If you want your baby to be smart, beautiful, and high, eat more of these foods during pregnancy

Moms hope that they can have a smart, beautiful, and tall baby. In addition to genetic factors, eating more foods below during pregnancy can make the baby smart, beautiful, and taller.

1. Foods that can make the baby’s skin white tender and delicate

If the skin of the parents is relatively dark, the mother eats some foods with higher vitamin C during pregnancy. Vitamin C can inhibit the production of melanin. After the baby is born, the skin is white and tender.Foods containing vitamin C include apples, pears, fresh dates, tomatoes, citrus, grapes, melon, cauliflower, onion, garlic, etc.

If the skin of the parents is relatively rough, the mother can eat more foods with higher vitamin A during pregnancy. Vitamin A has a protective effect on epithelial cells, and the baby will be delicate and shiny after the baby is born.Extraordinary foods containing vitamin A include animals, milk, milk, egg yolk, tomato, Hu Yanfu, pamotya, Chinese cabbage, tomato, pumpkin, eggplant, cucumber, green pepper, spinach, pea seedlings, red heart sweet potato, longan, longan, longan sweet potato, longan sweet potato, longan sweet potato, cinnamon round, Pear, apple, loquat, watermelon, cherry, banana, apricot, lychee, melon, etc.

2. Foods that can make the baby’s hair thick dark black hair

If the hair of parents is relatively yellow and sparse, we do not have the advantage of inheritance. Moms can eat more foods with higher vitamin B during pregnancy. Vitamin B can improve hair quality. After the baby is bornOil light.Extraordinary foods containing vitamin B include lean meat, fish, animal liver, milk, bread, beans, eggs, seaweed, walnuts, sesame, corn, and green vegetables.

Third, the food that can make the baby smarter

Mom and dad want to have a smart baby, so the mother should eat more iodine -rich foods during pregnancy. Iodine has the effect of nourishing the brain and brain.Foods rich in iodine include kelp, sea ravioli, laver, shrimp, crab and other seafood.

4. Foods that can make the baby grow tall

If the parents are not high, the baby will suffer inheritance. The mother can eat more foods with higher vitamin D content during pregnancy. Vitamin D can promote the baby’s bone development. This effect is in the fetus andThe baby period is the most obvious, so mothers must seize this opportunity to make the baby grow tall. The baby will thank you very much.Foods with rich vitamin D include deep -sea fish, animal liver, shrimp skin, egg yolk and cheese.Mom can also take more sun during pregnancy and promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body through sunbathing.

For the health of the baby, the mother must not pick up the nutrition match during pregnancy.

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