In 2009, the Guangdong woman was pregnant in December and was abandoned by her husband.

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On December 10, 2007, for Peng Ximei (pseudonym), it was a deep memory.

This day made her see the selfishness of human nature.

When she heard the diagnosis, she was forced to divorce her son before she was out of the hospital.

Although I have seen too many bloody scenes, they have practiced the attending doctors who are in danger, and they are also surprising to their family.

So what is the reason why the in -laws can speak in public in public?

Peng Ximei’s life and experience

The heroine mentioned in the title is a girl in her twenties.

She was born in Fulian Po Po, Guanqiao Town, Huazhou City, Guangdong Province.

The children who came out of the mountain village were weak and sick.

She is the only daughter of the family, and her family loves her.

Peng Ximei has learned very well since she was a child. She smashed the pot and sold iron for her to study a key university.

After graduation, parents are older.

In order to be able to take care of her parents better, Peng Ximei chose to find a job in his hometown.

Now that I chose to work in the county seat, the environment here is naturally different from the first -tier cities when she was studying.

While I was resting on the weekend, Peng Ximei often returned to her hometown to visit her parents.

Everyone in the village where she went to the village knew that Peng Ximei settled in the county seat now.

People are beautiful and are very capable. They have reached the age of marriage but have not yet married.

This is an incident that can be regarded as a big news in the silent village.

The thresholds in Peng Ximei’s house are being flattened by the matchmakers of the neighbors and eight villages.

In this regard, her parents can only be anxious, and all kinds of marriage is useless.

You said, there are ten sentences behind her waiting.

Father Peng had a headache for this, and his father and daughter talked long.

"Girlfriend, you do n’t let your dads be worried about when you are young. What kind of age do, you just read too many books and read stupid …"

Peng Ximei said: "I don’t need to worry about my marriage. I want to find it myself. I will never accept the blind date. Besides, I don’t have much to be at the age of 24. I think I am 30 years old just for six years."

As soon as she exported, her parents couldn’t control her, and the blind date was forced.

The daughter who thought she was unwilling to marry was really about to marry at the age of 30.

When I didn’t want to want to go to the house with a thick man who looked like a thick -looking man in the Mid -Autumn Festival in the same year.

"Dad, this is Xiaoxing (a pseudonym), my boyfriend." The stone was shocked, and the old couple watched the aunt’s joy around the aunt.

"Uncle and aunt." The man was loyal and honest. As soon as he came up, he helped Peng’s mother in the kitchen. The family said and laughed.

The relationship between the two of them is also very good. Xiaoxing’s home is also in Huazhou, just different counties.

The two are suitable for all aspects.After Father Peng sent Xiaoxing, he asked Peng Ximei why he was willing to get married again?

"I think he is very reliable and practical. I don’t need a highly educated husband. What I want is a person who can live."

"Is he good about you? Is it good for their family?"

"Okay, it’s all very good. Xiaoxing said to me that I can always hand over the back to him. When I am tired, I will rest on him. He will work hard to make money to raise me."

Unexpectedly, this sentence later disappointed Peng Ximei.

But at the time, both parents had no opinion. The two of them soon registered to get married. Peng Ximei married Lincheng and had less connection with her parents.

The birth of the afterbing, the strange earthfall is not shallow

After getting married, the newlywed couple has a good relationship, and the father -in -law and mother -in -law get along well. The lives of the family are beautiful.

This situation has continued to the second year after marriage, this is the second Spring Festival that Peng Ximei married.

At this time, when people are the most relaxed and leisurely, there are many neighbor relatives in the family. One of the problems that cannot be avoided is to give birth.

Xiaoxing had no particularly big idea about this, but his parents were very anxious, and the gossip in the village had spread.

Because the husband and wife who basically have been married for two years are either pregnant or have been born.

Peng Ximei’s reputation has transformed from the high -quality daughter -in -law envied in the village to the old hen who will not lay eggs. In short, all kinds of words are very unpleasant.

