I usually eat more sweet potatoes, strengthen the spleen, nourish the stomach, simple practices, eat fluffy, soft, digestive


Sweet potatoes are a kind of coarse grains that we often eat in our daily life. Its nutritional value is very high, and spleen nourishes stomach.Among them, food fiber is the most abundant, and this substance can help our intestinal motility.Because it is coarse grains, it is difficult to digest it. Some people have a lot of fart when they eat sweet potatoes, and they are indigestion.Friends with poor gastrointestinal digestive function should eat less.But this time it is different from the pasta with pasta, which becomes easy to digest and absorb.An important feature of pasta is good digestion. With sweet potatoes, there is no need to worry about indigestion.

Sweet potatoes are mixed with flour to make noodles, and the appearance is rolled like a dragon.This is fermented, fluffy and soft, with a faint sweet potato aroma, and a layer of soy sauce is sandwiched in the middle. The taste can be said to be salty, but it is not salty.The filling can be replaced. It can be replaced with bean paste or peanut butter, and hemp sauce. It depends on personal preferences.You can add it if you like it. You can also change it without adding it.

The whole way is very simple. It is similar to the practice of buns, that is, the shaping part is not the same. The common practice is relatively simple in home.This is because it is rolled up, there is not much difficulty.Just cut into a circle after the pan.You can eat a little sweet potatoes when you are okay. If you ca n’t digest it, add some flour to make noodles, especially fermented foods, which are more likely to digest and absorb. Elderly and children with poor stomachs can eat with confidence without worrying about flatulence or indigestion.Friends who like it can be collected, do it when you are free, and share detailed production steps below.

【materials needed】

420 grams of sweet potato, 5 grams of yeast, 500 grams of flour, soy sauce, edible oil.

【Production steps】

1. Prepare 420 grams, known as leather.After cleaning, remove the skin, cut into thin slices, put it in the plate, steam the cold water pan for 20 minutes.

2. Steamed out, put it in the cooking machine, add a little water, and make it into mud.The degree of water can be added to the extent.

3. Take 480 grams of sweet potato puree, add 5 grams of yeast after not hot, and stir well for later use.

4. Add 500 grams of flour to it many times and stir it into flocculent.If you feel dry, add water, and add flour when it is too sticky.

5. Knead into a ball and cover it to ferment it to twice as large.

6. Put two spoons of soy sauce in a bowl, add an appropriate amount of oil, and stir it for later use.

7. The fermented dough is larger, and a rich honeycomb can be seen in the inside.

8. Take out the dough and rub the exhaust.Then roll it to grow a square surface with a thickness of about 0.3 cm and apply a layer of sauce on the surface.Apply evenly.

9. Then roll it up from one.Then cut into half.The length of the pot can be put down.

10. Put it on the steamer, cover it with a lid, and ferment to 0.5 times.

11. Fermentation seems to be significantly larger, just press the surface to rebound slowly.Cover the lid and steam on high heat.

12. Steam for 12 minutes after water.Turn off the fire for 2 minutes and then open the cover.

13. You can enjoy it without scalding.


1. The middle sauce can be replaced, depending on personal preferences.

2. Be sure to perform secondary fermentation, otherwise it is not fluffy.

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