In 11 years, the female plants in Jiangsu became larger, and the inspection found that she was strange pregnancy. Husband: Must be born

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In 2011, a doctor said with B -ultrasound to a patient’s husband: "Your wife is pregnant!" This sentence made the husband stunned in place, and he murmured in his mouth: "Can the vegetative be pregnant?"

what on earth is it?How did she become a vegetative?Did she give birth to this child?

On December 1, 2010, the family of Gao Jinjin was preparing to go to purchase some daily necessities. They drove their own tricycles and were happy to go to the supermarket.

Where did you expect that when Gaodejin went to the interface of the small road and the road, a car whistled, the driver had no time to brake, and the two cars quickly collided together.

The place where the accident occurred was too sudden. Gaodejin’s wife Zhang Rongxiang immediately circled her daughter into her arms. Due to inertia, Zhang Rongxiang and her daughter in the rear seat of the tricycle flew out.

When it fell on the ground, Zhang Rongxiang’s head was fiercely on the ground, and the couple lost their consciousness instantly, leaving only a small little girl crying in place.

The driver of the car was not seriously injured because he had airbags on the car. He quickly dialed 120.

After staying in the hospital for a few days, her husband Gaodejin was awake. He asked the nurse as soon as possible, where is his wife and daughter?Seeing the appearance of nurses, Gaodejin had an ominous premonition.

Gaodejin reached out and pulled the tube of his infusion. The nurse had no time to stop it. Afterwards, Gaodejin ran to the doctor’s office to ask his wife.

When the doctor saw Gao Gaojin panicked, he comforted Gao Dejin first, and said that he calmed him down.","

When the doctor saw Gao Dekin so urgent, he sighed. Seeing this, Gaodejin’s heart was stunned, and the doctor said slowly: "Your wife’s situation is not optimistic, because he meets his head, so it is difficult to be awake now. If there is no accident, no accident is not unexpected.If you, she may not be awake in the future. "

This remark made Gaodekin’s thunderous attack. Can’t you talk to his wife who laughs with himself two days ago?Gao Degin asked the doctor without any heart: "Is there any possibility of awake?"

The doctor shook his head: "Unless there is a miracle!" Although he was pressing a big stone in his heart, Gaodejin asked his wife’s location in the hospital.

When I saw the unconscious wife on the bed, Gaodejin’s eyes became red at the time. He walked in front of the bed and clenched his wife’s hand: "You can rest assured, I will take care of you!"

However, in front of Gaodejin is a high medical expenses, which makes Gaodekin’s originally not wealthy families even worse. He raised funds everywhere. However, after learning about Zhang Rongxiang, some people felt that this was a bottomless hole.Essence

Except for some close people, basically no one easily lent the money to Gaodejin. Gaodejin was worried about it every day. At this time, he thought that he was a hospital that he came in a car accident.

So Gaodejin found the police station to deal with the responsibility of the original accident. After the judgment, both sides had certain responsibilities. Because Gao Jinjin suddenly appeared in driving a tricycle, he did not observe the road conditions.Essence

The car is also the same. He didn’t notice the vehicle that suddenly came out, so he had to take a certain amount of responsibility. Seeing that the family was so difficult, the driver was not too entangled to compensate the Gaodejin family for money.

The money resolved Gaodejin’s urgent need. After that, Gaodejin focused on taking care of his wife in the hospital. However, for a long time, Gaodejin found something wrong. His wife’s limbs were increasingly thinner, and his stomach was bigger than day by day.

To this end, Gaodejin asked the hospital to check it specially. It was okay not to check it. As soon as the examination was frightened, it turned out that his wife had been pregnant for four months, and she had a car accident three months ago.

In other words, his wife Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant before a car accident!When the doctor told Gaode Jin, Gaodeka was shocked and happy. He was shocked that his wife’s body could not work, but he was still pregnant.The options make Gaodejin fall into pain, is it or not?

Because the doctor said that during the time when they came to the hospital for treatment, Zhang Rongxiang did not expect Zhang Rongxiang to be pregnant, so they had no scruples when they used medication, which could cause fetal malformation.

In addition, Zhang Rongxiang has no autonomy at all, and can only be hung by nutrient solution. After all, this is not possible. In a short period of time, Zhang Rongxiang’s body has been lost to 60 kg.It is particularly unknown to whether you can provide nutrition to the fetus.

However, Zhang Rongxiang’s physical damage to Zhang Rongxiang in the state of the plant man is also very great. How to decide it depends on his family.

