In 1937, the old hunter killed the chicken to feed the pregnant mother. After a year, the hunter encountered the wolf group to save his life and rescue each other.

In the deep mountains of Daxing’an Ridge, Northeast China in 1938, a "wolf battle" occurred.

The Eighth Route Army was surrounded by the Japanese army in order to grab the materials. At this time, the exhausted Red Army had a small chance of winning.

At the moment, a group of wolves suddenly appeared and launched a violent attack on the Japanese army.

The Eighth Route Army also evacuated safely under the cover of the wolf group. In the end, the Japanese army lost heavy losses, and the wolf group left chic.

So where did these wolves come from?

Is it artificial instruction or animal resistance?

In 1937, the Japanese army had invaded China and occupied the three Eastern provinces in my country.

In order not to be insulted by the Japanese army, some Northeast Orion abandoned their stable residence in the village and lived in the complex forests in the Northeast.

The pride of the Chinese is not to be a traitor when the country is in trouble. It is would rather live in the old forest to live a day to hide in Tibet, and he is not willing to bend his spine to vote for the Japanese.

In their opinion, it was the same as those who were selling the country, and they were no different from the abominable Japanese. They could not live without dignity.

Lao Zhao is also a member of these hunters.

However, Lao Zhao’s hunting skills are the best of many hunters, and the terrain is the most clear about many hunters.

When the hunter he was familiar with was taken away by the Japanese army, or was damaged, Lao Zhao hid the forest for the longest time with his own survival skills.

One morning in winter, the sky was just bright, and Lao Zhao stomped in the forest like usual.

As Lao Zhao observed whether there was any prey, he paid attention to whether the Japanese troops were shaking nearby.

After all, the Japanese army had real guns. Lao Zhao only had his own hunting objects. The Japanese found that he had no power to return.

Even though Lao Zhao had his own pride, he didn’t want to die in vain.

He knew that the Eighth Route Army would fight the Japanese Army in other places. He wanted to wait until the Eighth Route Army came to help them, and also made a force to fight against the Japanese army.

Among the hunters, the slogan of "one pig, two tigers and three wolves", the most dangerous is the wild boar, then the tiger, and the last wolf.

I don’t know what luck, Lao Zhao caught a wolf on the day.

At first, Lao Zhao just went to see if his hunting trap has been caught by some animals. After all, Lao Zhao hadn’t opened it for a long time.

Lao Zhao heard that his trap was moved. He looked at it and looked at it and thought it was a wild dog. He took a closer look and found that it was a wolf.

Although the wolf is the third dangerous animal, there are many people killed by the wolf.

And generally wolfs are group operations, and the result of a group of wolves is generally wolf.

Lao Zhao observed the wolf carefully and found that there were no other wolves around, and the wolf was in the circle without power to move. Seeing that Lao Zhao came, he just moved his ears.

Maybe it was fate. The mother wolf didn’t struggle, and looked at Lao Zhao with a pant.

When Lao Zhao saw that his belly was very large, he should be pregnant, which made Lao Zhao’s head soft.

His mother died when he was born when he was born. After inheriting his father’s shotgun, Lao Zhao thought that he had hunting and killed a lot of life. He still had to do more good things and gave himself a rule.To release animals with children.

Lao Zhao was close to the mother wolf little by little, skillfully and carefully unbuttoned a full set of ropes that trapped the mother wolf. The mother wolf stood up and trembled, but he looked at Lao Zhao without walking.

When Lao Zhao saw that it didn’t hurt himself, he asked tentatively: "Do you want to eat?"

The wolf should not understand the words of the wolf again, but the mother wolf seemed to understand, and blinked to the old Zhao, as if he was talking about eating.

Lao Zhao sighed and said, "Well, then I’ll help in the end."

In this way, one person and one wolf returned to the cabin built by Lao Zhao.

The mother wolf sat down outside the wooden house, and the old Zhao Jinwu directly mentioned the pheasant that had been hunt before and threw it to the female wolf.

This pheasant was reluctant to eat it for a long time.

"Grow your children well." Lao Zhao said.

I also thought of the Japanese army’s plundering resources, grabbing food, robbing the women’s daughter, and killing animals wantonly. Lao Zhao watched the mother wolf and instructed, "Japanese devils are fighting, you have to hide it, don’t let them discover you, otherwise you will you willIt’s dangerous. "

The mother wolf picked up the chicken after listening to Lao Zhao, blinked at the old Zhao, and turned to leave the snow.

After a period of time, the mother wolf gave birth to the wolf smoothly, and took the child to find Lao Zhao.

The wolf cubs just learned to walk one by one, and the wolf cubs, who had just long and fluffy in the sun, ran step by step with a small short leg, making Lao Zhao laughed.

At this moment, the long haze of the old Zhao’s long heart fog spread, and the sun shone in, just like the sunrise warmed Lao Zhao.

During this time, the aggression of the Japanese soldiers intensified, and sometimes it will go up the mountain to the forest to fight birds, making Old Zhao Dong hiding in Tibet, and often can’t catch any food for several days.

