In 2021, the title of the Twenty -two Two Gold List, with a maximum of 626 points, almost died 18 years ago

In July 2021, the college entrance examination was released, and Hunan Yijia received 4 college admission notices!As soon as the news came out, the neighbors were congratulated.

The fourth son of the Yi family, "Guo, Thailand, Min, Qiang", has successively received admission notices from undergraduate colleges.Among them, the third son Li Qingmin has the best grades. He has been admitted to Wuhan University with a good score of 626 points, and has achieved his desire for many years.

The story of a four -family story makes everyone envy.At this time, his mother Yi Chongjiang was extremely happy.

However, when it comes to 18 years ago, Yi Chongjiang was full of tears.You know, how hard it is for children’s life!


In 2003, Yi Chongjiang was pregnant, and her husband accompanied her to the hospital for a checkup.

The doctor held the B -ultrasound instrument and never spoke. The doctor looked at the screen and came out.Yi Chongjiang looked at the doctor’s look and worried about the baby in the stomach.Who knows, the doctor told the doctor repeatedly that she was pregnant with four twins.

After hearing the news, Yi Chongjiang stunned for a while, surprise and sorrow at the same time.The surprise are that the children are very healthy.The sadness is that it is not easy to bred the twins, but it is conceivable.

People during pregnancy always worry about whether the baby can live safely.And Yi Chongjiang is more worried than usual.Will the four children have a problem of development? Can the four children survive in case of extreme situations?

At the same time, she was also worried about the child’s raising.

Four small mouths to be fed are not easy to solve.Moreover, she is just an ordinary employee in the factory, and her husband is just an ordinary migrant worker.

However, since God chose to become the mother of four children, since she had the prototype of 4 lives in her belly, she decided to carry the responsibility of being a mother.

In the early pregnancy, Yi Chongjiang’s response was very strong.Repeated vomiting made her have nothing to eat.

But she was afraid that the children had no nutrition, so she forced herself to eat and swallowed it again.She feels that as long as she takes one more bite, the children can absorb a little more.

Each birth check, Yi Chongjiang is careful, for fear of the children’s problems.Fortunately, the indicators of the little guys are normal, and this is due to Yizhongjiang strictly in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.

In the third trimester, Yi Chongjiang’s stomach was very large, and his actions were very inconvenient.Ordinary one -child or twins will work very hard in the third trimester, not to mention she is a four -child mother?But she still took a walk in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.

She knows that only this can add more possibilities for children’s health.

In this way, Yi Chongjiang made 4 times the effort than other Baoma. She was cautious and difficult to move forward, but her fate still gave her a big joke.


On the evening of September 27, Yi Chongjiang’s children were born!

At that time, the children had only 29 weeks and belonged to premature birth.But frequent fetal movements disturb everyone.Doctors said that the fetus has occurred in the uterine hypoxia. If it is not produced immediately, children and mothers will be in danger.

Subsequently, the doctor performed a cesarean section surgery for Yi Chongjiang, successfully gave birth to the child, and the mother and child were safe.

At the moment of being born, the doctors were very surprised. I did not expect that the four twins were all boys.Doctors distinguish the young guys who have just been released "big hair, two hairs, Sanmao, Simao".

However, before the family had time to be happy, the worries of Yi Chongjiang were quickly fulfilled.

Because the four twins are premature babies, they are accompanied by various developmental immature after birth.Small children were diagnosed with a number of diseases.

They are the easiest gastrointestinal diseases that newborns, they all have.In addition, their lungs, liver and other organs also have immature problems, and children’s physique is very weak.

What’s more terrible is that once bacterial infections occur, it is very likely to cause large -scale damage to the organs, threatening children’s lives.

In order to avoid the death of newborns, the medical staff at the scene suggested that the Yi Chongjiang couple transferred their children to the Changsha Children’s Hospital, where there were better conditions and more professional teams.

After learning about the situation on the phone, Professor Gao Xirong at the Freshman Department of Changsha Children’s Hospital immediately arranged for the hand to go to the Shaoyang People’s Hospital.

They know that every second for a second, the danger of children will double.