Gaodekin’s hands crying and crying, how should he choose?He didn’t want to let his wife happen, but now the two options given to him seem to be dead.

After a long time of thinking, Gaodekin decided: let his wife give birth to the child!

If the child is removed now, the wife will immediately be in danger. If there will be such a moment, let the moment get a little later!

At the same time, the hospital also gave a less desperate news. They said: "Plants have a precedent for giving birth to children.Your wife is safe. "

This sentence made Gaodejin’s hanging heart a little bit down a little bit. Looking at his wife’s quiet face, Gaodejin’s heart secretly said: Wife, you must survive it!I will keep you.

Since then, Gao Degin has taken care of Zhang Rongxiang. Although Zhang Rongxiang was lying there, the outsiders saw that she was well taken care of.

Under the careful care of Gaodejin, Zhang Rongxiang’s body did not have any abnormalities, but as Zhang Rongxiang’s belly became bigger day, the string in Gaodejin began to tighten.

When the expected period is near the date, Gaodejin is always next to Zhang Rongxiang, because he is afraid that Zhang Rongxiang will not know when he will give birth.

On July 22, 2011, Gaodejin discovered Zhang Rongxiang’s wrong. He immediately called the doctor and sent his wife into the operating room. Gao Dejin seemed to lose all his support and sat on the ground slowly against the wall.

Gaodekin didn’t know what he was thinking, and it seemed extremely silent. The relatives around him did not bother him when he saw it. Gao Degin only felt that it was difficult for those hours.

Until the lights of the operating room went out, Gaodejin rushed to the door of the operating room for the first time, watching the nurse holding a baby appeared. Gaodejin asked: "Nurse, how about my wife now?"

The nurse smiled: "Rest assured, sir, now the mother and son are safe!" Gao Dejin’s heart finally let go.

Gao Dijin took the child from the nurse and hugged his wife, and knew that his wife would not respond to himself. He still said, "Wife, you see, our child is born safely, he looks like us!"

And Zhang Rongxiang, who has been unconscious for a long time, listened to Gaodejin’s words, and the corner of his eyes slowly left a tear. Gaodejin, who saw this scene, was overjoyed: "Doctor, doctor, she shed tears, and my wife was crying."

The doctor hurriedly came to check, but Zhang Rongxiang had no response since then, as if everything was just a flash.

Gaodejin’s excitement was pressed again, and then he returned to his life.

With the passage of time, the burden on Gaodejin’s shoulders became heavier, and the pressure of money seemed to overwhelm the family. Gaodekin, who had to do, could only work hard, and the eldest daughter was doing everything in the family.

However, there are still things that are worthy of people, that is, Zhang Rongxiang’s situation seems to improve. Gaodejin also asked when the doctor’s wife would wake up completely, but the doctor never gave a clear answer.

For Gaodejin, as long as a wife has a hint of hope, he is very happy to improve a little bit.

He often took the children to visit Zhang Rongxiang, watching the children calling her mother with a sound, but Zhang Rongxiang did not respond at all. Gao Dejin always carried his back and quietly wiped his wet eyes.

This situation lasted for a long time. In May 2013, Zhang Rongxiang had been in a coma for two years. Gaodejin took care of his wife as usual.

But this time there seemed to be some unusual. Zhang Rongxiang’s hand seemed to move. Gao Dejin thought that he had an illusion and didn’t care, but in the process of taking care, Zhang Rongxiang moved more and more times.

Gaodejin immediately asked the doctor, and the doctor said, "This is a sign of improvement!" Gao Dejin, who heard the doctor diagnosed, was drowned by huge joy.

The wife is going to wake up!Gao Dejin’s heart echoed this sentence.

After that, Zhang Rongxiang moved more and more times. Once, Zhang Rongxiang opened his eyes and said two words to them, which made the family very happy.

After a while, Zhang Rongxiang was completely awake, but because she was lying on the bed for too long, her body function degraded a lot, especially muscle, which also showed varying degrees of atrophy.

However, this is not a big problem for this family. It is good to wake up, and their days are expected.

With the support of the family, Zhang Rongxiang was gradually walking down. It didn’t take long for Zhang Rongxiang’s physical functions to return to normal.

Sure enough, Zhang Rongxiang has successfully become a healthy person today. If it wasn’t for her, no one would know the experience she used to be.

Today’s Zhang Rongxiang’s son is 11 years old, and his eldest daughter has also learned to be alone. I believe that their family will have better and better!

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