In 2011, the women’s car accident became a vegetative, and her stomach became bigger for 4 months. The doctor was pregnant when she checked it

Can vegetatives get pregnant?Yes, you did not hear it right. In 2011, a woman who was basically identified as a vegetative was found to be pregnant for three months, and the development of this fetus was normal!

This incident subverted everyone’s cognition, and even the experienced doctors had not encountered such a situation, and the vegetative was pregnant.What should I do during my childbirth?What is the child’s nutrition?Has she finally gave birth to?Let’s walk into today’s article together to understand the story of this vegetative mother in October.

Figure 丨 Doctor diagnosis

Why does a expectant mother become a vegetative?This incident starts from a car accident in December 2010.Gaodejin is a driver. He usually drives a tricycle to deliver the goods on the road. He is upside down day and night.

On December 1st that day, on Saturday, he was able to rest on the last day, and their daughter was also holiday.At this time, Gaodejin’s wife Zhang Rongxiang made a suggestion and said, "It is better to accompany you to send you the goods together. After delivery, we will take the child to the playground for a while.Play outside. "

After listening to it, Gaodejin agreed to this matter.As a result, the family cleaned up happily, dressed himself beautifully, and got into the tricycle of Gaodejin.Because their younger daughter was still young, it was too dangerous to sit behind the tricycle by themselves. The couple couldn’t rest assured, so her mother Zhang Rongxiang decided to hold her daughter in person, and the three were sitting in front.

Figure 丨 Family three on the road

Just on this spacious road, the two sides of the road are filled with pine trees. Although in winter, these trees are still lush and stand up proudly.Although these trees added a little color to this boring road, it did cover the route of driving on the spot, and Gaodejin had a car accident because of this.

As usual, Gaodejin was driving on this road at a high speed. He has been walking countless times, and he is no longer familiar with his heart. This time he gradually relaxed his vigilance.Because there are usually no people on this road, let alone Saturday, there are fewer people, and he doesn’t want to speed up directly.

At this moment, the accident happened.The small three rounds of this family drove at a high speed on the east -west road. Suddenly, a white car was rushed out of a crossroads in front.When they passed this intersection, they did not slow down, and neither found the existence of each other.

Figure 丨 Bang to a family of three of the Gaodejin family of three white cars

Suddenly, the two cars collided with a bang!It was almost so that Gaode Gold was not allowed to make any response, and their family was hit out.The owner of the car Zhao Gang was fine. This road was very spacious. He was hit aside. The airbags popped up in the car protected him. After a car accident, he was just a bit of trauma.

But Gaodejin, who drove a tricycle, was not so lucky. He was hit directly out, rolled several times, and rolled to the roadside.His wife Zhang Rongxiang was even more miserable.Because Zhang Rongxiang was holding a three -year -old doll in his hand, at that moment, out of instincts, she subconsciously hugged her child and had no time to make any measures to protect herself.

Figure 丨 Car accident scene

As a result, she stabbed her head fiercely. After lying down, a pool of blood spread immediately under her head.Essence

Fortunately, Zhao Gang, the owner of this white car, is a responsible person. After a car accident, he did not flee directly as other drivers. He hurried out of the car to check the situation.Also reported the police without hesitation and dialed 120.

Figure 丨 The tricycle driven by Gaodejin

As the sound of the ambulance is constantly being played on the road, the other cars on the road are given the road for the ambulance. The couple were also taken to the hospital for rescue in time.There is no major, but there are some skin injuries on your body.

Compared to her, her parents were not so lucky, because in the driving position, it was the one who was hurt the most after colliding with Zhao Gang. Because of the close distance, Gaodejin was the most impact on a white car.He was bounced the farthest, and his body fell heavily to the ground, which caused several ribs to break his ribs, and his calf was fractured.

In addition, many gas and blood were also pressed in the chest cavity, and the abrasions on the body were countless.After being taken to the hospital for examination and treatment, he was unconscious for several days as soon as he was in a coma.Knowing the news, Zhang Rongxiang’s eldest daughter also came to take care of a few people with Gaodejin’s mother. Although her grandmother was old, she also ran to take care of her injured son.

Figure 丨 Hospital

After coming here, Grandma’s tears never stopped, and always murmured in her mouth, trying to wake her son to wake up quickly.Gaodejin, who was unconscious in the hospital for a few days, woke up as soon as possible to ask his wife’s condition.

Considering that his injuries are not stable now, the doctor decided not to tell him the truth, and politely told him that Zhang Rongxiang is still being treated and resting, and he should wake up in a few days.

In fact, his wife Zhang Rongxiang’s condition was not optimistic, because the impact was unfortunate, Zhang Rongxiang’s head was severely hit, which caused her brain nerves to be harmed.After the inspection, Zhang Rongxiang was judged as a severe craniocerebral injury. If the treatment was not good, or she was not lucky enough, it would be likely that she would lose her life due to the accident.

Figure 丨 Gaodejin’s wife Zhang Rongxiang

Now Zhang Rongxiang’s situation is that if you can successfully survive the future three months, you can keep life, but it is likely to become a vegetative.However, if you can’t spend it safely for three months, once something happens, you can only be mourned.The first reaction of Gaodejin’s first reaction was that he had settled down, and he asked to visit his wife’s wife in his wife’s ward.