Subsequently, the medical team dispatched overnight, rushed to the destination on the morning of the 28th, and successfully returned four little cute.

However, the situation is urgent, and before the medical team had time to taste the joy of receiving the child, the children’s situation was caught by the children’s situation.

At that time, the children were very weak and could not breathe autonomously. They could only use the ventilator.

Moreover, except for the situation of Er Mao a little stronger, the other three children were in danger.Four Mao had difficulty breathing, and Da Mao once occurred in breathing, but they were not as serious as Sanmao.

After all, the four twins are rare, and premature births are rare in 29 weeks, so their disease conditions are also rare and difficult.

Usually a child’s life, which is not wow crying for milk?The more Hongliang the child’s voice, the healthier the body is.

However, Yi Chongjiang could only watch their children struggling to breathe, and they were difficult to speak, let alone crying.

The more quiet the children, the more anxious the Yi Chongjiang.How much she wants them to be crying like other children, even if she wants her to breastfeed, she is thousands of times more happiness than she is now.

She was afraid of the next second, and the child left her silently.

Yi Chongjiang looked at the children’s pain quietly like this, crying silently.At this time, she was powerless and could only pray that doctors could grab their children from Ghost Gate.


At this time, the medical team of Changsha Children’s Hospital was waiting.

They concentrated the most advanced medical equipment in the entire hospital, centered on pediatrics, retrieved outstanding medical staff in various departments, and established a special rescue team to welcome 4 children.

This is an unprecedented treatment. After all, this is the first all -male twins in China.Medical staff faced a new challenge and bears tremendous pressure.

First, they used the constant temperature cultivation box and Blu -ray bed.This can maintain the temperature required by the newborn to the greatest extent. The most important thing is that the newborn must be in a sterile environment to survive.

For this reason, the parents of the four children can only look at them across the glass.

Secondly, because the four children have different degrees of difficulty in breathing, the hospitals are equipped with ventilator.In order to prevent accidents, the hospital also equipped the children with nurse classes to ensure 24 hours of care.

In the special ward, the special rescue team used the most advanced newborn rescue technology.For children who cannot breathe autonomously, the most important thing is to increase the technology of lung surface activity. Increasing cardiopulmonary function can increase the hope of autonomous breathing

At the same time, in order to ensure the nutritional supply of newborns, the hospital has adopted the means of intravenous injection nutritional solution to timely supplement the children’s needs of amino acids that children need.Because the child is too small, the needle can only insert the child’s body from the blood vessels on the scalp.

In the later period, when feeding the child to drink milk, the fourth child could not suck himself.The hospital can only use the tube to put milk into the child’s body little by little.Because the entire process must be very detailed, 8ml milk is spent for an hour.

Seeing that the days passed day by day, the children were crying and struggling in the thermostat box, because they couldn’t cry loudly, they could only wave their small hands and feet to indicate that they were uncomfortable.

Whenever he saw this, Yi Chongjiang had large tears rolling off.

The so -called mother and child’s heart, every pain, Yi Chongjiang seems to be undergoing itself.However, even if it was difficult, Yi Chongjiang never thought of giving up.For children, she is willing to carry all suffering.

In this way, Yi Chongjiang and his family tormented.They seemed to be waiting for a trial, and seeing a miracle.

Surprisingly, body temperature, breathing, jaundice, feeding, and turning off are sad, and Guan Guan finally passed.

Subsequently, after more than 20 days of hard work, on October 22, 2003, four little cute were finally pulled back by the medical staff from the Ghost Gate, and passed the dangerous period.

When discharged from the hospital, the four cute weights increased.

When I first entered the hospital, of the 4 children, the lightest weight was only 1.065 kg, and the heaviest was only 1.4 kg.

At the time of discharge, the slower child weighed 2.2 kg, the fastest, and the weight reached 2.7 kg, far exceeding the standard of discharge of 2 kg of premature babies.

Old people often say that children are white and fat.In this way, everyone finally ate a reassurance.

Looking at a healthy child, there was a smile on the face of the medical staff.When you are happy, everyone proposes that 4 children can name "Guo, Thailand, the People, and Qiang", and entrust the best wishes for the motherland and the people to them.

