In addition to good embryos, you need to do this well!

The embryo bed is like a sown,

The embryo is "seed", and the endometrium is "soil".

In addition to the quality of the seeds,

Whether the soil is fertile or not is critical to germination of the seeds, that is, embryos.

Let’s talk about this topic today.

What is endometrial tolerance?

The endometrium tolerance refers to the ability of the endometrium to accept the embryo, that is, the ability of the embryo to locate, adhere, invade and eventually make it bed in the uterine cavity.

What are the factors that affect endometrium tolerance?

1. Hystellar occupation lesions: such as submucosal fibroids.

2. Uterine endometrial thickness: repeated artificial abortion and the palace operation, age factors, and drug factors, etc., may cause thin uterine endometrium, and even uterine adhesion, which will seriously affect the volume of the uterine cavity, affect the endometrium tolerance,, Surgical treatment if necessary.

3. Chronic uterine endometritis: Patients may not have obvious discomfort symptoms. They often find hysteroscopic laparoscopic examinations, and even pathological immune examinations can be found.

4. Volcanion of the fallopian tube: It is like the sewage pipe of the chemical plant, which constantly discharge sewage to the "field" of the endometrium, scrub the endometrium, and affect the endometrium tolerance.

5. Uterine endometrium immunochemical micro -environment: endometriosis, hormone disorders, luteal dysfunction, etc. can also affect the tolerance of the endometrium.

Which groups need to perform tolerance assessment?

1. People before all embryos transplantation;

2. Repeated abortion;

3. Evaluation of endometrial injury after abortion.

How to evaluate endometrial tolerance?

1. Uterine endometrium ultrasound test: It is a way to simply evaluate the endometrium tolerance.Ultrasound observation content mainly includes endometrial type, thickness and volume, endometrial blood flow, endometrial peristaltic waves, etc.

2. Uterine endometrial gene test: Endoscoptic belligence micro -array (ERA) screens 238 representative genes from the genes of differential expression to evaluate whether the endometrium is acceptable.

3. cytokines and various receptors

When is it appropriate to do ultrasound?

The endometrial endometrium is recommended to choose the luteal phase in the menstrual cycle (about the period after ovulation to the next menstrual period) in the menstrual cycle.

At present, there is no uniform and standardized treatment for endometrium tolerance.Individualized treatment should be performed according to the specific cause and condition of different patients. Especially for patients with repeated abortion and transplant failure, if you want to be pregnant, you must not prepare for pregnancy.The doctor helps you "control"

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