However, the medical staff strongly said that his current situation is not suitable for turbulence.But Gaodejin was very stubborn. He said that if he didn’t take him to see his wife, he would not be treated well.In desperation, the nurse had to find a wheelchair and pushed Gaodekin to his wife’s ward.

Watching his wife’s face wearing a breathing mask, one pipe one after another, a ominous hunch rose in Gaodejin’s heart."You tell me the truth, what is the status quo of my wife? I can bear it. I just want to know what the actual situation of my wife is now?"

Figure 丨 Gaodeka

Gaodejin asked the nurse anxiously. When the nurses saw this, they could not be confused, and they had to tell Zhang Rongxiang’s condition truthfully.Gaodekin, who knew the truth, was very uncomfortable. He sat next to his wife Zhang Rongxiang and touched her hand. There was a drop of tears from the corner of his eyes.

It is said that the man has no tears and does not bomb, but now he can’t control his emotions at all, and he is confused. I don’t know what to do in the future.Later, the police came to the hospital to investigate the accident.In this car accident, both cars were damaged.

Figure 丨 Place of accidents

However, the car owner of the car Zhao Gang has not been hurt greatly, but the Gaodejin family is not the same. Because of the different types of cars, Gaodejin has no safety measures at all.

In the end, the police determined that the responsibility of the car accident belonged to the owner of the two parties.At first, neither of them judged the road conditions at the time, and driving at high speeds, eventually leading to a car accident.

Secondly, the two of them did not hit any steering lights or signal prompts. It is reasonable to have a sense of prevention at such crossroads.Therefore, after the judgment of the car accident, both of them were responsible, and they were gone.

Figure 丨 Handling results

In the next time, Gaodejin had a boldness.Because his wife’s condition has been repeated, the doctor even issued a notice of illness in many occasions, but fortunately, he turned to danger several times. Zhang Rongxiang still reluctantly rely on the hospital’s machine to maintain his life.

However, to stay in the hospital for three months, this facing the same injury, he has to face a high hospital fee and a series of medical drug costs, which worsen the unwavering family.

In order to cure Zhang Rongxiang, Gaodejin had borrowed relatives and friends, and later the money was still very nervous.He simply pulled down the needle tube that was being infused on his back, and shouted the nurse and said, "Can’t hold it, don’t stop, you will give me a discharge procedure, I want to save some money for my wife!"

Figure 丨 Gaodejin would rather suffer from suffering

Now that Gaodejin’s injury has not been recovered, he will pull his wound as soon as he moves, and it will bring a huge pain. If he does not add drug treatment, in terms of the human body’s own recovery ability, he must recover very slowly very slowly.EssenceIf you choose to recover by yourself, Gaodejin will face great pain, not only a physiological test, but also mental torture.

However, Gao Degin said, "It doesn’t matter if I hurt a bit. I can bear it. You must try your best to save my wife and let her survive!" The doctor also knew that Gaodejin was the mentality of the patient’s family.The greatest efforts to protect his wife’s safety.With the guarantee of a doctor, Gaodejin also had a little solid heart.

But it didn’t take long for a big problem to have a big problem.Gaodejin’s situation is very difficult now.Because the village had to be renovated not long ago, their house was demolished, but now their resettlement house has not been built yet. The family must only rent a garage of others to live.

Figure 丨 The garage for renting

Every day, the five people make their livelihood by the money earned by Gaiden Lara’s goods, but those money is only more than 1,000 yuan. Except for daily clothing, food, and transportation, there are almost few.Now that Gaodejin is no longer working, there is no financial source, and relatives and friends have borrowed it.

At this moment, the doctor told Gaodejin a news that he did not know whether they were surprised or scared at this moment, that was -Zhang Rongxiang had been pregnant for three months!The doctor found that this was because, not long ago, Zhang Rongxiang’s belly gradually raised slightly.

At the beginning, the doctor also doubted whether there was any tumor or a backlog of other things in her belly, which caused her lower abdomen to bulge, but after a series of examinations, the doctor found that she was pregnant. There was a fresh in her belly.Living little life!

Figure 丨 Doctor found children

When I heard the news, Gaodejin was surprised. The two really thought about regenerating a son and had a happy life of children, but the two had never found that the wife was pregnant.

However, at this section of bones, his wife hangs a line, and it is likely that the wife of a vegetative wife who will become a lifetime will also give birth to his child. He immediately asked the doctor about the child’s condition, and he was anxious.

The doctor told him that the child’s various life signs are developing in an orderly manner, and there is no incorrect situation, but now Gaodejin is facing a very dilemma: whether he should stay with the child.

If he wants to stay with this child, can the mother be successfully bred and gave birth?First of all, because Zhang Rongxiang is now sick, the doctor should use various medicines for her.

Figure 丨 Doctor is taking medicine

So if she is pregnant, will the medicine have stimulating the baby’s body?If this child stays, this baby will undoubtedly need to consume nutrients from the mother, which will make Zhang Rongxiang, who is very lacking in nutrition, weaker.However, if it is forcibly giving birth now, then the mother is still facing a huge danger, and it is likely to have a dead body.

