If you want a child, the doctor said that the endometrium is too thin and difficult to conceive. What should we do?

We know that the physiological cycle of women is due to the cyclical shedding of the endometrium. The normal law of menstruation also implies the fertility of women.Women have a regular menstrual cycle in the normal formation and falling cycle of normal formation and falling off.The thickness of the endometrium is generally between 5 and 10, and changes with the changes in estrogen and progesterone in the body.So will the endometrium be too thin, will it affect women’s conception?What if pregnancy will be harmful to the body if the endometrium is too thin?

1. The cause of the endometrium thin

There are many reasons that lead to thin endometrium. Common endocrine disorders are affected by many factors, including human emotions. If a person is in a high tension of irritability or worry for a long time, it will cause endocrine disorders, And then affect the thickness of the endometrium.Therefore, people should work hard to keep themselves good every day. There is a saying that "the people who love to laugh will not be too bad."Secondly, abortion and curettage. The endometrium is divided into three layers. The surface layer will fall off every month to produce menstruation.It will have a great impact on the formation of the outermost membrane again.There are endometrial lesions, such as endometrial polyps and endometrial cancer.

2. Can I get pregnant too thin?

The answer is to be pregnant, but because the endometrium is too thin, the risk of pregnancy will increase, and the probability of abortion or premature birth will greatly increase, just like a large watermelon hanging on a fine vine.Fall.So if you are pregnant in this case, you must pay attention to rest, pay attention to nutrition, and do not make yourself too tired.

3. What are the hazards

As mentioned earlier, the abortion curettage is very bad for the endometrium. Because the endometrium is too thin, it is prone to miscarriage. After abortion, it is necessary to clean the uterus.Thin, it will be more difficult to conceive in the future.Therefore, if there are plans for women’s uterine endometrium and pregnancy, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a check, and then take some drugs to condition the body first.plan.

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