If your throat hurts, try to drink lemon juice like this

Now that the weather is getting colder and the air is dry, especially when I get up in the morning, my throat will be a little uncomfortable.

Today, I want to introduce a drink that can relieve sore throat, that is, lemon juice. If you have uncomfortable symptoms such as sore throat, try to drink some lemon juice.

Of course, many people worry that they cannot drink this lemon juice, but there is actually no problem.

The ingredients required for this drink are also very simple: one lemon and two rock sugar.

Wash all the ingredients and cook in the pot.

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

We need to prepare a lemon, a rock sugar, and a small bowl of clear water.

When preparing materials, someone may worry about his throat uncomfortable, but as long as you can do it yourself, don’t be afraid.

Of course, in addition to lemon, you also need a little rock sugar to increase sweetness.

If your throat discomfort is particularly serious, you can replace the rock sugar with sweeter sugar.

You can appropriately increase the number of ingredients according to your own situation.

Step 2: Wash lemon

We should clean the lemon before soaking.

(1) Rinse the epidermis of the lemon and clean the surface outside.

(2) Then cut the lemon skin into thin slices with a knife. This step must be careful.

(3) Fix the lemon skin with the toothpick to avoid flowing out of the lemon juice outside.

Then we can put it into the container.

Then pour some water into the pot and add two rock sugar to the water.

Step 3: Slice

Finally, we can pour the prepared lemon juice into the cup and seal it with plastic wrap.

A cup of refreshing lemon juice is ready.

If you want to make lemon juice at home, but you don’t want to buy ready -made, you can try this drink.

Step 4: cooking

Put the steamed lemon in the glassware. You can seal it with plastic wrap or tin foil and put them in the refrigerator.

You can put it in the refrigerator and be frozen so that you feel particularly cool when you get up in the morning.

Is it very convenient to come to a cup of lemon juice every morning?And don’t worry about lemon will deteriorate!

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