I was five months pregnant, my mother -in -law was unhappy, and I also persuaded me to kill my child.


I am Wu Ying, a native of Hebei. I am 29 years old. I have been married to her husband Wang Jin for four years. After marriage, we work together in Zhengzhou.

My husband’s house was located in Zhengzhou. At the beginning, I met Wang Jin due to work reasons. Later, we gradually became familiar. I couldn’t tell who took the initiative. In short, we talked about love.

Wang Jin’s family conditions were good. In the early years, his dad opened a building material shop. The business was very large. In recent years, he has been affected by some reasons for the epidemic. He has been closed for several stores. However, he has worked hard for many years.Relatively generous family.

In contrast, my parents are ordinary working class, and the family is naturally not as good as Wang Jin’s family.For the first time, I went to his house, and I was very embarrassed, afraid that my in -laws would not look at me in the future.

It turns out that I think about it. Wang Jin’s father is a very democratic parent. He said that as long as Wang Jin recognizes it, he will never oppose it.And Wang Jinma was obviously dissatisfied with me, but after the middle of Wang Jin’s father, our marriage was finally settled.


After the marriage, Wang Jin and I lived in the wedding room where my father -in -law had bought a long time ago, ten kilometers away from the in -laws.We are usually busy, and we will go back to dinner with them by the weekend.

After a long time, I learned that although my family rely on my father -in -law to make money, my mother -in -law was the hostess who said at home.He is more than ten years younger than his peers.

Sometimes I envy my mother -in -law in my heart. She was spoiled by her father -in -law as a little woman. When she had time, she went out to go shopping and became a beauty. She didn’t want to cook and called for a while. She was still a baby in the eyes of the father -in -law.

I thought our days would always be quiet, but the weather was unpredictable. The father -in -law died in an accident in the second year of our marriage. The news came, and the mother -in -law was stupid.Believe this fact.

For a long time after the father -in -law left, the mother -in -law was sluggish.Wang Jin and I were unreasonable and moved back to my mother -in -law.My mother -in -law was spoiled by my father -in -law without staining the spring water, and I didn’t even have fried eggs. I had to take over most of the housework.

Fortunately, with our company, the mother -in -law finally came out.Looking at her out of tea like before, she was sighted with her husband, and my husband and I were finally relieved.


After my mother -in -law was better, my husband and I moved back to our house again. There was no way. The place to work was too far away from the mother -in -law’s house. I was too lazy to run back and forth every day.

We asked my mother -in -law to take a minute to work in charge of her daily life, and we went back to see her on the weekend.

After a few months, I accidentally found that every time we go back, my mother -in -law always urged us to go quickly, saying that the work is tight, so I do n’t have to go back to see her, and when I look at my mobile phone, I always face the screen from time to time.Essence

My mother -in -law’s abnormality also did not hide her husband. We felt that the mother -in -law must have the situation.My husband asked me to knock on the side and ask my mother -in -law, because we are both women, and it is better to communicate.

So, next weekend, when we went back again, while my husband went out to pour garbage, I joked that my mother -in -law was jokingly, whether there was anything happy recently, seeing her mood a lot better.

My mother -in -law did not hide, and told me directly that she met her first love when she was young. She recently talked more recently, and they had further plans.

My mother -in -law asked me, if she was ready to remarry, my husband and I would not oppose it.

I shook my head and said that of course I won’t.


On the way back, I told my mother -in -law’s intention to tell my husband, and my husband was silent for a long time after hearing it.I know that he was awkward. After all, the father -in -law had not gone for less than half a year, but I felt that it would be a good thing for my mother -in -law to hold it in my heart. If the other party was really reliable, we could not agree.

Husband didn’t say anything, it was default.

Later, my mother -in -law called us back and met Chen Shu, saying that she was ready to get married.It’s just that this side makes my husband and my husband’s first love that is not very impressed with her mother -in -law.

How to say, others are very insignificant. While my mother -in -law went to the bathroom in the bathroom, I asked me who in the house at home without trace.

After that meeting, we all persuaded my mother -in -law not to get married, or get along with each other.Of course, in order to prevent my mother -in -law from being stimulated, I did not tell the truth.

But mother -in -law said that they were getting older and should still be together as soon as possible.

Helpless, her husband proposed that her mother -in -law remarried and could not receive a certificate.

My mother -in -law was unhappy, but I was afraid of our opposition and had to agree.


After her mother -in -law remarried, Uncle Chen moved to the house. Her husband was awkward and no longer ran back.When I was busy at that time, I didn’t care about my mother -in -law.

Later, I was pregnant. I was unstable a few months ago, and I did not tell my mother -in -law that the epidemic was closed for two months. By the time of the New Year, I was pregnant for five months.

My husband and I went back to the New Year. My mother -in -law saw my belly that I had already appeared, but my face was a little unnatural. I thought my mother -in -law was worried about my body and wanted to find time to talk to my mother -in -law.

Unexpectedly, my mother -in -law took the initiative to come to me, and the first sentence of the opening was thunderous: "Xiao Ying, how can you tell me if you are pregnant, Mom said, don’t you like it, listen, you, you, you, youThis is not time to be pregnant, let’s get it early! "

I thought I heard it wrong, and it wasn’t until my mother -in -law said again that I was sure that she was not kidding.I asked the reason, my mother -in -law said that it was because the epidemic was let go, I was afraid that I was not infected with my baby.

I said it was okay. I have been doing it. Everything is normal, but my mother -in -law still does not depend on, and insists on letting me kill my child.I didn’t feel happy in my heart, and called my husband directly, and the mother -in -law closed his mouth immediately.


My husband and I have been married for so long before having a child, and naturally I won’t be killed, but I don’t believe the reason why my mother -in -law said. Is she really worried about me?

In the middle of the night, when I went to the bathroom, I accidentally heard the conversation between my mother -in -law and Chen Shu, and finally understood the truth.

It turned out that Uncle Chen wanted to make a mother -in -law regenerate. The mother -in -law was worried that her child was smaller than my child and was joked by others. Then she persuaded me to kill the child.

I couldn’t believe my ears, and hurried back to wake up my husband, and told him about it.My husband was angry as soon as he heard it. He was going to go to the mother -in -law theory and was pulled by me.Her husband went to her mother -in -law, but her mother -in -law admitted, but she still wanted to persuade us to have children later.Her husband didn’t hold back, quarreled with her mother -in -law, and pulled me back to her home.

Now, both of us are very angry and have not been to my mother -in -law for several days.What I am worried about is that I am afraid that my mother -in -law is really pregnant, what can we do?

Obviously, Uncle Chen wanted a child to tie her mother -in -law to get the property in her mother -in -law, but her mother -in -law now wants to go into the magic.What about Uncle Chen’s true face?

Friends, how can you persuade your mother -in -law if you are me?

The age of you: Your worry is not unreasonable, but I suggest that your husband’s affairs still try to solve your husband. I believe your husband is more anxious than you.Just let your husband do it.

The top priority of your current affairs is to let your mother -in -law see the reality clearly, and let your husband and other relatives and friends in the family talk to your mother -in -law to understand the real thoughts of your mother -in -law before making a decision.

I am an age, a strong woman who tells stories seriously

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