Ice silk is not so cool!The really comfortable underwear in summer is actually like this …

It is summer,

Three torture of girls: wearing underwear, shampooing, and auntie

Also here.

Ask girls why don’t like to wear underwear in summer …

The answer is three words:


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Sullen and sticky, I always feel that my body is in contact with underwear very stabbing;

The red seal of the shoulder and the back of the shoulder, the body is firmly held by the invisible big hand, it is difficult to FU suction;

Don’t stay on your shoulders, don’t have to run on your arm …

Studies have found that 80% to 85% of women are wearing inappropriate underwear.

It’s too difficult to pick a suitable underwear!And summer, that’s …

Picking underwear, of course, the size cup type is the most important, and there are many selection tutorials on the Internet.

But even if you buy it right, you will still be uncomfortable.

Today, from the perspective of underwear materials and structure, the Institute teachs everyone to pick out the summer "destiny underwear".

Do not sweat

Materials must be selected from the material with good hygroscopicity


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A piece of underwear wants to be "like nothing" in the summer.

Speaking of "not sultry", many people’s first reactions are: I will do this!Choose a cool fabric!

Yes, but not completely right.

The fabrics like ice silk are more of the instantaneous coolness, and it disappears at most a few minutes.

As an underwear that wants to wear, of course, it is more important to not sweat.

There are a large amount of secretion glands around the nipples, and sweat is easy to accumulate in the cleavage (big breast sisters are more likely to gather in the lower edge of the breast), which is exactly the inside and wing parts of the bray cup.

Therefore, the material of the underwear’s skin noodles is very important (called the "library"). Its hygroscopicity determines the degree of sweating of the underwear to a large extent.

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The worse the moisture absorption of the fabric, the more difficult the sweat is absorbed, the humidity between the skin and the fabric is getting higher and higher, and even the problems such as redness and itching and rash will occur.

How to judge hygroscopicness?Looking at the "backward rate", the higher the tide rate, the better the moisture absorption.

We refer to the national standard documents of textile materials and organize the recovery rate of common underwear materials.

It is recommended that you choose the ingredients with Modal, mulberry silk, and sticky underwear, which is not easy to sweat and cooler.

The cotton’s moisture absorption is good, but the dampness is not good. The sweat is absorbed and can only be stuffed in the underwear.

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Want to support comfort

It’s not enough to have jelly bars alone


After selecting the material, let’s take a look at the support.

In order to support the breast more firmly, traditional underwear will add steel rings to the cup, but when the steel ring is mentioned, many sisters have two words:

"I hate!"

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The steel ring underwear is to replace the hard and hard steel ring with high bombs soft fructic jelly strips, which mainly focuses on "soft support", which is softer and more comfortable.

However, the support principles of the two are actually similar: to form a triangle through "lower part of the lower side (the lower edge of the bra)+ back zone, side ratio (side cup), shoulder strap" to provide stable support for the chestEssence

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However, the "frozen strip" is "good support", which is also related to its quantity, stereo, coverage area, and structure.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to these three points:


Preferentially selects underwear with frozen strips with jelly bands, side -ratio, and shoulder straps.

Generally speaking, the more jelly bars, the larger the coverage area, the better the support.

There are frozen bars in the lower piercing and side ratio

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The back band has fruit jelly strips

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Choose a three -dimensional, with raised jelly bars.

In the past few years, the steel -free underwear was mainly used for flat glue craftsmanship and hard.

But now the technology has been iterated for several rounds. There is a blankness between the frozen strips and the fabric. It can adjust according to the body lines and has a breathing feeling. The raised three -dimensional jelly bars support, elasticity, and durability are relatively better.

S three -dimensional jelly bars vs flat glue

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Choose a "W" underwear with priority to choose the jelly strip of the lower side and side.

The W -shaped underwear can better simulate the sense of support of the steel ring and the side than the glue bone, and the support force is better and evenly uniform.

It can also strengthen the fixed effects on underarms and outer chests to prevent underwear from jumping up and down during our activities.

The details of the business page usually identify the position of jelly glue to help you judge

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Don’t forget to look at the product details. If you find that the jelly strip is not closed, it means that the rubber strip may be hard and easy to scrape the meat. It is not recommended to buy it.

There is no edge vs, there is a closing edge

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Want to fit more fit

The coasters are thick and thin


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Seeing this, you pick up a comfortable underwear, only the last step.

The fit of the underwear is very important, after all, no one wants the underwear and chest.The thin thickness of the coaster is very important. It is recommended to pick this way:

● The overall thickness is 2 to 30 mm, too thin and easy to convex, too thick and easy to empty cups;

● The thickness difference between the upper and lower coasters of the coaster does not exceed 10mm;

● It is also recommended to choose a piece of coaster, cleaning is simple and not easy to run …

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The focus is on "thick coasters", and it does "gather" visually, but it is actually forcibly raised the cup and squeezed the chest with inappropriate thickness.

After a while, you find that because you do not fit the chest shape, not only are it easy to empty the cup, but you will feel that your breasts are "squeezed out", and the hot summer experience is even worse.

The principle of gathered underwear

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Like the following coasters, the thickness difference between the upper and lower thickness is more than 10mm.

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As for the "full -fixed one -piece coaster", although the fitting of underwear has little effect, its machine washing will not be shifted.

This is true in the summer that is often washing underwear!exist!too!Heavy!want!It’s right.

You spend half an hour to plug your chest pad back, it’s really embarrassed

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Alright, help the sisters summarize:

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If the above conditions are met, congratulations, you have found a comfortable summer underwear.

But we strongly recommend that you try it in person. After all, "Will you panic?"

If you are still concerned about underwear style, we have also compiled the corresponding selection guide.

Common summer underwear styles

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In fact, no matter how many styles and materials of underwear, there are two main functions: fixed and shock absorption.

Anti -sagging, parallel milk, large chest, large chest, big breasts …

"Make yourself comfortably" is always the first. If you don’t want to wear it, then there is no problem, there are small vests, milk stickers … Many products can be selected.

I hope that this summer, the sisters can be comfortable and happy.

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Cooperative expert Chen Qin

Goso underwear brand research and development director


[1] Wood K, Cameron M, Fitzgerald K. Breast Size, Bra Fit and Thoracic Pain in Young Women: A Correlational Study [J]. Chiropractic & Osteopathy Then, then

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