If you are pregnant, can you test it in a few days?

We want to know if we are pregnant, we will plan to do a early pregnancy test, but it is not clear about the specific test time.So, can I test pregnancy in a few days?

Expert interpretation

We also know that if you want to get pregnant smoothly, you need the smooth combination of sperm and egg cells. Generally speaking, if egg cells and sperm combine to form fertilized eggs, and move to the uterus to go to bed smoothly, it may take about 7 days to take about 7 days.Time, so we can draw a conclusion that as long as it is successful, it can be detected in 7 to 10 days after the same room.So what ways can you use to test whether you are pregnant?

1. Self -testing method

1. Early pregnancy test strip/pregnancy test stick

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If the menstruation of women is delayed for more than 10 days, the chance of pregnancy will also rise as a result. It is recommended that female friends go to the pharmacy to buy a early pregnancy test paper or test the pregnancy test.A red reaction line appears in the district) is pregnant.The negative (only a red reaction line appears in the control area) is not pregnant.

TIPS: Because the first urine contains the most HCG in the morning, the results of the morning urine test will be more accurate.

2. Clinical testing method

1. Urine pregnancy test

About 10 days after pregnancy, pregnant women will excrete a choric membrane to promote hormone in the urine. At this time, the urine test is taken. If it is positive, it can be diagnosed as pregnancy, with an accuracy rate of 99%.

2. Blood HCG examination

Some urine tests can be determined by the serum HCG examination, combined with B -ultrasound, you can also determine whether ectopic pregnancy is used.

3. B -ultrasound

For more than 45 days of menopause, the B -ultrasound can see embryos or early fetal heartbeat in the uterus. This is a simple and easy way.After 5 weeks of pregnancy, use a ultrasonic probe to check the abdomen. From the screen, you can see that there are young embryo sacs in the uterus, which means pregnancy.

Kind tips:

Most women’s common self -test methods are early pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test sticks. Generally, they can be measured 7 days after the same room. At this time, the urine contains a small amount of HCG, but the premature urination test is prone to fake (+)Or fake (-), at this time to check HCG more accurate at the hospital, or choose to test it about 15 days after sex, this will be more accurate.

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