I often fart during pregnancy, maybe there is a problem with the body.

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Pregnancy is a stage where mothers have to go through. During this period, family members will take pregnant women as the center to take care of food, food, and living in life.Not only because the baby is inconvenient in the stomach, it is more distressed that the body is not adapted.

After women are pregnant, emotional fluctuations are relatively large, and they will have a temper because of many small things. Many people who have not experienced may think they are arrogant.And not only in terms of personality, there will be obvious changes in the body. Menstruation stops, disgusting drowsiness, and fatigue, etc. These are normal early pregnancy reactions. Within the range that can be tolerated, there is no need to treat it specifically.

But one thing is not to say that you can bear it, that is, frequently farting during pregnancy, and the sound is still smelly, which is extremely embarrassing.If you do n’t talk about it at home, you are most afraid of public places and during work, a “噗” will attract the attention of the audience. If the air does not circulate space, the air in the entire environment will be deteriorated.

After pregnancy, the progesterone content of pregnant women has increased. The baby supports the large uterus in the uterus, and then compresses the stomach and intestines. It will have a certain effect on the digestion of the stomach and intestines. Therefore, pregnant women often fart. This is a normal phenomenon. You can adjust the diet andExercise improvement.

However, if it is too frequent, the taste is great, and the measures will not be improved after taking measures, it is necessary to pay attention to it. This may be that there is a problem with the body. It does not rule out gastroenteritis. Check it in time and don’t take it lightly.

Although the farting of pregnant women is a normal phenomenon, it is really embarrassing to fart frequently, so some pregnant women choose to hold it and do not let go, which will have a great impact on the body and fetus for a long time.The poisonous gas in the body cannot be released, which will cause bacterial breeding in the intestine, affect intestinal function, and cause stomach pain. And these gas will run to the blood through the intestinal wall to accelerate aging.

1. Dietary adjustment

Starch and beans. After eating these products, it is easier to produce gas. Then we must solve the problem from the root cause, reduce the intake of starch food, and eat more vegetables and fruits with higher vitamin content, which can supplement the nutrition of the baby’s growth and development.It can reduce the production of gas.

Eat and eat less meals. Seven -point fullness is best chewed slowly, reducing the burden on gastrointestinal activity at one time.Eat less digestible foods, so that the food can be completely digested.

2. Appropriate exercise

Exercise is also one of the good ways to promote gastrointestinal exercise. There is no doubt that for pregnant women, of course, strenuous exercise is not suitable, but slight exercise still needs to be done frequently.As the saying goes: Hundred steps after meals can live ninety -nine.After meals, walking is the best choice. After half an hour after eating, you can slowly walk in the park or square for about 20 minutes to help gastrointestinal digestion and promote bowel movements.There are also studies that pregnant women who often exercise during pregnancy will be easier to produce and have great benefits to childbirth.

In short, do not ignore some characteristics of the body, which is likely to be a demand signal.Also, do n’t bear to fart during pregnancy. You can choose to go to the bathroom or there are few places to discharge the body. It ’s all human being. Do n’t feel embarrassed. Everything is for your baby’ s health. If you find that you are wrong, you must go to the hospital in time., Actively cooperate with doctors for treatment.

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