can be judged in the early stage.

However, in addition to menopause, there are other early pregnancy signals, such as the following:

1. frequent urination

Women will have two frequency frequent stages throughout pregnancy. The first is in the early stages of pregnancy and the second is the third trimester.

The main frequent urination in the early pregnancy is mainly related to hormone changes, and this change will cause a series of reactions, including increased kidney filtration and uterine changes.

With the continuous development of the embryo, an increased uterus will compress the bladder, resulting in a reduction in urine storage in the bladder.And when the pregnancy is about 4 months, the uterus will gradually move towards the abdomen, so there will be no frequent urination reaction in the second trimester;

In addition, in the early stages of pregnancy, the blood capacity of pregnant women will increase, and the amount of kidney plasma flow and filtration rate will be higher than the level before pregnancy. When the water filtration of the kidney becomes more, the urine production will naturally increase.Usually, about 6 weeks of pregnancy, there may be frequent urination symptoms.

2. Pregnancy

The most well-known early pregnancy reaction is pregnancy vomiting. Generally, pregnancy vomiting appears about 5-6 weeks after the menopause of women. Most of them are mainly mild pregnancy vomiting, such as brushing vomiting in the morning and vomiting when smelling pungent smell.Some pregnant women have a strong response, and they are not even unable to eat. They must seek medical treatment for replenishment;

The emergence of pregnancy vomiting is also related to the fluctuation of hormones in the body. This is because the HCG level of pregnant women has risen rapidly. The hormone has inhibit gastrointestinal function, causing reduction of gastric acid secretion and deterioration.Moreover, HCG can also inhibit the activity of digestive enzymes, which induce symptoms of pregnancy.

3. Breast change

At about 4-6 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can perceive breast changes to different degrees, such as breast pain and itching.

This is mainly because hormone fluctuations affect the breast. After perceiving this signal, the breast will begin to develop and prepare for breastfeeding.With the continuous increase of the number of pregnancy weeks, the nipples will gradually become larger and the areola in the later period.

In general, the earliest manifestations of pregnancy are menopause, and a series of early pregnancy reactions began to appear.However, some pregnant mothers clinically have no physical discomfort except menopause after pregnancy, or only mild symptoms have occurred.

Therefore, after menopause, the best way is to conduct pregnancy test paper and blood screening to see if the little angel has lived in the body.

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