I went out for a tram this morning. It may be that the road was not very good. After returning home, I found a bit bleeding and my stomach hurts. I won’t I have a miscarriage?

"I have been pregnant for 8 weeks. This morning I went out for a tram. It may be that the road was not very good. After I went home, I found a bit bleeding and my stomach hurts.doctor.

Xiao Zhou was 23 years old. He had a child after half a year with her husband. At first, Xiao Zhou always felt that the child was too fast. He had to turn around the child before he had a two -person world with his husband.

Fortunately, Xiao Zhou is the only child, and he lives close to his parents. At that time, the child can also help to help.

Moreover, Xiao Zhou’s in -laws and them live in a community. After learning that Xiao Zhou was pregnant, the two elderly people were very happy. They bluntly stated that they came to take care after the child was born.Not so blocking.

On this day, Xiao Zhou’s husband, Mr. Lin, suddenly received a notice for a few days. Xiao Zhou thought about buying a meal he loved to eat for Mr. Lin, and a good meal before leaving.

At first, Mr. Lin didn’t want his wife to run around with pregnancy, but he had not finished his documents, and Xiao Zhou insisted on going, and Mr. Lin had no choice but to agree.

The restaurant was not far from home. Who knew that the road to the restaurant was being repaired and it could pass, that is, this road is a bit rugged.

After thinking about it, Xiao Zhou still rode over slowly, but he was still a few times. At that time, Xiao Zhou was a little scared. After taking the meal, he was carefully ride over the uneven places and went home.

After dinner, Xiao Zhou found that he was a little bleeding under himself, and his abdominal pain was not stopped. When Mother Lin learned, when she asked Dad Lin to drive to Xiaozhou to the hospital.

After coming to the hospital, Xiao Zhou worriedly said to the doctor: "I have been pregnant for about 8 weeks. This morning I ride a tram out for a trip. It may be that the road is not very good. After returning home, I found a bit bleeding.Isn’t it a miscarriage? "

After the doctor learned, he asked whether Xiao Zhou vaginal bleeding was persistent or intermittent?

The amount of vaginal bleeding and bleeding time, what is the amount of bleeding, the position and degree of abdominal pain, whether there have been complications before pregnancy, whether it has been pregnant, or whether it flows through a series of detailed problems.

After Xiao Monday answered, she opened the list, first let Ms. Zhou conduct a B -ultrasound check, and check the HCG value and progesterone.

After the results of the test came out, the results of Xiao Zhou’s B -ultrasound showed that there was a effusion around the gestational sac.

The blood drawing report shows that the HCG value of Xiao Zhou has a significant slowly increased, and the progesterone is low. From the results of these tests, it can be preliminarily determined that the existence of threatened abortion in Xiaoweang can be preliminarily determined.

And threatening abortion does not mean abortion. Abortion means that the embryo tissue in the body has been discharged outside the uterine cavity, and the pregnant woman does not have embryos in the uterine cavity when doing B -ultrasound.

Breakimonic abortion refers to the occurrence of bleeding from the vagina during pregnancy during pregnancy, and at the same time accompanied by small abdominal pain;

In the B -ultrasound examination, there are embryo tissues in the uterine cavity of the pregnant woman, and there will be a fetal buds and fetal hearts. It is also necessary to do further related examinations to determine the cause of a threatened abortion.measure.

After Xiao Zhou and Mother Lin learned that they were not abortion, they were relieved, and then, Mother Lin thought that Xiao Zhou’s auctioned abortion was because of riding a tram?

Because the first three months of pregnancy is at a very critical stage, the embryo has just been implanting during this period, and it is not very stable. If there is always bumps, it is easy to cause threatened abortion.

There are many reasons to cause threatened abortion. It may be caused by malnutrition of pregnant women. The malnutrition of pregnant women will be weak and weak, and the nutrition of the fetus will not be achieved.

It may also be caused by the impact of the abdomen of the pregnant woman, causing damage to the fetus and pregnant women.

In addition, there are ovarian problems, uterine factors, embryo factors, immune factors and other reasons to cause threatened abortion;

When the progesterone is reduced, when the environment in the uterus of a pregnant woman changes, a threatened abortion occurs when the inferiority of the embryo is surpassed.

If pregnant women have to pay attention to their physical changes after bumps, if they find that they have bleeding and abdominal pain, they should go to the hospital for examination in time, treat and condition targeted, and remember to move or exercise for a long time.

After a series of inspections for Xiaowou, doctors are fortunate that Xiaocoorsaline and progesterone are relatively normal. It is currently in a slight threatened abortion.Bleeding and mild abdominal pain.

For this situation, the doctor recommends general treatment for tire preservation, relieve unnecessary vaginal examinations, and reduce the stimulation of the uterus;

At the same time, pregnant women should pay attention to rest, strengthen their nutritional supplement, reduce activities, maintain a happy mood, avoid too anxiety and concerns, and nervousness.

In addition, the abdominal B -ultrasound examination should be performed on a regular basis, and the development of the fetus is always concerned about the fetal heart reflection, fetal sac, fetal movement, etc.

Pregnant women must pay attention to rest during the fetal protection period, do not do any strenuous exercise. Before the fetus is completely stable, it is forbidden to act, and a regular review is made according to the doctor’s instructions.


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