Peng Ximei didn’t care about it. She basically worked in the county, and she didn’t go out after returning home at night.

She listened less these words, but her mother -in -law said more in secret.

On this day, Peng Ximei, who was resting at home, was forced by her mother -in -law to drink a large bowl of black soup, which was very pungent.

She also fought for herself. If she hadn’t considers her mother -in -law to have a heart attack, she was afraid that she would stimulate her.

Unexpectedly, such a compromise, the subsequent unpleasant soup medicine hit Peng Ximei.

Mother -in -law actively boiled her prescriptions that did not know where they came from every day.

It is said that when you drink it, you can nourish your body, and you will have a big fat boy all his life.

In addition to feeling that sometimes her stomach is swollen, Peng Ximei has no other uncomfortableness, so she goes with her mother -in -law. This drink is a month.

Those who accidentally hit, Peng Ximei’s belly gradually had a radian, and even became more and more prominent.

My mother -in -law said that this was pregnant, and it was still useful. Wang Xier’s neighbor’s house did not lie to her.

Being able to conceive, Peng Ximei didn’t think much, thinking that it might really be those soup medicines.

Instead, she was relieved, and finally she didn’t have to drink medicine anymore. The whole family was looking forward to the child’s arrival.

The first month’s belly is not so big.

But slowly over time, Peng Ximei’s "pregnant belly" has been compared with the young women of the same month of the villagers.

"Mom, it’s been two months old, it’s time to do a birth check." Peng Ximei dragged her bag and carried her husband’s arm.

"Yeah, let’s not talk about time, just like the big sister’s belly is so big, I don’t think it is normal. You see the belly of his daughter -in -law, there are no big people in our family for four months." Xiaoxing helped the side,Let your mother let the way.

"What goes, you can see the disease, you can see the illness when you are not sick. This belly is a good thing. It shows that the two are two, twins, when your aunt gave birth to your brother and his brother.It’s such a big belly. "

In the end, Peng Ximei did not go to a production inspection, and four months later. At this time, Peng Ximei was already "pregnant with June", but her belly was as large as a pregnant woman.

The experienced women in the village said that the stomach is likely to be the child’s placenta, so it is more pregnant and not tightened.

If you really don’t worry, go to the town to line up a B -ultrasound.

At this time, Peng Ximei had obvious lower limbs, and breathed a little breath.

She was not able to do it by herself like bending down like a shoe lace, let alone a big belly to the town.

At this time, Xiaoxing was busy at work and was on a business trip. Only the father -in -law and mother -in -law were taking care of her.

The mother -in -law couldn’t bear to spend money, saying that she wanted her to learn to be diligent and frugal, and some unnecessary expenses could be saved.

Let her relax, she did not check it when she was born with a star at that time. When she went to the hospital in the month, she gave birth naturally.

It was so dragged until the "child" month was full of month or even two months, and their family felt that the matter was a bit good.

At this time, Peng Ximei was already in difficulty in breathing. She could only be lying flat, and she couldn’t swallow what she was eaten.

After realizing the seriousness of the problem, her mother -in -law took Peng Ximei to the hospital in the town for a B -ultrasound for examination.

Unexpectedly, the answer given by the doctor was that there was no child in Peng Ximei’s belly.

What’s more, she has no pregnancy reaction.

The vomiting in the later period is purely the top of the stomach. The specifics need to be checked in the hospital in the city. The conditions of the small town hospital are limited.

The family of this bad news, from the beginning of happiness, hopes that the child can produce safely and smoothly every day, and now shock and sad.

The most uncomfortable thing is Peng Ximei, and she has been endured the trouble brought by her belly pain.

I think this is a normal pregnancy phenomenon. As long as October arrives, everything will be better after the child is born.

Sadness and sadness, Xiaoxing took Peng Ximei to the hospital in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, to conduct a comprehensive examination.

In the end, the conclusion given by the doctor made the family that was not rich, which was even worse.

The reason why Peng Ximei’s belly is so big because there is a tumor in it, and the tumor is still growing, her internal organs have shifted.

