If you want to recover quickly after giving birth, these three "golden periods" are important!

October conceive, once gave birth.After giving birth to a baby, women are facing physical and mental changes. Many mothers are in shape, fatigue, physical and mental exhaustion, and start to do things.Different degrees of injuries have not been recovered for several years.

Some surveys have shown that about 28.6% of mothers around the world have caused various sequelae due to poor postpartum recovery, which has an impact on the health of life.

Postpartum recovery is crucial for postpartum mothers, and now the postpartum mothers’ awareness of recovery has gradually improved.

But everyone also has a doubt "When is it appropriate to do postpartum repair?"

// Postpartum repair golden period

From 24 hours after delivery to 42 days after delivery, it belongs to the golden period of postpartum recovery.At this time, postpartum body is the most vulnerable, and various physical indicators are in a serious imbalance. If the body is not well repaired during this time, postpartum problems will easily delay and deteriorate.

// Postpartum repair ideal period

Within 42 days after delivery to 6 months after delivery, it is an ideal period for postpartum recovery, which is the best period of physical form and enclosure shaping.

// Postpartum repair validity period

Within 6 months to 1 year after giving birth, it is the end of postpartum recovery. Comprehensive recovery should be carried out to make the body’s function balance and excessively excessive life.

After knowing the "golden period" of postpartum repair, there will be a second doubt. What is the order of postpartum repair?

// Basic "bottoming"

We know that physical recovery should start from the inside out.For example, for people with good physical backgrounds, most of them can recover quickly after illness. On the contrary, it takes a long time to be poor.

The same is true of postpartum recovery. The first step needs to "make a bottom" to the body, restore the inner, and stabilize the postpartum body balance.

Therefore, postpartum repair golden period is crucial for postpartum women. Only by restoring the inherent source and making various body indicators in a balanced state, can I recover to the health state before pregnancy.

// Body recovery

After the golden period of recovery, the qi and blood recovery of itself have been basically completed. It is the best time to restore body damage. It is a critical moment for physical shape and waist and abdomen circumference.

Postpartum care can be significantly improved in the shape of the body during the eradication period, but it is worth noting that it should not cause the body to burden on the body, which leads to secondary damage to the postpartum body.

// Physical recovery

The postpartum intrinsic origin, physical form, and waist and abdomen surrounds are gradually recovered.After that, only comprehensive conditioning is required during the validity period of postpartum repair, consolidation, supplemented by exercise, postpartum recuperation, and balanced daily diet, so that the body can reach a state of dynamic balance.

During the production period, the body of a woman is like an open door. If there is no good conditioning during this period, it will leave a hidden danger for your body.Therefore, this time is also described as a woman’s second life!Avoid using the wrong postpartum recovery method of errors, you must recover in a way suitable for themselves. Everyone’s physical recovery rhythm is different.

Postpartum care of GENTEEL JAMU in Singapore hopes that all postpartum women can grasp the postpartum recovery of the "golden period" and retrieve themselves.

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