If you don’t want to participate in the departmental dinner, you can use these 20 reasons to refuse!

I believe that many people in the workplace are annoying to participate in the group building. Many companies also like to take up work time or be held on weekends. Originally, they were already very tired.This kind of activity is undoubtedly worse, and even more, some people have to continue to handle work with their computers when they are built. It is really bitter but helpless.If you really don’t want to go, how can you reject it cleverly?

1. Male/girlfriend’s birthday, can’t go!

2. The cats and dogs at home are sick, and make an appointment to see a doctor!Or lose, find a way to find!

3. You go, I only have 1%of the electricity left!

4. The phone is broken, go to repair the phone!

5. Interested class training class, go to class!

6, gastroenteritis is more serious, eating outside things is easy to diarrhea!

7. I am allergic to my body these days, I dare not eat anything!

8. There is no way to eat with oral diseases!

9. There is Helicobacter pylori. In the treatment of medicine, it is not convenient to go outside for dinner!

10. I just performed hemorrhoid surgery, and it is inconvenient to go out for dinner in the short term!

11. Smart teeth are inflamed, and you can only eat liquid food at present!

12. My parents/sister and brother are here, I have to go to the train station!

13. Relatives are sick and do surgery. You have to accompany them to the hospital!

14. I had a commemorative day with the male/girlfriend, bought a movie ticket, and settled in the restaurant!

15. Parents/grandparents celebrate their birthdays and have to wish their birthday!

16. I have applied for fitness and private teachings. I haven’t gone for a long time. I can’t get away!

17. The things at home were broken, and the landlord/master came to repair!

18. If you are uncomfortable, you have to go to the emergency department after get off work!

19. The family is on a business trip and has to go home to take care of the baby!

20. Unfortunately, you have arranged a blind date activity, which is not easy to delay!

For the company’s dinner groups, there are no special circumstances or try to participate. If you really do n’t want to go, do n’t have to be too unwilling, such as seeing some colleagues when you see some colleagues, or do n’t play very well.Refuse it decisively!Going home and playing games, chasing dramas, walking cats and walking dogs, and going out with friends, it is a very good and easy choice!

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