When the mother -in -law heard this, the first reaction was:

"Can’t give birth to a child, and there is a tumor. How much does it cost? You really lose money, son, let’s divorce, mother will find you a better success in the future?"

After the doctor heard it, he hummed: "It can be repaired in the same boat for a hundred years, and the thousands of years can be pillowed together for thousands of years. With your mouth, you touch your mouth and touch your mouth.

Xiaoxing returned from the sorrow and asked the doctor: "Does my daughter -in -law still treat it?"

"It is already late, and her situation is very complicated. It can be said that some recipes that have been drinking before have stimulated the development of tumors in a sense. Even if it was surgery, it is estimated that it would not live for 3 years."

Peng Ximei was crying like a rain. The family went out of the diagnosis and treatment hall. The mother -in -law gave Xiaoxing and kneeling. She cried and asked Xiaoxing to divorce Peng Ximei. She wanted to hold her grandson, and the disease would cost a lot of money.

Xiaoxing watched Peng Ximei’s big belly and fell into thought. In the end, he opened his hand holding Peng Ximei and said, "Sorry, we …"

Peng Ximei gasped and walked towards the door with her stomach. On the same day, the two issued a divorce certificate.

Humanity is true in the world

From the beginning, Peng Ximei’s resentment of fate, to her discouraged later, she broke the jar and broke her.

Because she was divorced, she was homeless. She did not want to let her parents see this, so she started her wandering career.

In addition to enduring the torture of the disease every day, I also begging for a meal on the side of the road. The bridge hole is her home.

Passengers passing by sometimes give her some money, and she can rest for a day or two without having to go for meals.

The belly is getting bigger and bigger, the weather has entered winter, and the good -hearted person also sent her old clothes that she didn’t want to warm up.

Basically, people in the community near the bridge cave knew her deeds and would help her, which made her overwhelmed one after another.

Until the third year of the doctor said, in 2009, Peng Ximei’s body was indeed worse and worse.

She is basically not able to walk by herself, she needs help, and she still takes a step to take a step.

At this time, she was pessimistic to the extreme. After death, someone could give herself the belief of collecting corpses. She came to Guangzhou Fusa Hospital, and at least after falling down, some people could give cremation.

The hospital employees knew that Peng Ximei’s condition was to take care of her as much as possible.

The dark sky in Peng Ximei’s heart ended on December 19 of the same year.

The true feelings on the world may be that the unlucky things have experienced the bottom of the valley.

That day she was still resting in the chair in the hospital hall. Fortunately, she met the dean who came to inspect, Xu Kecheng.

At a glance, he saw Peng Ximei, who was abnormal, and took a curiously to ask her about her situation.

And after understanding her story, I said, "So, let me check you first, let’s see where the condition is now developing."

After careful inspection, Dean Xu said that he could treat it, but it was also a bold attempt, and he did not make me success.

The landscape has reached 185cm, and the condition is also very complicated.

Peng Ximei only said one sentence: "It’s okay, despite the treatment, the worst can be worse anyway, I am already the same."

After multi -subject consultation, Dean Xu decided to pull out the effusion in the abdomen first, and also scored in batches. The organ was squeezed and magnified all year round, and organ failure would definitely occur.

Due to the need to sign surgery, Dean Xu still told Peng Ximei’s parents about the matter, and the two old men knew the suffering of his daughter.

Just like this again and again, on January 15, 2010, the thin girl’s belly finally returned to the appearance of normal people, and she could also eat simply.

She was lying on the hospital bed with joy and crying, thanking Dean Xu again and again:

"Thank you, thank you, if I got it, I would be a volunteer for our hospital for free. In the second half of my life, I will serve in the hospital."


There is true love in the world, and there is true love in the world.

Without the selfless dedication of Dean Xu’s doctors, maybe we can’t see Peng Ximei, who is reborn in Nirvana. Here, we will pay tribute like those angels that guard us!

Finally, I want to say, don’t give up yourself anymore, good things will always happen in the next turning.

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