If you are pregnant, you have to surgery when you find uterine fibroids?Will it hurt the baby?

As the "big sister" of the benign tumor of female reproductive organs, uterine fibroids are better in women aged 30 to 50, of which 40 to 50 years old are most common, with a incidence of 40%-60%.However, most patients with uterine fibroids do not have obvious discomfort and often discovered during the physical examination; a few are due to the increase in menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual periods, or symptoms such as frequent urination, constipation, waist acidity, etc.Essence

The main indicator of uterine fibroids requires the abnormal uterine bleeding, compression symptoms caused by fibroids, and infertility and infertility caused by fibroids.

Because the vast majority of uterine fibroids are quiet, many small masters who do not have physical examination are pregnant and do B -ultrasound before they find that they have grown uterine fibroids.

First, the uterine fibroids during pregnancy will grow, reduce or unchanged?

Everything is possible.During the early pregnancy, regardless of the size of the original fibroids, about half a few fibroids increase, and most of them remain unchanged. During the middle of pregnancy, the fibroids with diameter of 2.0 to 5.9 cm are often unchanged or increased, and the diameter of 6.0 ~ 11.9 cm of major musclesThe tumor gradually becomes smaller; the third trimester has basically maintained or reduced.

2. Will the uterine fibroids during pregnancy, childbirth, and puzzle hurt mothers and babies?

1. The impact of uterine fibroids on pregnancy is related to the location, size, quantity and weeks of the fibroids, which will mainly lead to complications such as abortion, uterine reversal, premature birth, red degeneration, abnormal fetal position, placental abnormalities, postpartum bleeding and other complications.Essence

2. After the middle of pregnancy, hormone levels are constantly changing, and uterine fibroids are prone to red degeneration.By the third trimester, the uterine fibroids become smaller or unchanged.Patriotic fibroids can also occur with red degeneration.

3. What is the performance of red transgender pregnant mothers?Where is red?

Answer: After the red degeneration occurs in uterine fibroids, pregnant mothers may have fever, nausea, vomiting, peritoneal stimulation signs, continuous severe abdominal pain, and high blood elevation. At this time, pregnant mothers need to seek medical treatment in time.

Third, the types and sizes of fibroids are different, and they are different!

1. Diamond diameter> 4 cm, it will cause a certain negative effect on the pregnancy rate.

2. Uterine fibroids in the muscle wall of the subcarcan or the uterine cavity can cause miscarriage. The incidence of natural abortion is 20%to 30%.Times.

3. Multiple uterine fibroids and uterine fibroid diameter> 10 cm will also increase the risk of abortion and premature birth.

4. Uterine fibroids will affect the movement of the fetus in the uterine cavity, and the incidence of hip positions will increase.

5. Cervical fibroids change the cervical shape, and may have incomplete function.

6. Local uterine fibroids, as if the placenta is attached there, the risk of the placenta is increased.

7. Larger muscle wall fibroids will affect the shrinkage of uterine muscle layers after birth and cause postpartum bleeding.

8. The diameter of the uterine fibroids is 7 cm, and the fetal weight> 2500g can cause postpartum bleeding after cesarean section.

9. The uterine fibroids and lower uterine fibroids with large puerpeaths can lead to poor dew drainage, ulcers on the surface of submucosal fibroids, can cause puerperidal infection, uterine recovery of poor or late postpartum bleeding.

10. Fetails and newborn are mostly varying to the size of the fibroids and can generally coexist.The probability of miscarriage and premature birth in the mid -term pregnancy increase, the incidence of abnormal fetal positions increases, and the complications of premature babies will increase after treatment.

Fourth, the uterine fibroids were found during pregnancy, is it necessary to surgery?

1. The answer is because the abolition of uterine fibroids during pregnancy cannot improve the prognosis. At present, it is not advocated that surgical treatment is performed during pregnancy.Simply put, most of them can continue pregnancy, and pregnant mothers need to be checked on a regular basis to strengthen monitoring.

2. What should I do if the red -like transformation during pregnancy is?

Generally, after the doctor’s treatment, the clinical symptoms of pregnant mothers can be relieved by themselves within 7 to 14 days.During the symptomatic treatment, the flat muscle removal drugs can be given, such as atropine, vitamin K4, etc., and the premature births are used to use Litojun hydrochloride.

3. What are the cases need to consider surgical treatment?

(1) The growth of fibroids is rapid, affecting pregnancy.

(2) The fibroids are reversed.

(3) Fibroma embedded.

(4) When conservative treatment of red degeneration of fibroids is invalid.

5. Do pregnant mothers with uterine fibroids have to be cesas?Can you give birth?

Regarding the choice of childbirth, doctors choose the method of childbirth based on the comprehensive situation of the size, quantity, growth site, fetus and pregnant mothers of uterine fibroids.

Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to choose a cesarean section when the diameter of the uterine fibroids is> 5 cm, and the large fibroids between the muscle wall or multiple fibroids.

6. During the cesarean section, doctors are required to eliminate uterine fibroids at the same time. Will the doctor agree?

In principle, small fibroids can be eliminated. If the surgery is not fully prepared, especially the lack of blood sources, and the posterior wall fibroids should not be eliminated blindly.

Specifically, whether the uterine fibroids can be eliminated at the same time during cesarean section need to implement an individualized plan according to the technical level and experience of the physician.

References: "The Treatment Strategy for Pregnancy with Uterine Fibroids", "China Practical Gynecology and Magazine Magazine", 2018, 2018, pp. 1084-1087.

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