I will also come to my aunt when I am pregnant. These three reactions indicate that I really get pregnant

Many women say that the first reaction after pregnancy is not to come to the aunt, this idea is not wrong.Mengmeng has always thought so.After marriage for half a year, Mengmeng has not been prepared for pregnancy, but recently, I always feel that dysmenorrhea has always felt that dysmenorrhea is too serious, especially this time, Mengmeng has been rolling on the bed, cold sweat.Finally, with her husband’s company, the two went to the hospital together. The doctor said that Mengmeng had been pregnant for almost three months, and the reason why she had abdominal pain this time was due to the abortion of the fetus.

Mengmeng did not believe it, indicating that she had come to aunt for two months, how could she get pregnant.The doctor said that the status of the aunt who still came to the aunt after pregnancy did exist.This is because women may suffer from fertilized eggs in the early stages of pregnancy. The placenta has not been formed, and it happens to reach the menstrual period, so women will come again after pregnancy.Another reason is that the progesterone in women’s body is low. There will be menstruation in the first three months of pregnancy. Until three months, the placenta will not come to menstruation.

It is possible to have menstruation after pregnancy.In fact, you don’t have to worry too much. Through these three performances, you can also help judge whether you are pregnant.

1. Breast change

With the change of hormones in the body after pregnancy, women will have breast tenderness, and the size of the breast will also increase during pregnancy.Therefore, when you are not sure if you are pregnant, you can also use the abnormal feelings of the breast as an auxiliary condition to determine whether you are pregnant.

2. Easy fatigue

If you obviously feel that you have a bad spirit in the near future, it is easier to get tired than usual or requires longer sleep time to sleep, and it is more prone to morning rise in the morning.Essence

3. Change of appetite

After pregnancy, some women show greedy, and some women are anorexia.This is based on the different reactions of everyone’s gastrointestinal manifestations.If you notice that you are particularly preferred or have a good appetite for some kinds of food, you can eat a lot to eat or not want to eat or not want to eat, and eliminate gastrointestinal problems.

Many newborn pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time have no experience and usually cannot accurately judge their performance after pregnancy.Therefore, for insurance, if the body is pregnant during pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital for examination and determine whether you are pregnant as soon as possible to better protect the safety of yourself and your baby.

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