In order to repay the kindness of doctors, Yi Chongjiang and her husband happily accepted the advice of the doctors.Since then, the four children have opened their lives in the name of Li Qingguo, Li Qingtai, Li Qingmin, and Li Qingqiang.

However, there are more bumps than others, and the next growth path is still difficult.


The four children rescued the cost of more than 20 days in the hospital, which became the burden of Yi Zhongjiang’s family.How to go to the medical funds of the hospital that owed the hospital made her and her husband feel barely.

Fortunately, the news reported their deeds not long after the news advocated the donation of crowdfunding.In the end, they used this donation to settle all the money owed to the hospital.

However, the money of life -saving is paid, and the money of renewal must be earned by parents.The rations of the four children are not a small number.

To this end, the state -owned mechanical units where Yi Chongjiang is located considers that she needs to take care of her children, she agrees to pay her wages in an hour.Yi Chongjiang’s husband also changed his job and worked hard to make money.

At this time, the couple had only a simple wish to raise the baby well. They were both parents, and they had to carry their responsibilities on their shoulders.

Thanks to the parents’ efforts, the four children have grown up healthily.

In fact, when they were discharged from the hospital, they were also promised by the hospital.The hospital promised to conduct regular medical examinations and follow -up of four children, and also promised to continue to be 18 years old.

In 2018, the children were 14 years old, and they returned to the hospital in hand, bowing deeply to Professor Gao Xirong, the life -saving benefactor.Professor Gao saw the children who had grown up in front of him, and looked at the results of the normal medical examinations of their indicators, and felt particularly relieved.

Although the four brothers were born at the same time, their personality characteristics gradually became obvious.The boss likes to play basketball. The second child is a word, and the third grades are the most popular.

The four of them are united and loved, and they are a bright scenery in the middle school.Their class teachers and principals have rated them highly, and they are four sensible children who do not let their parents worry about.

In 2021, the four children took the college entrance examination at the same time.

They were divided into two different test rooms and were not close.My mother Yi Chongjiang was not afraid of hard work. After the exam, she ran two trips to pick up the children home.

In fact, children can grow up safely, and Yi Chongjiang is already very happy.For the results of the exam, she never forced it, but just told the children to work hard and do their best. The most important thing is to have a good mentality.

Perhaps it is the enlightened education of the mother. It is the children’s own efforts that they have not disappointed the hard -won life after all.

After 18 years, the four children created a miracle again!The four brothers have been admitted to their ideal universities!

The best grade scored a good score of 626 points.His previous ideal was to take his family to Wuhan to appreciate cherry blossoms. Now he is admitted to Wuhan University with excellent results, and finally he can realize what he thinks.

The other three brothers were not so high, but they all went on the undergraduate line.Their volunteers fill in local universities in Hunan, and they want to be closer to home.

18 years ago, they had life after thousands of hardships; 18 years later, they tried to add glory to their lives.

The results of the four twins are rejoicing, and the hot search of the year in one fell swoop.Just no matter how lively the outside world, they all know that they must go back and thank their benefactors.

On the day they got the notice, they came to the original hospital again and gave the notice to all the medical staff who rescued them.They want to say that you are struggling to rescue the little life growing very well.


The four twins of the Yi Chongjiang family are the first "all -male twins" in my country.

According to the calculation of medical experts, the probability of "each other for men and women" in the world is 705,000 in the world.

Like Yi Chongjiang, the probability of "the twin of the same egg twins" is even smaller, and at least 325,000 newborn children will appear.

The probability of hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands is undoubtedly the gift of heaven.The four twins can survive, and it is a medical miracle.

This miracle is inseparable from the persistence of the biological parents, the full rescue of the medical staff, and the donation and assistance of people from all walks of life.

This is the miracle of life and the miracle of love.Today, the title of the twins in the Fourth Sbharity will pass this love for life in the future.

Life is not easy, every life is worth cherishing.Living is the greatest hope.May you and I cherish life, work hard, and feel the beauty of this world.

Author: I am Sasa

Edit: Sarah Hbaiocao Yoyo


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