In addition to eating folic acid tablets, what can I eat to supplement folic acid?The answer is here

Folic acid is something that every expectant mother must supplement. It can prevent the baby from defecting the "fetal nerve tube deformity", that is, "brainless", "rabbit lip baby", and "congenital spine crack fetus" and so on.Specific mothers are best to supplement folic acid from ninety days before pregnancy. The daily folic acid replenishment must reach 400 micrograms to meet the needs of the baby.However, the level of folic acid in most mothers in my country is relatively low, so folic acid tablets must be taken.In addition to oral folic acid tablets, many natural foods also contain folic acid, so paying attention to diet in life can also supplement some folic acid.

Generally speaking, the following foods contain folic acid:

1. Vegetables.For example, lettuce, spinach, tomato, mushrooms, etc. all contain trace folic acid, which can regulate endocrine and maintain the skin.However, pregnant mothers should match them when they are consumed. They must not only eat vegetables, so that the baby can not get enough protein.In addition, the oxalic acid contained in some vegetables hurts the stomach, so it is best to cook before eating.

2. Grain.Including barley, rice bran, wheat germ, brown rice, etc., all contain trace folic acid. For mothers, they can diuretic, lower blood pressure, eliminate food, and prevent constipation.After all, the staple food is necessary in three meals, so it is more feasible to supplement folic acid through staple foods.

3. Fruit.For example, oranges, strawberries, cherries, etc. are more common fruits.Most of the taste is acidic, which can regulate the taste of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, and the trace elements such as vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other trace elements contained in fruits are healthier.

4. Nuts.For example, the folic acid, such as walnuts, cashews, chestnuts, pine nuts and other nuts are also rich in folic acid. Moms can eat a little nuts in their spare time, but remember to protect their teeth.In addition to folic acid, nut foods are also very beneficial to baby’s intellectual development.

5. Meat.Including animal liver, poultry meat, eggs, beef and mutton, etc., it mainly recommends animal organs, because the folic acid contained in the liver is relatively abundant.Moms can eat folic acid once a week, but should not eat too much to avoid vitamin A poisoning.In addition, excessive edible liver will increase cholesterol.The internal organs purchased must pay attention to the source and treatment level to prevent pollution and poisoning.Moreover, some people do not like to eat animal liver, and they can choose to eat chicken, duck, and beef and mutton, and they can also supplement folic acid.

It must be noted that although food is healthy, folic acid should be taken to supplement folic acid when necessary.Pregnant women are best not to drink, which will not only affect the absorption of folic acid, but also be inappropriate for the baby’s development.If you need to take other drugs when supplementing folic acid during pregnancy, it is best to consult the doctor before eating.

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