If you are pregnant, how to properly protect your legitimate rights and interests in the workplace?

How should female employees protect their legitimate rights and interests correctly?

It’s normal to get pregnant.Life events may occur at a certain stage, but at a certain stage, some stages appear on the workplace. Some bad companies will take some illegal behaviors to squeeze employees.Companies compromise.It is a pity that the rights and interests that should be forced to give up!

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Pregnant women enjoy the following rights. When necessary, everyone must remember to pick up legal weapons to protect themselves!

1. The unit has no right to dismiss the female employees during pregnancy in the "Regulations on the Protection of Women’s Workers’ Labor Protection".If the labor contract is terminated during the probation period or other periods, "but if the reference conditions are not met during the probation period, except for the discipline of discipline during the" three periods ".Although the female employees who have planned family planning are full within the third phase, they cannot terminate the labor contract, and they must continue until the breastfeeding period.The third phase refers to "pregnancy, yield, breastfeeding period"

2. Pregnant female employees enjoy special care in the "Female Workers’ Labor Law" in accordance with the law. Article 7 stipulates that during the pregnancy, the female employee shall not arrange for the labor of the third -level physical strength stipulated by the state.If the extension of the day abroad, those who cannot be competent for the original labor shall be given to reduce the amount of labor or arrange other labor in accordance with the diagnosis certificate of the medical department.Female employees who include 7 months of pregnancy include more than 7 months of 7 months. Generally, female employees who are not allowed to work in night shift work. Police inspections during labor time shall be included in the labor time

3. Female employees enjoy maternity leave and rest in Article 62 of the Labor Law that female employees enjoy maternity leave with no less than 90 days.

If the protection of the pregnant mothers is violated, the on -the -job pregnant mother can quickly decide through the following three ways!

1. Take the initiative to negotiate with the unit, solve the problem reasonably and legally, apply for arbitration if necessary;

2. Submit to the labor department’s mediation committee to apply for mediation and arbitration;

3. The arbitration cannot be achieved.

In reality, of course, there are also employees who discriminate against the on -the -job pregnant women.They complete your work in replace you. Of course, some pregnant mothers are discriminated against because many Baoma leaves the company after giving birth to the company’s treatment and created a loss for the company. This is one of the reasons.When, when you do things, you need to do your own conscience!

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