Even so, Lao Zhao caught the pheasant that he couldn’t bear to eat before and threw it to the mother wolf to eat.

The wolf cubs chased the chicken happily. The mother wolf and Lao Zhao looked at each other for a moment, and then picked up the chicken and took the wolf cub away.

Looking at the back of the mother wolf and the wolf cub, Lao Zhao looked up at the sky, thinking, it was clear.

In a blink of an eye, in the winter of the next year, Lao Zhao finally waited for the arrival of the Eighth Route Army.

As an old hunter familiar with the terrain, he played the finger of the Anti -Japanese Army.

The soldiers fought in the ice and snow, because more and more people who sacrificed frostbite and hungry, and urgently needed winter and grain.

Lao Zhao learned that there was a small warehouse of the Japanese army nearby, which stored arms and food.

There are not many Japanese soldiers who guard the stronghold, but they are closer to another strategic base. The action needs to be quickly. If they have to be shot less than a year, they will be surrounded by reinforcements.

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, the leader Li looked at more and more wounded soldiers, and decided to launch an assault. Warriors who had to convene combat capabilities conveyed combat plans and prepared for operations.

After the instructions were issued, the soldiers set off immediately, and snowflakes had floated in the sky.

The soldiers facing the falling snowflakes, wearing thin military uniforms, and the following in the bad weather, they moved forward to the battle location.

After arriving at the location, the soldiers lay on the ground and moved forward to the ambush point: the back of the hillside across the warehouse.

The soldiers endured the bitter cold, waiting for the best battle time, and kept on the soldiers who were stationed in the warehouse.

After a few seconds when the Japanese soldiers changed their posts to relax, several soldiers used the blind spot to walk around the soldiers, and quietly let them leave the world with a dagger.

If you cannot use a gun to make a sound, the enemy is solved with the most primitive weapons.

A Japanese army found something wrong, and the fighters were put down as soon as the rifle was caught. The soldiers lying on the back of the hillside squeezed a sweat.

After putting down all enemies, the fighters who opened the way said that they could continue to act.

At this time, all the soldiers quickly went to the warehouse to carry the supplies.

Lao Zhao also observed the surrounding situation at all times, for fear of what happened to this action.

When the Eighth Route Army took enough supplies to evacuate, a team of Japanese troops suddenly came towards the warehouse.

The Eighth Route Army quickly found the bunker to hide. After all, the number of people on both sides was large, and the soldiers of the soldiers reached the limit. They must not conflict with the Japanese soldiers.

Seeing that the Japanese soldiers were getting closer and closer to the warehouse, the soldiers were ready to be prepared to break the fish, but suddenly a wolf attracted the attention of the Japanese army.

One by one, one by one, this is a group of wolves!

The Japanese troops stopped and looked around. Someone had covered their ears and lay on the ground. After scolding, they killed the soldier.

The wolf stopped abruptly, and they didn’t know that the danger had come.

I saw that there were more and more wolves around the hillside. When the last wolf ended, all wolves rushed down the hillside to attack the Japanese army.

The wolf running was very fast. Without waiting for the bullets of the Japanese army, the wolf had flung him and bit his throat.

The wolves and the Japanese were fighting in a desperate. Brother Zhao and the Anti -Japanese Warrior hiding in the dark were burst into tears when they saw this scene. This is the time for the wolves to fight for them!

When the wolves fought with the Japanese soldiers, the Eighth Route Army decided to move out from the rear of the warehouse. The movement should be rapid and cannot be discovered by the Japanese soldiers.

When Lao Zhao retreated with the troops, he looked back and looked at the wolf.

The head wolf looked up at Lao Zhao, and then the wolf issued a command, and all the wolves followed the head wolf withdraw from the warehouse full of the Japanese army.

After returning to the army, the soldiers were very happy and cheered.

Lao Zhao went out of breath, and he looked up at the sky.

A little bit, just like the fire of the revolutionary stars, small fire can be alarm.

At that time, he hurried the invaders, and he could hunt freely, and he could return to the village to plant crops.

There was a puppet sound in the bushes, and a few wolves walked out of Lao Zhao.

Lao Zhao sighed with a smile, lowered his body and stroked the wolf.

This is the wolf’s wolf cub a year ago. Now it has grown so big and can even command the wolf group.

Today is them, helping the Lao Zhao and the Eighth Route Army’s security evacuation.

Lao Zhao touched the little wolf’s head and pointed at the moon and said, "It’s not full moon now, and the moon will be full when the moon will be full. The moon will be fulfilled and China will be fulfilled."

After the victory of the Anti -Japanese War in our country, Lao Zhao finally returned to the small mountain village he grew up as he grew up.

It’s just that things are wrong. Lao Zhao feels that instead of feeling the past, it is better to grasp the present.

The sun fell in the sky, and Lao Zhao began a new day of life.

The war in history left us the pain of these younger generations.

Remembering history and not forgetting humiliation is the confidence of the Chinese children’s straight waist.

People and animals live in the same world. The earth is everyone, and humans and animals are always common residents on the planet.

Living in a homeland, rushing to the invaders together, people and animals have the deepest fetters.

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