I want to move unconsciously after falling asleep. Doctor: Be careful of hidden sleep disorders

China News Service, Beijing, March 20th. "Sleeping well, suddenly feel uncomfortable, especially the knee joint and calf will always have an impulse to move.At the national free clinic activity, Tang Xiangdong, director of the Nurnent Biological Inspection Center of the West China Hospital of Sichuan University and Director of the Mental Health Center, introduced a hidden sleep disorders -Benning leg syndrome.

It is understood that Bing’s leg syndrome is also called multi -movement syndrome or uneasy leg syndrome.The clinical manifestations are usually during night sleep, and the lower limbs have extreme discomfort, forcing patients to move their lower limbs or go down the ground, resulting in severe sleep disorders.Although the disease is not harmful to life, it seriously affects the quality of life of patients.

Tang Xiangdong said that epidemiological surveys showed that Bing Leg syndrome is mainly concentrated in Europe, especially French people, and patients account for one -third.The prevalence of Asian people is about 6%.In special groups, especially pregnant women, there are more in the second half of pregnancy.

Tang Xiangdong said that most people are not knowing enough about Benning leg syndrome.If the symptoms are not serious, don’t come to see the doctor.Although there are some symptoms, I don’t know which department to see.

"One of the patients I met ten years ago was scars on their legs, and there was no piece of good meat." Tang Xiangdong introduced that physical dysfunction and non -Ning leg syndrome are common state after the nervous system degenerate.Each age group can develop diseases, but it is more common in middle -aged and elderly people.At present, it is not enough to know the specific harm of this disease in medicine, but there are many cases of dangerous cases in clinical practice, and even death cases have occurred.

Ye Jingying, deputy dean of the Institute of Precision Medicine of Tsinghua University, said that various disciplines actually broke through the blind spots of diagnosis and treatment.She said that sleep disorders and emotions have a certain relationship.If insomnia patients use sleeping pills blindly and not given treatment in terms of emotional adjustment, insomnia and sleep maintenance may be difficult to get good treatment.

In addition, some patients with severe mental illness need sedative treatment during treatment.For example, it is aware of sleep breathing, and the weight will increase significantly during the long -term use of drugs.Ye Jingying mentioned that for the treatment of patients with severe mental spiritual patients, it is necessary to make it deep and calm and sleep.If there is no protection measures for breathing at this time, it will be dangerous during treatment.(over)

Source: China News Network

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