If you want to get pregnant, you must lose weight

As we all know, I am a beautiful man.

Many people came to the outpatient clinic because of my beauty.

Last year, there was a fan in the fan base, with polycycles+obesity, I couldn’t get pregnant, very distressed;

So I came to me with a mentality of trying it.

The problem of polycystic, I see a lot;

The case of successful pregnancy after conditioning is also okay.

I told her that the polycystic is divided into fat and polycystic and thin sac;

Slim sacs should increase weight (pay attention to nutrition), and fat and polycystic like her should lose weight.

So according to her situation, she prescribed her Chinese medicine and asked her to eat, weight loss, exercise, etc. according to my polycystic recipes.

After a period of reference to the polycystic recipe, her weight remained very well;

Later, I found out that I haven’t come to the aunt for a long time, and I won the prize!

Now that the children are full, there are no problems, healthy and healthy.

Some fans have issued soul torture. Do you want to develop in the infertility department in the infertility department?

It’s really not [laughing] [laughing and crying]

I was helping you lose weight very seriously, but I didn’t expect you to be pregnant by the way.

Many people think that polycystic ovary syndrome = infertility, and there is no way to get pregnant if you get polycysts.

Indeed, polycysts, irregular ovulation, or scarce ovulation, or even no ovulation at all, is difficult to get pregnant naturally.

Western medicine often believes that polycystic ovary syndrome is irreparable.

But there is no absolute world.

Changing lifestyle, controlling weight, and conditioning constitution, fat polycysts are hopeful and naturally pregnant.

There are many successful cases in this plan. Isn’t it a good example in front of me?

Take a step back 10,000 steps, even if you can’t get pregnant naturally,

This set of solutions has also greatly improved the success rate of test tubes.

So what is the core of this solution?


Balanced diet

Weight loss should be balanced first. You can refer to my polycystic recipe and adjust the diet structure.

Many people are not fat because they eat too much, but to eat wrong.

This is a recipe that I specially formulated according to the characteristics of polycystic patients.

You only need to be strictly executed to lose weight slowly.

Among them, the regular eclipse has a great effect on regulating endocrine.

It is recommended to start trying after performing recipes.


Try to eat lightly

There are two major pathological cores with polycystic ovary:

High insulin ledmia and aquarium lesions.

What’s the meaning?

High insulinmia → easy to gain weight, easy to diabetes;

Highness androgens → Mao, acne, do not come to menstruation.

These two cores are not solved, and it is too much.

If you can perform a light break-up of 1-2 days a week on the basis of performing polycystic recipes;

It can be well reduced to the empty insulin and improve high insulin ledmia;

It can also gradually improve people’s insulin resistance and slowly change the physical fitness.

At the same time, short -term fasting is also beneficial to Highnesty.

Attach the light eclipse recipes I organized, and choose Ren Jun ~


Exercise regularly

Exercise also helps to improve the insulin resistance of polycystic people and increase energy consumption.

No matter what exercise you do, try to be as half an hour a day, and persistence is victory!


Refuse to stay up late

I have encountered some polycystic patients who resigned and prepared for pregnancy.

As a result, at home, the latest night, drink the sweetest milk tea, eat the most fragrant snacks …

Then he cried and came to me, saying why he couldn’t conceive.

In this kind of person, I usually scold my head and face.

You don’t scold her, she can’t wake up.

Staying up late will not only affect the effect and quality of weight loss, but also aggravate insulin resistance;

If you "do" like this, you can’t help you without changing yourself!


Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning

The constitution of the polycystic person is often based on liver stagnation+kidney deficiency;

Therefore, the corresponding Chinese medicine conditioning can improve physical fitness, regulate endocrine, and help conceive.

Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, takes time, must be patient.

Of course, I don’t necessarily find me, just find reliable Chinese medicine conditioning nearby.

Summ it, five sentences:

To lose weight;

To exercise;

Break out;

To take Chinese medicine;

Do not stay up all night.

Friends who are fat and polycysts do a good job of the above points and stick to it for three months to half a year. Your life will change beautifully because of your own efforts.

Note: This article has been authorized, reprinted from the public account [Dr. Qiu said]

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