This made Gaodekin’s criminals. Should I leave this child?Gaodejin stayed in the corridor of the hospital for a long time. After thinking for a long time, he decided to take a risk and leave the child first.First of all, if the child is forcibly miscarriage, the danger of his wife is too great, he will not allow it.

Figure 丨 Indications

Second, what if there is a turnaround?What if the Goddess of Lucky cares about their family?He and his wife have always wanted to ask for another child. This is the crystallization of their love. How can he let go so easily.

Thinking about it, Gaodekin decided to leave the child, and decided to spend a higher price to supplement nutrition to his wife, protect the safety of the mother and son.The doctor respected his decision, so he adjusted the medication for Zhang Rongxiang, replaced all the medicines that would stimulate the baby’s growth into the harmless and harmless, and helped the baby grow up healthy while protecting Zhang Rongxiang’s life safety.

Figure 丨 Gaodejin, who is thinking about

However, it is not alone now.Zhang Rongxiang still has a new life in his stomach now, which requires nutrition, and now Gaodejin can be said to have spent his life savings, and friends can also borrow it.It’s all connected.

But now it is not enough to pay the high medical expenses and supplementary costs. How can this be good?In desperation, Gaodejin thought of the white car owner at the time of a car accident, Zhao Gang.Without hesitation, Gaodejin decided to sue Zhao Gang to court, and he appealed to the court. He believed that Zhao Gang should bring economic compensation for the losses caused by his family.

Although Zhao Gang’s current conditions are not wealthy, the business he just invested in the past two days was even a loss, but he was very able to understand Gaodejin’s mood at this moment.In addition, their living conditions are indeed poor. One person has to support three children. In addition, his wife now has become a plant man. He is lying in the hospital. There is also an elderly mother at home.

Figure 丨 Both sides of the lawsuit

So in this lawsuit, Zhao Gangzong agreed and voluntarily provided a compensation of up to 50,000 yuan for the Gaodejin family.Zhao Gang said: "We are also conscience people. To live in the world, to do things with conscience, I can understand their feelings very much, and it is what I should do to provide them with economic assistance."

So this time Zhao Gang’s generosity provided emergency assistance for the Gaodejin family, and briefly supported them for a while.But later, the money was not enough. At this time, Zhang Rongxiang had not been discharged from the hospital at this moment, and the family almost stayed in the hospital to take care of her. Although Gaodejin’s own injuries had improved, it was too slow to recover.

In desperation, Gaodeka once again brought Zhao Gang to court. Zhao Gang also said that he could understand this result. He decided to provide another 10,000 yuan as a compensation.Later, gradually, Gaodejin’s condition recovered similarly, and he could walk slowly by himself.A few months later, Zhang Rongxiang broke away from the danger of life, and his condition gradually stabilized.

Figure 丨 Zhao Gang

Considering the high hospital price, Gaodejin decided to take his wife home to recuperate. In this way, it can save a lot of money, not to mention that Gao Degin now can take care of his wife alone.However, Gaodejin still does not have the ability to work. The family in the family has no financial source and can’t even afford basic rice.

After repeated thinking, Gao Degin brought Zhao Gang to court for the third time and asked for compensation for them. However, this time Zhao Gang was a little angry.He asked himself, and he felt that he should not pay more compensation.

But after a lawsuit, the court determined that Zhao Gang should indeed pay some living expenses.In desperation, even if Zhao Gang was reluctant, he still gave 50,000 yuan in compensation.At this time, Zhao Gang also supported a lot of support, and the Gaodejin family also understood that everyone had difficulties and difficulties. They also thanked Zhao Gang very much, and never asked other parts.

Figure 丨 court

And as time passed by, his wife Zhang Rongxiang’s condition was getting better.

One day, her hand moved slightly, that is, this subtle movement, the husband who was guarded by the bed suddenly captured, the excited Gaode Jin was happy for a long time.He spoke to his wife in the ear of his wife every day and told his wife that they already had a cute son, hoping that she could wake up quickly and live a happy life together.

Later, for about a month at home, a miraculous scene appeared. Zhang Rongxiang, who should have been judged as a vegetative, opened her eyes, although her consciousness was still a little blurred.However, she can open her eyes to prove that she is no longer a vegetative!

Figure 丨 Zhang Rongxiang lying on the bed

This is enough for Gaodejin, and he is very happy.This also makes the family happy. Everyone has firmly attitude. I believe that as long as persistent efforts, Zhang Rongxiang must wake up completely one day.

Of course, God has no hope of disappointing them.Soon after, Gaodejin’s wife Zhang Rongxiang had already talked and communicated with everyone. Although it was still a bit inconvenient in life, this was much better than that in the previous few months.After the birth of October, Zhang Rongxiang also succeeded in giving birth. He gave birth to his third child, and a family of six lived a happy life.

Figure 丨 Gaodejin’s wife Zhang Rongxiang

They are unfortunate, but they are lucky.Life is alive, we must always cherish the person in front of us!

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